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  1. Gonna be purchasing a new car soon and could use some extra money to go towards it. Feel free to make an offer on anything!
  2. This entire thread is one of the worst I've seen in a while.
  3. Haven't been on VC very much over the last 6 months. Part of reason why is because my girlfriend of 8 years was diagnosed with breast cancer last October and life has been pretty hectic. I got this piece a few months back
  4. This thread has really died off. I'm going to a house show tomorrow night though. Pretty pumped
  5. Unless I'm mistaken, I'm almost positive there is no Denver Riot Fest this year
  6. Joins vinyl collective to post about cheap soccer jersey.
  7. just paid
  8. Are you Guy Fieri?
  9. Ill pay tonight or tomorrow
  10. Haven't watched yet but DVR'd it. I also haven't seen or heard many people say anything about it. Still excited though.
  11. I could go on bitching about Reigns but I wouldn't be saying anything that hasnt already been said a million times over. However, cheers or boos......he gets a very strong reaction which is more than 90% of the the roster can say.