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  1. I sent my keepers in via PM to @whoshotthefrog
  2. Honestly, only reason why I'll do it again is because of a buy in. Im fine with whatever the buy in is.
  3. Its been over a year pal. Call and find out chief.
  4. Pretty much any night would work for me for the draft. I'm in central time so I'd prefer a start time no later than 8PM. Would definitely like to do a $20 buy in.
  5. Its ETR. Of course its from the CD
  6. PM'd
  7. This new song is a snoozefest.
  8. This thread delivered.
  9. Legit laughed at this. First post I've ever liked from Tug
  10. Its weird I know but I remember when this thread was relevant.
  11. Hey @PeterSawyer any relation to Tom? He's a modern day warrior with a mean mean stride
  12. Pmd
  13. @travis Can I get a list of stores this might be at? Also, can you give me the pressing info and make sure its not sent in a plastic bag?