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  1. Good lord that new song is horrendous.
  2. Got my 3 most wanted records! Thanks again guys! Hoping they don't get cancelled!
  3. I remember Polyvinyl usually had discount codes. Anyone remember them? Thanks!
  4. More coloured copies on Amoeba.
  5. Does charge when item ships? Or when order is made?
  6. Michelle Branch is the bomb!
  7. Fuck... I need one too. Anyone able to help a brother out!?
  8. For other overseas buyers like myself, this is the place to go. I ordered this and their split with Cohol for 7.40 Euros worldwide shipping.
  9. Anyone else got their copies from Roadrunner yet?? My red copy hasn't arrived yet Granted I live in Singapore but still... It's been a month..
  10. That new song is beautiful.