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  1. Throwing some records up here to maybe clean up some room and also help pay for an electrician to come install some more outlets at my house. Please SEND OFFERS. If you message me asking how much for something I will not respond. If you message me with a shitty low offer, I will not respond. Not in a desperate place to be moving these. Not asking eBay prices but REASONABLE offers. LOOKING FOR: Steel Train, Fun (Aim & Ignite rainbow splatter, C'Mon), The Maine (Pioneer, Imaginary Numbers) 12": Ben Folds - Rockin' The Suburbs - Yellow /200 Ben Folds - Whatever and Ever Amen - Orange /600 Blink-182 - California (deluxe) - Complete set of 4 colors (Blue/Yellow/Green/Pink) Brand New - Deja Entendu - Brand New Sealed for $20ppd Envy On The Coast - Lucy Gray Fiona Apple - Tidal - VMP Exclusive Frank Ocean - Blonde - Black Friday Edition The Fray - How To Save A Life The Fray - The Fray Gorillaz - Demon Dayz - VMP Exclusive J. Cole - Forest Hills Drive - Live - Red/Black /2014 Jake Bugg - On My One (Box Set) John Williams - Home Alone Soundtrack - Pizza Variant Pokémon (Red & Blue Soundtrack) - Pokéball Variant (Moonshake Bootleg) Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane - White & Maroon Swirl /1000 Matchbook Romance - Stories & Alibis - Black 180 gram /550 Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now (OG) Space Jam (OST) - OG Weezer - White Album - Blue/Green/White Tri Color /400 Yellowcard - 2002-2011 Collection - SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY PLEASE 10": Say Anything - Is a Real Boy/Was a Real Boy (Box Set) - half & Half custom splatter /200 7": Fall Out Boy - Growing Up - Blue /????
  2. You mustve seen the epitaph EU store pressing (blue with splatter). The US pressing are 100% not in yet.
  3. Considering I still don’t have a record in my hands from the US press I seriously doubt it. We had EU/UK exclusive shipped over to us so the band would have vinyl to sell at the release show and for the tour
  4. It’s definitely out of place but I Fucking love it it was one of the first demos they sent me for the album and it just felt real and from the heart. Something cool and genuine about it.
  5. I hope not the only one that does this but sometimes when I'm bored I take records that I would press if I had the resources and make my own "mockups" for them just for fun. Thought it could turn into a fun thread for all you photoshop "savvy" folks! Today I got bored and made this for Cartel - Chroma...
  6. FYI. This is happening. License acquired and band approved. 100 copies only. Will post more details when it's close to being finished.
  7. Alright... if I pull the trigger on this and press it how many copies do you think I'm actually gonna sell... need to sell 265 to break even as it stands with everything priced out. I know people have showed interest in the past.
  8. https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/wjjbgy/the-world-is-a-beautiful-place-and-i-am-no-longer-afraid-to-die-marine-tigers-video
  9. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    hahah i was just coming in here to post this. fucking hysterical
  10. We tried to license this awhile back for Field Day Records with no luck
  11. The reason is that TWIABP's store ships worldwide but they have an EU/UK store as well to make shipping cheaper there for the fans. There are two record manufacturer's, one in the US and one in EU so they're being pressed simultaneously by two different plants. The EU plant has more options in terms of colors, splatters, etc than the US one does.
  12. http://www.thefader.com/2017/07/31/the-world-is-a-beautiful-place-always-foreign-dillon-and-her-song-twiabp New song "Dillon And Her Son" live on fader
  13. Pre-order through epitaph and bands official stores along with unique variants in Epitaph EU store and band EU store
  14. I will say that it is my favorite album from the band of course I might be biased but I've listened to it at least once a day ever since I got the masters back. There are songs that sound similar to past TWIABP (7 minute long epics) and some that are fast energetic bangers (2 1/2 minute in your face). The lyrics on this album are next level. David has really come into his own. Also Chris Teti production is getting better with every album. Just give it a chance and I promise you won't be let down. It didn't even have to grow on me it was completely instant just like harmlessness
  15. When i opened the package and saw the extra jacket with the signature I was blown away. Such an awesome surprise. I'd be happy even if the signature was smudged to hell
  16. thanks! ordered both! love this fucking band.
  17. The Rocket Summer is doing a 10-year tour for DYF and releasing it on vinyl for the first time. 2xlp on purple vinyl. http://www.therocketsummer.com/tour
  18. bummed no opportunity for purple but will still buy.
  19. PO NOW: PWR BTTM Pageant

    Polyvinyl is processing refunds. I will be returning this album. As a queer individual this was really disappointing.