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  1. Was hoping someone could hook me up with a Record Store Day copy of Bangerz by Miley Cyrus. If anyone picked one up and isn't feeling it or has an extra please let me know. Thanks much.
  2. Did some digging and called a few places. It turns out that this is the print that came with the Vinyl Me, Please Red/Black repress of The National's Cherry Tree EP. Pretty psyched to have number one.
  3. I was categorizing all my posters today and came across this 12"x12" mystery print. I was wondering if anyone on here could provide me with some more information about it. It's numbered 1/150. Thanks much guys, any info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I'd greatly appreciate a tour press as well if anyone could pick me up an extra. The tour isn't coming anywhere near me. That tricolor looks incredible!
  5. I didn't see this posted yet. It looks like Rough Trade has another exclusive of this album up now, it's Black Inside Easter Yellow this time and is limited to 500.
  6. I have an unopened mint copy of Thrice's To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere on gray smoke colored vinyl /1,000 that I'd like to trade for the teal tour press of the same record. I'd prefer an unopened copy as my smoke is unopened. If anyone would like to make that trade please reply to this thread or PM me, thanks.
  7. I'd love a tour press if you manage to get an extra. They aren't coming anywhere near me this tour.
  8. I would also appreciate if someone could pick the exclusives up for me. Interested in Castlevania and Over the Garden Wall.
  9. I would also appreciate a PM if possible, I was working when these went up. Thanks in advance!
  10. I may be interested in that Cynic. Is it the transparent blue 3rd press?
  11. I'd kill for a tour press if you don't mind picking up an extra. Please and thank you.