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  1. Shuga Records still has it listed. Never ordered from them so I cannot vouch for them but they are active with good feedback on eBay.
  2. https://us.udiscovermusic.com/products/so-tonight-that-i-might-see-limited-edition-color-vinyl-lp Link states that the purple vinyl is exclusive to uDiscover (I assume this means they are the exclusive US retailer). This is a great album, but I cannot justify paying $30 for a colored pressing when I have the standard press preordered for less than half the price ($14.75 taxed & shipped to CA through Target w/ RedCard). I do not recall Bullmoose ever stating that they would have purple copies and their product page isn't claiming it now.
  3. PO NOW: Beck "Colors" 10/13/2017

    It blows my mind that Midnite Vultures gets so much love. I just don't get it. It has always been the least enjoyable Beck record for me, though Wow and Dreams have me suspecting Colors will be close to matching it. I'm definitely in the group that enjoys his folk and blues inspired material more than his pop records.
  4. PO NOW: Beck "Colors" 10/13/2017

    Variant info from the official mailing list:
  5. Post Your Record Storage Area

    I have a 3x2 as pictured and a 3x3. They're both holding up fine after three years of use.
  6. Bjork - New album

    It's pretty bizarre to see something like that on an official artist store. I look forward to the announcement, though. It's always good to hear new music from Björk.
  7. I agree that this is their last great album. I'm glad I already have an original pressing because $35 shipped is a bit much for a single LP and I'd probably have paid it otherwise. There are pictures of the record on Discogs. It looks pretty nice. They even changed the artwork up a bit.
  8. I can't speak for this poster, but a lot of people are probably still waiting to receive shipments with The Eyes Of Stanley Pain, Sidewinder, III and Effector as Artoffact just recently released them. I received mine a couple weeks ago.
  9. Finally! Wasn't sure this would ever happen. cEvin Key had publicly stated his frustration with Nettwerk about not being willing to bring these back in print or to license them to anyone that would. I remember hearing that Nettwerk sold rights to a lot of their recordings to Kobalt, so I wonder if that has anything to do with these. I do wish that Artoffact would be handling these because they've been doing great work with SP's side projects (and just reissued some great Nettwerk era Download releases that never saw a vinyl release) and it'd have been great to see these expanded to double LPs with the extra material included on the CD reissues put on the second disc. I already have most of Skinny Puppy's albums, minus Remission & Last Rights, and I'd like to replace my copy of Too Dark Park so I hope these are just the beginning.
  10. Got a shipping notification from Bleep, so I cancelled my Bullmoose order. Hopefully that helps someone else's order at BM get through.
  11. This is fantastic news if true. I wanted these but picking up a picture disc is a last resort.
  12. Bullmoose has a indie-retail exclusive on violet vinyl. No mention of the 7" unfortunately.
  13. Ordered from Bull Moose. I never got around to purchasing this album on vinyl. The cassette would be nice to have but not for a $100 premium when I'm not interested in the other content in the box set. Bull Moose is fantastic. They are always the first place I check. Service, pricing and inventory are all top notch.
  14. Ordered the gold, but I'll keep an eye out for Bullmoose or other retailers to see if anyone is offering a cheaper bundle with the 7". The $35.59 shipped/taxed is a little more than I care to spend.
  15. Record Store Day 2017

    Well I just saved a bunch of money this weekend as I planned buying a couple of these. I hope the case goes well for Spacemen 3. I'd love to see more legitimate reissues of this material.
  16. Record Store Day 2017

    Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't too worried about whether or not I'd find a copy of this one but it was toward to the top of my RSD want list.
  17. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    UPC matches this one
  18. P.O. NOW: Slowdive S/T (05/05/17)

    Thanks for the heads up! Order this with the vinyl10 coupon.
  19. Good to someone else interested in these on here. Artoffact has been releasing a lot of Skinny Puppy related stuff (cEvin's solo records and most of Download's non-Nettwerk releases) all of which I've been picking up. cEvin key posted the mock-up of the Cyberaktif splatter pressing last week on Facebook and I've been anxiously awaiting a preorder but the Doubting Thomas release took me by surprise when they announced it this morning. I'm happy to see that they are both "complete" collections (though the DT record is missing some compilation tracks). The Infidel was one of my favorite records when I was a teenager so I'm pretty stoked to be getting a vinyl pressing. I ordered the /100 pressings of both. Also threw in the Metropolis pressings of KMFDM's Symbols and Tear Garden's Have A Nice Trip that Storming The Base is carrying.
  20. What is the last record you bought in 2016?

    The last record that I actually acquired was The Hives' Veni Vidi Vicious but the last one my credit card was charged for was Pantaleimon's The Butterfly Ate The Pearl (which should be delivered tomorrow)
  21. Order went through fine for me.
  22. Holiday/Black Friday Sales 2016

    Friday only Drag City will be doing 20% off all 2016 releases
  23. Just bought Veni Vidi Vicious £10.09 from Amazon UK, which came to $14.87 shipped to the states.
  24. Manufacturing delay confirmed by Universal https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153826713706466&id=50261661465&__tn__=C