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  1. PO: Hopesfall (TSY/Magnetic North/A-Types)

    Yeah grabbed all 3, I hate myself lol
  2. Wonder what they're going to be pushing it back to now.
  3. FS: Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge (pre-mounted)

    Bump $75
  4. Feeling like this one is going to be a long wait....no news from SRC
  5. SUBLIME Box Set - Soonish? TBA

    YESSSSS, love seeing CB's initials. Any idea where they were pressed? As long as it's not from Rainbo or URP I'll be happy.
  6. SUBLIME Box Set - Soonish? TBA

    Anybody get theirs and have a chance to spin? Wanting to know if I should temper my expectations or not.
  7. Want to sell this cartridge to somebody. It's already pre-mounted on a black headshell. It works and sounds great but am in need of yet another upgrade. If I had to estimate how many hours it has on it, I'd say somewhere around 40-50. If anyone is interested send me a message on here. $80
  8. AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    Get prepared for disappointment, this is likely the 2008 WB mastering/press. The 2016 remaster hasn't been released yet.
  9. Well thankfully I paid with PayPal.
  10. Ooooh awesome. Never ordered from them on their site before.
  11. Put in an order on importCDs and its "backordered". Yay.
  12. Po: Wallflowers - Bringing Down The Horse 5-13-16

    Agreed with @timsimmons, it does sound really good. I got worried when I opened and took them out of the sleeves and saw two things that really don't give me hope: the U in a circle and MASTERED BY CAPITOL stamped in. These were handled well.