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  1. New song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfGSZspzCV8 How the hell did I not see the post directly above mine? Must be one of those days.
  2. So dude comes on a vinyl forum soliciting ideas for a special edition record that has to do with water, gets a couple good suggestions & then goes with... clear!?
  3. Maybe so, but everyone knows that the sound quality gets better the higher the number.
  4. Wow that seems complicated. Do you think buyers will understand this explanation if I put it in the description of my eBay listing, or should I just go with "First wave, SUPER LIMITED out of /2000 OOP!!!!!!!"?
  5. I can't wait for everyone to post what number they got. This is going to get exciting.
  6. They're never gonna sell them with only "sold out" in all caps & 4 exclamation points.
  7. Sucks that I missed this, but that Gay Blades 7" from last year sounded kinda shitty, so hopefullythat will comfort me.
  8. Much appreciated. I finally got a shipping notification yesterday, but I still won't believe it until it's in my hands.
  9. P.O. SOON: Eminem- Revival

    I don't dislike him, but I've become less & less tolerant of the tracks where he does sing. Almost to the point of not being able to listen to them.
  10. P.O. SOON: Eminem- Revival

    That's easily my least favorite album. To me it was kinda his "sell out" album. Then again I feel like he's only had 3 great/classic albums & most of his best work was the underground (for lack of a better term) stuff from the SSLP era.
  11. Word. If people only knew that those Brand New/Thrice/Taking Back Sunday records that some of them bought for $100+ were easily found for like $12... they probably wouldn't have cared.
  12. I do it for all those "cool" points that I've been racking up.