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  1. WTB: Slaughter Beach, Dog - Motorcycle.jpg

    Bump! Here’s a SBD set I filmed last month for my YouTube channel too:
  2. Like the topic says, I slept on this 7” and it sold out online. Help me out and sell it to me if you don’t spin it anymore! Also I’m looking for basically all the other SBD records too, so if you have a bundle I’d be happy to take them all off your hands for some $ Dawg 7” Welcome 12” Birdie 12” also I don’t have You’re Gonna Miss It All by Mobo so I’d be interested in that too I’d you have it. Thanks!
  3. Hey! I'd be interested Hostage Calm- Lens, Against Me- Searching..., and Pentimento- I, No Longer if they're still available

  4. Hey so my girlfriend asked me to try and sell some of her old stuff for her so here’s what she has. All prices negotiable and don’t include shipping. Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon (Black) -$10 Brand New - Deja Entendu (standard repress) - $15 Brand New - TDAG(black gatefold) - $15 Brand New - Daisy (black) - $10 Brand New - I Am a Nightmare - $8 Brand New - 3 Demos Reworked - $8 Jesse Lacey/Kevin Devine - Devinyl #6 - $6 Take the whole lot for $60 + shipping 12”s - $10 (or 3 for $22.50) - Against Me - Searching For a Former Clarity - Bleachers - Strange Desire - Hostage Calm - Die on Stage (Red) - Hostage Calm - Lens (Pink/Purple Swirl) - Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues (Black) - Pentimento - I, No Longer (White/Black) - The Obsessives - Heck No, Nancy (Black) - Off With Their Heads - Home (Black) - Somos - Temple of Plenty (Clear) (our cat kinda chewed the jacket a little bit but the vinyl is fine) 7”s - Circa Survive/MeWithoutYou (Blue) - $10 - Sam Means - Blue Jeans - $3 - Aspiga/By Surprise - $3 - Have Mercy/Somos - $3 - Anti-Flag/Hostage Calm - $3
  5. Never thought I’d live to see this day.
  6. Any reason you brought Drukgs up though? I’ve been trying to track down a copy for years and I sure don’t see it for sale on amazon anywhere, haha.
  7. Young Statues: Amarillo 7" (2/23)

    In December I got to film these guys play some of their new songs at Johnny Brenda’s in Philly for my YouTube channel! If anyone wanted to check out the videos here they are:
  8. Ordered Reconstruction Site, we’ll see if it ever shows up. I just found a blue copy of Left and Leaving for a decent price on the sale board a couple weeks ago and I’m ecstatic.
  9. WTB - Hot Topic Batman Soundtracks

    I have Batman Begins and Dark Knight rises with shitty beat up jackets but pristine vinyl. If that’s something you’d be interested in shoot me a PM, I’d work out a good deal for both!
  10. So I did a lot of drugs on tour last night and someome showed me the song “Escape” by Manchester Orchestra and it was the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. Somebody please sell me this 7” so I can listen to it and cherish this memory forever.
  11. WTB: The Weakerthans - Left & Leaving

    @parkinglot I’d love to get one too if they have more than one but give @FiggyPud first dibs obviously!
  12. WTB: The Weakerthans - Left & Leaving

    Yeah where’s your local store??