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  1. PO NOW: Jets To Brazil reissues

    If anyone wants to sell their spare black wax copy of ORD from the color mixup for cheap lmk!
  2. Imogen Heap - Speak For Yourself

    Third'd for "Where'd you hear this"
  3. Seconded, I never thought this sounded as bad as the internet would lead you to believe. Definitely nowhere near unlistenable.
  4. Out Now: Tigers Jaw- spin

    Hey everyone! Sorry to bump an old(ish) thread but I had a chance to film Tigers Jaw play an hour-long acoustic set last week for my Youtube channel when my friend's band opened for them. Here's a link incase anyone wanted to check it out, it's first time that acoustic versions of some of the new songs (Favorite and Make It Up) have surfaced online as far as I'm aware of so that was really exciting to be a part of!
  5. PO SOON : Wear Your Wounds - WYW

    Hey everyone, I got to film Wear Your Wounds's set when they played in Philly this past week and I put it up on my Youtube channel incase anyone wanted to check it out!

    I have Gallows - Death is Birth 7" (grey splatter variant) and their self-titled Full-length (white & black splatter variant) that I'd sell for $15 + shipping. Shoot me a PM if that's something you'd be interested in!
  7. I ordered a record on Amazon once and they sent me Road Apples by mistake and I'd never heard of it before but it was even better than the record I actually ordered. That's all I have to contribute. Cool set though!
  8. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Had the seafoam and the clear MOV. The MOV sounded lightyears better and mine didn't have the Luca spot so I sold the seafoam years ago.
  9. PO: Pet Symmetry - Vision (5/26/17)

    I'm Twitter-illiterate so I didn't even know they tweeted it until I saw this, haha. Thanks for saying something!
  10. PO: Pet Symmetry - Vision (5/26/17)

    I filmed Pet Symmetry's set at Boot and Saddle in Philly last month and put it up on my Youtube Channel if anyone is interested:
  11. Swervedriver- Mezcal Head MOV- 5/5

    I can email them to you next time I'm on my desktop at my house, send me a PM wih your email address and I'll do it in th next couple days!
  12. Finished the video I shot in Philly a couple weeks ago!
  13. new tattoo appresh

    Yo! Did you see your tat got reblogged by blxcink on Instagram?
  14. Diskeeper 2.0 Inner Sleeves - Thoughts?

    Or the paper sleeves that the record lived in before you swapped it out?