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  1. Finished the video I shot in Philly a couple weeks ago!
  2. Yo! Did you see your tat got reblogged by blxcink on Instagram?
  3. Or the paper sleeves that the record lived in before you swapped it out?
  4. Filmed their whole set last night at First Unitarian Church. I've got some other shows I gotta edit before I'll have a chance to work on this, but I'll have it up on YouTube within 2-3 weeks at most.
  5. If anyone going to philly tonight wants to say hey I'm bringing my camera to film the set for my Youtube channel so find me and say hey!
  6. Hey, so bumping an old thread to say that I sometimes do videography for local bands and a couple weeks ago my friend's band (who I'm doing a music video for) opened for The Hotelier at Penn State. I filmed their set and put it on Youtube and it came out really cool if anyone would be interested in checking it out! They played Opening Mail for My Grandmother which was the first time I've ever heard them play it live and it was an honor to film that one especially.
  7. Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris
  8. Thanks! Craig Chazan (his Instagram is Boxcartattoer) did it. And I saw Nate Hudak there, he was in the same wing of the convention that Boxcar was! So many good artists there.
  9. Word, what's the name of the shop/what's his Instagram?
  10. Here's what I came home with from the Scranton convention this weekend. First one on my leg.
  11. This happened to my RSD Deja a couple years ago. Had to contact the label, but ultimately got a replacement.
  12. I use disckeeper 2.0s on my old records (classic rock, old movie soundtracks, etc.) and audiophile inners for my new pressings (modern stuff). Couldn't be be bothered to change them to MoFi, and I've never heard of any issues with disckeepers before this. Just take them out of the sleeves and replace them with care and I'm sure you'll be fine.
  13. Holy shit, I can't believe you got something from Kyle. He's near the top of my list of people I want to get tattooed by someday. This especially is beautiful, I love his night skies with the white stars. How did it heal up?? Care to post any healed pics?
  14. Thanks! Noel'le is the sweetest, if you ever get a chance to get tattooed by her it's absolutely worth it. Someday I want her to extend the stars out across my upper chest. Also this weekend I'm going to the Scranton tattoo convention and planning on getting something from Craig Boxcar Chazan, so I'll be posting a new one sometime next week! It'll probably be the first tattoo on my legs.
  15. Went to order but there's no media mail and the cheapest shipping option is $11.97. Fuck that. Ordered it 5 minutes later anyway because I'm a stupid idiot.
  16. This was one of my first favorite metal albums in high school and I've been waiting for it to get pressed for years. Couldn't be more excited, holding out to see if any variants drop before I order!
  17. Surely someone has MP3s that they want to share with us fine folks who didn't have VIP tickets...
  18. Does anyone have a lead on that Covers EP they put out in the past month or so? I'm dying to hear them cover We Didn't Start the Fire.
  19. About fucking time
  20. I just spent the day in Philly working on a music video shoot for the song After the Party. So stay tuned for that coming in the near future!
  21. I sold my copy of this years ago, I'd definitely buy it if it got repressed though.
  22. Ignore this post! I accidentally commented with misinformation, sorry!
  23. Hey all, so I'm trying to thin some stuff that I don't ever listen to out of my collection. Most of this stuff is listed on discogs too, but I'm selling it for cheaper on the boards and will make deals for combined orders. Prices don't include shipping (which is $4 for the first record and $1 for every additional album - or free if you order over $40 of stuff) or Paypal fees (which I'd like buyer to cover unless you want to pay as a gift/Venmo. Also I will only accept gifted/Venmo payment from established users with some positive feedback on the boards). Thanks and please PM me if interested in anything! The Ataris - ...Anywhere But Here (Black/Yellow Swirl/1000) - $5 The Ataris - Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits (Black) - $10 The Ataris - End Is Forever (Red/Yellow Swirl/1500) - $8 Or buy them all for $20! Cursive - Mama I'm Swollen (Black) - $10 Failure - Magnified (Black) - $15 Failure - Comfort (Black) - $18 Failure - The Heart is a Monster (Black) - $10 Or all for $35 Fun - Some Nights (Black) NO CD included- $15 Gallows - Gallows (White with Black Splatter/500) - $8 Gallows - Death is Birth 7" (Grey Splatter/600) - $5 Or both for $12 Gerard Way - Hesitant Alien (Black) - $10 Glassjaw - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence (Orange/2000) There are some big creases in the jacket but no tears and the vinyl is in great shape. - $20 Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins OST (Brown/Orange Marble/2000) Got this from a closing Hot Topic and the jacket is messed up but the vinyl is in great shape - $15 Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight Rises OST (Dark Blue/Black Marble/2000) Got this from a closing Hot Topic and the jacket is messed up but the vinyl is in great shape. -$15 Or both for $25 The Hotelier - Home, Like Noplace is There (Translucent Red w/ Black Smoke/350) - $15 Killswitch Engage - Disarm the Descendant (Gold 2LP Deluxe) The jacket is a little jacked up but the vinyl is in great shape. I can send pictures if interested. - $15 La Dispute - Tiny Dots (Clear/2000) - $10 Linkin Park - Living Things (White) - $10 Neurosis - Through Silver in Blood (Reissue, White Maryland Death Fest Pressing/100) - $45 Neurosis - Times of Grace (Reissue, White Maryland Death Fest Pressing/100) - $45 Or both for $80 R.E.M. - Automatic for the People (Black Reissue) - $25 Relient K - Two Lefts Don't Make a Right...But Three Do (White/Orange Split) - $22 Relient K - The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek - $22 Relient K - Let It Snow Baby, Let It Reindeer (Opaque Red) - $30 Relient K - The Vinyl Countdown I 7" - $5 Relient K - The Vinyl Countdown II 7" - $5 Relient K - The Creepy 7" - $5 Relient K - Selfie 7" - $5 Relient K - Selfie II 7" - $5 Or all for $80 Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool (White) - $25 Radiohead - King of Limbs (Black) - $10 Or both for $30 The Sun Days - The Sun Days (Blue w/ White Splatter/200) - $15 Thanks for looking and feel free to message me with any question!