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  1. This is definitely the "Goo Goo Dolls boxed set" of RSDs.
  2. When I moved to St. Louis, one of the first things I did was find a way to see Chuck Berry when he was doing monthly shows at the Duck Room, a 300 person venue in the basement of a restaurant called Blueberry Hill. You always heard stories about who would be in audience randomly at these shows - if a musical act was in town, big or small, they might find a way to make it to see him and some would even fly in special to see him. I'm glad I was one of them.
  3. Same. I like YMAEWK quite a bit and I can't bring myself to order these based on quality and source.
  4. The Musicvaultz versions are both still available at uDiscovermusic. Plus no shipping for US.
  5. Yes please. Thanks for the heads up. (You ever track down a copy of Feathergun?)
  6. Y'all slept on this bonkers great Thank You Scientist album: https://youtu.be/df6lSXzv9lI
  7. Yunahon Mixtape vinyl is up. 100 Doublemint and 250 baby blue. http://www.sealmountainrecords.com/
  8. Sounds like vinyl for the Yunahon Mixtape is forthcoming. Anyone know details?
  9. That's really pretty, just not sure it's "twice the price of the Saddle Creek version" pretty.
  10. New album finally announced through Saddle Creek. Colored limited to 250! Go get it! https://saddle-creek.com/products/life-after-youth
  11. Late notice, but if you order in the next five minutes, you get the session pressed on clear instead of black. Picked up some things I had been putting off.
  12. For that special person who has equal love for obsolete bands AND obsolete gaming systems: http://m.ebay.com/itm/232245167239?_mwBanner=1
  13. Plus, get them their own stuff when they're old enough. I got my daughter her first record player and set of her own records for her 4th birthday this year, just when she was starting to want to pull out the records and drop the needle in my system herself. They are set up in her play room so she can play her own music while she plays. She leaves my stuff alone and she wants to play with records she can do it with her own, plus she's learning to be careful with them (mostly).