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  1. I've been disappointed in the record stores since Ear X-Tacy left years ago, but the pork chop at Jack Fry's is one of my favorite meals on the road.
  2. Swapped for Wilco, but that's the last swappable one I want, so might have to cut the cord after this month depending on what the next one is.
  3. Pretty much this. I didn't love Cope, but this is one of the few bands I'll really "splurge" for and I had a bit of extra $ of PayPal credit. My shipping was a little under $10.
  4. This site has been in "maintenance mode" for the last day and you can't get anywhere on their main page at the moment (http://themanchesterorchestra.com/). Anyone know when/where something might be going up today?
  5. I've heard nothing but great things about this. It's my 4 year olds favorite album and will probably be my next purchase.
  6. I haven't heard any of this band's previous stuff, but I've been digging what I've heard from this new album recently. https://headnorthny.bandcamp.com/ Vinyl is on the expensive side, but being cut by the Little Elephant people. http://headnorth.limitedrun.com/products/592845-the-last-living-man-alive-12-vinyl
  7. I'm proud of my Yahoo spam filter for immediately sending this release e-mail for this one to spam. I'm less proud to have been on the e-mail list at all (I think I ordered a Harvard record from them?).
  8. I was between Odelay and AM for my swap.
  9. Predicting that everyone will swap Morby until Pitchfork gives it a Best New Music tag and suddenly people start clamoring for it.
  10. Swapped Morby out for Odelay, which I'd been meaning to pick up at some point.
  11. Pass for me too. I had high hopes for Singing Saw and it never clicked for me. I have a couple swaps in mind though.
  12. Anyone gotten this? I ordered from Saddle Creek and got shipping confirmation 7 days ago, but I haven't received it yet and the tracking number doesn't work.
  13. Same. One of those CDs that have migrated from my collection to hers.
  14. I think I'm going to bite the bullet on the 3 month subscription. I really want Tidal, and there are enough prior releases I would be interested in owning (Odelay, AM, Pinkerton) that, if I'm not interested in the following two releases, it sounds like I can swap out those for the upcoming release, if I'm reading the swap policy right. Can someone confirm that's how it works? I'd prefer not to look through the last 83 pages to make sure.
  15. Me too. It's my AOTY so far. The show tonight was killer. Go see these guys if you get a chance.