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  1. Got this Friday and I like it better than the last several Wintersleep albums. It’s more of a band album than the first Postdata album, but a bit mellower than the Wintersleep stuff.
  2. SRC shows a standard up for $22 (https://www.srcvinyl.com/the-gaslight-anthem-the-59-sound-sessions-lp.html) and the deluxe limited to 1,000 for $60 (https://www.srcvinyl.com/the-gaslight-anthem-the-59-sound-sessions-deluxe-edition-lp.html). The only apparent difference is the 59 page photo book, so if you think that's worth $38, have at it.
  3. dawhizz

    Rare Vinyl in Poor Condition

    I prefer poor records in rare condition.
  4. Call me when the Murder She Wrote OST goes up . . .
  5. One of my favorite releases of last year is getting a well-deserved vinyl pressing. Two LPs and a 7”. 90 minutes of music, 30 tracks, five acts and even a playbill (did I mention it’s kind of a power pop rock opera?). Go get it already. https://telethonband.bandcamp.com/ http://goodlandrecords.bigcartel.com/product/telethon-the-grand-spontanean-2xlp-7-pre-order-delivers-by-june-29
  6. More like Chinese Capitalism, amirite?
  7. dawhizz

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    Just numbered I believe.
  8. dawhizz

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    The site says GMT+1.
  9. dawhizz

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    I show it going on sale at 2pm (GMT+1), which I believe is 6 AM pacific/9 AM eastern in the states. Can someone confirm on the time change?
  10. dawhizz

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    O preorder goes live on Friday: http://www.damienrice.com/ Limited Edition - 1000 Copies Hand-Numbered by Damien Made and Assembled by hand in Ireland 2 x 180g Vinyl Classic Clothbound Book Cover Original O Artwork Booklet Lyrics 2 x 'Hidden' Songs (from O) 4 x Additional Songs (from B-Sides) PRE-ORDER 4 MAY 2 x 180g Vinyl Gatefold Original O Artwork Lyrics 2 x 'Hidden' Songs (from O) 4 x Additional Songs (from B-Sides) PRE-ORDER 4 MAY Both the Deluxe and Standard include 16-tracks: Side A 1. Delicate 2. Volcano 3. The Blower's Daughter 4. Cannonball Side B 5. Older Chests 6. Amie 7. Cheers Darlin' 8. Cold Water Side C 9. I Remember 10. Eskimo 11. Prague 12. Silent Night (Lisa Hannigan) Side D 13. The Professor & La Fille Danse (live) 14. Lonelily 15. Woman Like A Man (live radio session) 16. Moody Mooday
  11. I thought SRC had some. Related question: were they $50 everywhere? That seems like the lowest retail I saw, which seems crazy.
  12. dawhizz

    Record Store Day 2018

    eBay is fine for finding RSD releases, but shopping for RSD releases on eBay on RSD weekend is a terrible idea. Resist the urge and wait a few weeks and the prices will be much more reasonable.
  13. dawhizz

    intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    You should know there’s nothing Ben hates more than someone charging more than it cost him for something, just to make more of a profit. Hates it, he does.
  14. dawhizz

    Record Store Day 2018

    Also interested in any leftover/extra copies of the Caudill EP if they end up being available or if anyone hits up LTO on RSD.