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  1. https://www.srcvinyl.com/brand-new-science-fiction-2xlp.html From the e-mail (emphasis mine): "THE TIME HAS COME! Brand New are releasing a NEW full length, "Science Fiction" in October! We have this up for pre order now! We suspect this will be limited so please order ASAP! Grab yours here:" I LOLed.
  2. Brand New fans: "How can we pre-order an album when we don't know anything about it?" Bjork: "Hold my liter of vodka." (http://www.news.com.au/news/bjorks-bizarre-drinking-habit/news-story/703793a6afa8ca9068532a0fdbd1b52a) Vinyl and CDs available through One Little Indian with a "Luxury Edition" to be announced at a later date. I'll be holding off for now, thank you very much: http://indian.co.uk/shop/new-bjork-album-pre-order.html
  3. It's been a bad week for my wallet already with the Brand New and Julien Baker records, but I happened to hear the song "Everyone" from this band/guy today and really liked it. I checked out the album and it just hit me right, particularly with what's gone on in the US this week. He's an acoustic punk protest singer out of Pittsburgh (Frank Turnerish I guess, though I don't really like Frank Turner much). Maybe others know about him but I didn't, so I'm passing it along. His bandcamp page is below and there are some vinyl options available through A-F Records. Check it out if that's your thing or if you need to feel good this week. https://thehomelessgospelchoir.bandcamp.com/ http://a-frecords.limitedrun.com/products/596985-the-homeless-gospel-choir-presents-normal-lp-mp3
  4. Had a 2 hour drive to my deposition today. Got there early and decided to get a Krispy Kreme breakfast, checked my mail and saw the e-mail from 6131, and got one just in time. The lesson as always - good things happen when Krispy Kreme is involved.
  5. First Brand New now this. Exciting (but rough) week.
  6. I'm holding out for the "strenuously limited" version.
  7. It kills white vinyl walkers.
  8. I tweeted him saying he'd be even sadder if people realize they can come to him with questions or complaints . . .
  9. The upside of this debacle is that maybe, just maybe, it means Martin Shkreli didn't get one.