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    Detroit Tigers and Chris Gethard
  1. have you guys ever heard of deadformat.net? they got great shipping rates
  2. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    this was on clearance the other day at my store, I can check tomorrow and still if they still got it
  3. https://kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/view/?id=12636&cid=17
  4. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    Anyone else get there B&N copy canceled without requesting to do so? I just logged in my account to see what was going on with it and the order status is canceled. It also looks like the updated the title to "signed door hanger"
  5. guilty of this. I always wanted glasses but had good sight, never thought to look for fakes but saw some at H & M for 6 bucks and fucked with them.
  6. PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    people are probably under that impression because "The After Laughter Vinyl here is a paramore.net exclusive. The pink vinyl is not a limited pressing but will only be available in the official Paramore store. The first pressing on pink is limited to 4,000 total units"
  7. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    last time they did one of these events, the pop showed up on Forbidden Planet, just a heads up in case you don't find any help
  8. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    just kidding, gamestop is live
  9. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    gamestop rumor is 10am est, no idea about TRU
  10. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

  11. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    confirmed gamestop
  12. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    anyone stalking gamestop or Barnes on thursday? I will probably need some help getting some pops from these places
  13. yes because the general public would love to hear this crap over something decently pleasant. No one cares what you think should be played except the Warner music group....annoy their boards
  14. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    hopefully it will be shared with hot topic so it will be an easy get
  15. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    Did you see the SDCC shared flocked Catdog? It's pretty anytime