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  1. maybe you should click that little ole link and find out
  2. lol 4500, that made it to reddit ehh
  3. http://www.hottopic.com/product/panic-at-the-disco---a-fever-you-cant-sweat-out-vinyl-lp-hot-topic-exclusive/10790965.html?cgid=band-merch-vinyl#start=2
  4. I still don't know how this happened... First announced as a chase, then canceled and became a common in its own box, but still slips out as a chase and a common. I know Funkos QC is a bit lenient but this just seems overly lazy
  5. I will buy a normal Leland and trade ya... I kid, I kid but it's still a cool get. I hope my HT gets a Laura Palmer and log lady back in before hot cash ends. I am rewatching Peaks now to prep for the new season, pretty pumped
  6. Where's the Easter album???????
  7. Now I am looking for American Horror story Twisty, Elsa Mars, Tattler Twins, Pepper.... any help would be much appreciated
  8. Gamestops got them today, just a heads up in case you ordered from there
  9. If anybody is out and about and stumbles upon a Mr Meeseeks chase please shoot me a pm
  10. https://www.usps.com should have all the answers you need
  11. you can make a MyUPS account and digitally sign for the items and give them instructions where to leave the packages
  12. just being a piss head about it, enjoy your preorder