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  1. The Bronx – V LP (Translucent Orange w/ Blue Blob) Track list: Night Drop At The Glue Factory Stranger Danger Side Effects Fill The Tanks Channel Islands Two Birds Sore Throat Past Away Cordless Kids Broken Arrow Kingsize http://kingsroadmerch.com/the-bronx/view/?id=12099&cid=2920 All the usual KRM bundles are available. No pressing numbers available just yet.
  2. Can't believe this album is finally getting pressed on vinyl. Deluxe Edition with Scratch N Sniff Cover Clear Blue / Opaque White Wave 12" Vinyl /500 Clear Blue / Crystal Clear Wave 12" Vinyl /500 http://shop.riotstyle.com/product/the-drips-the-drips-12-vinyl-deluxe-edition-scratch-n-sniff-cover Regular Edition on White Vinyl http://shop.riotstyle.com/product/the-drips-the-drips-12-vinyl-direct-edition
  3. Recent purchases

    It's been awhile since it's been a solid new release Friday for me. The Bronx - V - Orange/Yellow Vinyl LP Explosions in the Sky - The Wilderness - Clear with Rainbow Splatter Vinyl LP - Tour Edition /1000 Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Luciferian Towers - LP The Horrors - V - Double LP METZ - Strange Peace - Clear with Red and Green Swirl Vinyl LP Pedro The Lion - Progress - Double Half Pink/Half Blue Vinyl 7" Single The Wonder Years - Burst and Decay (An Acoustic e.p.) - Purple Vinyl LP /1000
  4. Jumped on the pre-order for this off Amazon Italy this morning for €99. If the exchange rate is similar by the time it ships, I should be getting it for $118ppd. Not bad at all.
  5. The tour variant was on display but it was (at least at this show) behind the table, hanging alongside the t-shirts, so you couldn't read the hype sticker. Fortunately, I recognized it from the copy I bought previously. I didn't specifically ask for it. The lady selling merch just grabbed a copy from the pile of 20 or so. I'm guessing that on the first leg of the tour, if you wanted the tour variant, you had to ask for it. But seeing as this is the second (?) leg of the US tour, most people probably already have a copy of the album and the band just want to get rid of them now.
  6. For anybody going to the upcoming US shows, they still have the tour variant of The Wilderness at the Merch table.
  7. Recent purchases

    Behind the Shadow Drops - H A R M O N I C - Clear Vinyl LP with Black Smoke Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon (All Night Version) - 12" Single Spiritualized - Smile/Sway - Clear Vinyl 7" Single Spiritualized - Medication/Smiles - Red Vinyl 7" Single Spiritualized - Electric Mainline e.p. - Yellow Vinyl 7" Single
  8. Recent purchases

    Catherine Wheel - Chrome - Silver Vinyl LP 1137/1500 Curve - Doppelganger - LP Curve - Cuckoo - LP Gang Of Four - Songs of the Free - Clear with Splatter Vinyl LP New Order - Brotherhood - LP Pedro The Lion - Whole - 10" Single Pedro The Lion - Winners Never Quit - LP Prince - 4Ever - Quadruple LP Box Set
  9. From Cold Cuts or Hopeless (Merch Now)?
  10. Smiths/Morrissey Lot for sale

    are these original or reissues? UK or US pressings?
  11. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    There are three color variants - silver, white and black. Not sure that would count as "so many". The extra 7" seems like an incentive to order straight from the label which makes sense since the price at retail is about ~$10 cheaper.
  12. Recent purchases

    ALL - She's My Ex - 12" Single ALL - Guilty - 10" Single The Blue Hearts - The Blue Hearts - LP The Blue Hearts - Young and Pretty - LP The Coral - Roots and Echoes - Red Vinyl LP /1500 Paul Draper - Spooky Action - Signed Double LP + 7" Single Echo and the Bunnymen - Seven Seas - 12" Single Germs - Lexicon Devil - Pink Vinyl 7" Single /500 LA Dream Team - The Dream Team is In The House - 12" Single Magpie - Animals - Blue Vinyl 7" Single Magpie - Seven 8 - White Vinyl 7" Single MC5 - The Motor City Five - Transparent Blue with Splatter Vinyl LP Mogwai - Coolverine/Party In The Dark - 7" Single Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - The Punishment of Luxury - Yellow Vinyl LP /2500 Prince & 3rdEyeGirl - Plectrumelectrum - LP Queens of the Stone Age - Villains (Indie Edition) - Double LP Queens of the Stone Age - Villains (Deluxe Edition) - Deluxe Double LP with 14 prints Soundtrack - Swiss Army Man - Blue Vinyl LP with diorama and cut outs
  13. http://www.shelflife.com/catalogue/LIFE142.html Blue and black splatter vinyl (200 copies) White vinyl (300 copies).
  14. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    Looks like Amoeba sold out of their allocation of the white vinyl. But even with the 15% coupon, the black vinyl comes out to $62ppd. If you don't care about the bonus 7" single, that's a pretty damn good price for the box set.
  15. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    Indie exclusive white vinyl pressing pre-order from Amoeba. Will probably be available on Bull Moose as well later. https://www.amoeba.com/savage-young-d-white-vinyl-lp-h-sker-d/albums/3980545/
  16. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    Unless you specifically ordered the digital download, the box set doesn't include a download of the music.
  17. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    In for the colored vinyl plus 7" bundle. Also ordered the Jackie Shane comp to make offset the shipping cost.
  18. Pretty sure that's a full digital download and not the physical box set.
  19. Recent purchases

    Paul Draper - Spooky Action - Double CD/DVD with signed print Neck Deep - The Peace and The Panic - Half Black/Half Orange with White Splatter Vinyl LP - /1000 Neck Deep - The Peace and The Panic - CD - Target Edition Prince - Lotusflow3r/MPLSound - Double LP Prince - Art Official Age - Double LP Slowdive - 5EP - 12" Single
  20. PO: Neck Deep - The Peace and the Panic

    UO Pressing.
  21. PO: Neck Deep - The Peace and the Panic

    I'll probably end up picking up the Urban Outfitters variant. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/neck-deep-the-peace-and-the-panic-limited-lp
  22. PO: Neck Deep - The Peace and the Panic

    If you don't care what variant you get, Amazon US has this for $12.63. Free shipping with prime. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B071JBQ4T7/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502678685&sr=8-1&keywords=neck+deep+panic edit: looks it's the white vinyl variant.
  23. Recent purchases

    Bad Brains - A Band in DC - DVD Blur - New World Towers - Blu-ray Boris - Dear - Double LP Duran Duran - Carnival e.p. - Japanese 12" Single Jejune/Lazycain - Smiths Covers Split Single - White Vinyl 7" Single Joy Division - Substance - Cassette Joyce Manor - Constant Nothing/Christmas Card (Live at Third Man Records) - 7" Single Joyce Manor/Summer Vacation - Split Single - 7" Single /150 Kate Nash - Made of Bricks - LP New Order - Technique - Cassette Ramones - Leave Home (40th Anniversary Edition) - Triple CD/LP Box Set Super Furry Animals - Radiator (20th Anniversary Edition) - Double LP Super Furry Animals - Radiator (20th Anniversary Edition) - Double CD U2 - The Best of 1980-1990 - Cassette
  24. Recent purchases

    JJ Fad - Anotha Ho/Supersonic - 12" Single Lotion - Agnew Funeral - CD e.p. Van Morrison - Astral Weeks - Clear Vinyl LP Prince - U Got The Look - 12" Single Dusty Springfield - Dusty in Memphis - LP Wendy and Lisa - Wendy and Lisa - LP