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  1. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Agreed on RTL.... I snagged the 2 x 45 RPM version when I got back into vinyl, and was amazed how terrible it sounded. When it went OOP I sold it for a nice price, thankfully. The single-disc version was the same mastering, but 33 1/3 RPM so sonics are even worse. The 2016 got it right... To the point that I had an original Elektra that I sold after grabbing it, as SQ was very close and the 2016 was much quieter.
  2. Follow up that Broken is absolutely dead silent, both sides and the 7". A rarity with modern vinyl. Sound is similar to the original CD, though I haven't A/Bed them. It's not cut especially hot, and I didn't notice any additional compression compared to the original mix (which was fairly compressed, as that's the NIN sound). Definitely sounds better than it did on my shitty tape deck back in '92.
  3. Placed an order, after a week hadn't heard anything, shot a msg to Sandbag.... And they got back to me the next day with a tracking # showing arrival in 2 days. Coincidentally (or not), looks like the shipment was mailed out between the time I sent the msg and the time they responded with the equivalent of "Look! It already shipped!!" I'm not saying contact them directly if you don't hear anything soon, but it can't hurt. Squeaky wheels, grease, etc. FYI shipment did show up in 2 days (today). Not the best mailer but there was bubble wrap. Fragile had a couple bent corners but if you're not packing a heavy set like that one correctly, it's bound to happen. Broken looked fine. I'll take it.
  4. The Robyn self-titled album from 2005 (but not released in the US until 2008) is probably my favorite pop album of that decade. Maybe the whole millennium. (Yeah, even better than CRJ.) Body Talk is better known and also classic, but Robyn is a little weirder and takes more chances, plus it feels more personal too. Not sure it's necessarily "80s pop" all the way but "Konichiwa Bitches" sounds like L'Trimm, "Should Have Known" sounds like an outtake from Sign O' The Times, and "Be Mine" and "Handle Me" are Madonna-worthy. Also, "Every Heartbeat" is the best single of the 2000s. (In my opinion... but it's the right one.)
  5. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I don't think "classic" means what you think it means.
  6. Had the "unique" pleasure last night of introducing three millennial females to the wonder that is CRJ's last album. One of them in particular really dug it. Said the songs sounded like 80s Madonna, but contemporary... which is pretty accurate. TS needs to just go full 80s. C'mon Swifty T.
  7. Ah, they dragged me back on board for this one..... Thanks to whoever posted the $10 off code. Seemed to work fine for me, although I signed up as a "new" member instead of renewing my existing one. Same info though, and still got my same referral code back. Weird.
  8. Missed out on the Brand New earlier this week, snagged the 6131 variant. I guess that works out. (Also, anyone else really like both BN *and* JB? No...?) I've seen her twice, both pretty small crowds. (First time there weren't even 100 people.) No sign of vinyl either time. Her tour manager actually told me she was grateful they sold out as "records are HEAVY."
  9. I haven't seen NIN as much as some on this thread, but I've seen 'em a fair amount of times on a lot of different tours, and they've never disappointed. I guess my claim to fame is seeing them 3 times supporting TDS.... Once at the Fox in ATL (with Marilyn Manson opening) which STILL might be my favorite show.... And then supporting Bowie.... And then late in the tour when they'd changed the whole setlist around. It was cool to get so many PHM songs back then... I don't think Trent does many of them anymore beyond Head Like A Hole and Terrible Lie. (Sanctified was played on the HM tour, which was a very cool version.) I doubt I'm gonna get The Only Time or Sin or Something I Can Never Have again. What else.... Seeing With Teeth in Charlotte where a rain delay stopped the show halfway through.... When they came back, Trent basically blew up the setlist and played Dead Souls, Reptile, Get Down Make Love, and Down In It (with the whole crowd screaming "Rain rain go away"). Took a good show and made it great. Oh, and the NIN/JA tour had lots of deep cuts: Home, Metal, Non-Entity, I'm Afraid Of Americans, Head Down, Suck... THAT was pretty fantastic. Honestly I've heard Somewhat Damaged and Burn more than I can count. But I'll never turn down the former. Somewhat Damaged is almost always a highlight of any show.
  10. Although, if you've ever heard the original, it basically IS most of the song (besides the vocal melody). I mean... It's not a subtle sample.
  11. Arcade Fire- Everything Now

    Possibly the second best song to be titled "Electric Blue."
  12. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    So much of this is wrong, I don't know where to begin...... I gotta assume you've never seen The National live. Definitely not when they've played Vanderlyle or England. I mean, I Need My Girl is fine and all.... But acting like it's this amazing creation while England is dog shit is just.... baffling.
  13. These aren't too limited, although the first set (Five Years) sold out before last Christmas and is currently going for big $$. The second set is still available right now, almost a year after release. That said, $160 seems like a pretty good price right off the bat. Semi-controversial opinion: This might be the strongest set of the three. Not a single weak album in the bunch. (Looking at you, Pin-Ups, Space Oddity, and Young Americans...) But I'm not sure I can justify a purchase when I have VG/NM originals of all four studio albums.
  14. Supposedly Klein and the Stones do get ALL the songwriting royalties forever, after suing The Verve for the unauthorized sample. Richard Ashcroft was paid a flat rate for "lyrics".... which is the sort of crotch kick that Klein specializes in. It did lead to a fantastic Ashcroft quote though: "Well, Bitter Sweet Symphony is now the best song the Stones have written in 20 years."
  15. HAHA, wound up finding a cheaper price in the thread I started. Thanks for that. I cancelled my uDiscover order too. Not trying to change minds, but the OG of Hysteria was never super-easy to find, as late 1980s vinyl from big acts often isn't. (Try finding The Cure's Disintegration or Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever sometimes.) And while the sound was good (it's an RL), the fidelity suffers simply because it's a single record where each side is 30 minutes long. The grooves are beyond tiny. So if they don't screw up the mastering, this SHOULD sound as good or better simply by being spread over two records for the first time ever. And I suspect a limited-to-500 variant will be worth at least what you paid for it, if the SQ sucks. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I can sell my OG and my picture disc version (SQ=terrible, going rate=surprisingly high).