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  1. Mae/Modern Dance 7" split

    Email me at [email protected] with your order number, or your name so I can find your info, and I'll make it right for you.
  2. Mae/Modern Dance 7" split

    My pleasure, hope you enjoy!
  3. Mae/Modern Dance 7" split

    Hey everybody! Thanks for making this thread. I'm glad to see people are still interested in this project. It's a trip down memory lane for me since it was almost 10 years ago. The 3,000 records we pressed is a semi-interesting story indeed. Back when Mae approached me about putting this 7" out, they dictated the quantity they wanted me to press and the 2800/200 split between red/white and black. I was naive at the time with regards to the size of the audience for 7" records and it was pretty ambitious but believe it or not we have managed to sell a substantial quantity of them. The band took a huge amount of them on tour which helped out quite a bit and we had physical distribution for them for a few years. If I do a similar project in the future, I'd probably do about half as many and maybe few more variants. The black copies are just about wiped out with around 34 left and the red/white ones should be available for sometime. The black ones were never sold through distribution or on tour to my knowledge. They've only been available online. Best Regards, Jonathon Search and Rescue Records