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  1. Cool for the variant collectors, but I'm good with my signed poster from the first preorder. Since we're having this convo, I'll just chime in a bit too, haha. Kurt --> Tilian --> Jonny. Because fuck Jonny, and DBMI was just okay. (DBMII was great, but Jon's vocals have come a LONG way since.) Kurt's vocal style meshed with the DGD sound so well, even if he was shaky outside the studio, and Happiness is still my absolute favorite album from their discography. More experimentation, more unique sounds and song structure, etc.. Tilian is extremely talented but they have admittedly become a bit more "post-popcore" since he joined. Not that I mind, he's just no Kurt. But fuck Jonny. That should go without saying.
  2. I fucking love this album, but I don't need a damn poster and I'm not paying $12 shipping for something that should cost $5-6. Now I remember why I don't buy from MerchNow anymore, jesus.
  3. If you're close to a lower-volume store, it might be worth checking to see if this is on sale as well. I grabbed the last copy at my store for $9.99
  4. Record Store Day 2018

    probably not gonna post in here for like two more months, just wanted to say whomst the fuck are you tho bruh
  5. idk how it is about every UO, but we're a lower-volume store so we don't get every exclusive that gets pressed. We get a good number of them, but most of the smaller runs (like the Abra album, which I was kinda hoping we got lol) usually go to the bigger stores or they sell through reasonably quickly online. Apparently UO also doesn't mind sending us strict releases like three weeks late, tho, so what do I know? lmao.
  6. I'm actually not sure about this one. The Discogs listing said it came out last week, but I don't remember our store getting any. I'll check in on that when I get to work tomorrow just to see what's up.
  7. Last year was buy one get one 50% off apparel. Black Friday BOGO 50% seems to be a trend for us.
  8. Black Friday is just around the corner y'all! I'm keeping it purposely vague so I don't get in trouble for spilling the beans before the company announces anything, but expect something good (and very similar to last year) from us this time around.
  9. Oh man, if I wasn't short on spare cash right now, I'd order this in a heartbeat. I followed UZ religiously while the Trap Shit series was ongoing, lol.
  10. Correct! Go get those shitty sale records, y'all. Haha (Just kidding, I know some stores have that post-humous Amy Winehouse comp record and a few decent hip hop LPs among other things)
  11. I will say it's weird that they started listing the pressing numbers after years of not doing so. Like, why now, UO? It's not like their vinyl sales are doing that poorly. Or at least not that I'm aware, since they haven't mentioned anything in our weekly updates that we get.
  12. Hearing about stuff like that is why I always like to make the joke that our I.T. people were probably fashion majors.
  13. The new LCD Soundsystem is temporarily OOS, but at that price, and with how good the album is, it's worth putting in an order now.
  14. Recent purchases

    I'm in Savannah on vacation, and I finally got to go to Graveface after years of wanting to go but being too far away. I didn't get any actual Graveface releases, but their used bins out front proved to be very fun to dig through. I also got a Graveface tee, and a patch and pin from a local designer. Waifle - The Music Stops, The Man Dies (early hardcore, looks like a homemade or bootleg pressing) The Parachute Club - S/T (legit Italo disco) Beverly Hills Cop OST The Communards - Communards Jean-Luc Ponty - Enigmatic Ocean Mister Lies - Shadow So then while we're driving down the street, I see another record store called Rody's that I didn't even see on Google, so I jumped out of the car and walked in. Lemme tell ya, if y'all are ever in Savannah, Rody's is definitely worth finding. They had a great mix of different styles, and a ton of old RSD stuff. Battles - Mirrored (repress, got it for $12!) Battles - Gloss Drop (repress, $14!) Boston - S/T