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  1. You made the right choice. It's so good.
  2. I only found one copy! Otherwise I would've snatched them all up for anyone who wanted one.
  3. idk if all stores do this, but since I'm my store's resident vinyl guy, I have our sale records marked on the front cover with huge stickers that say how much they are, and they're right next to all of the full price albums. Most of the other UOs I've been to either have them mixed in with full price stuff (which is dumb as hell), or they'll have them in a box or crate off in the sale section. Better than the first way, but they can still get thrashed a bit by rabid sale shoppers. I'm biased but I like my method the best, lol
  4. Just go to Lenox if you can, tbh. The other stores had some sale vinyl, but Lenox had the best selection. I grabbed Thirty Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie and the orchestral recording of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time OST for $12.50 total (plus a shirt, a phone case, and a pair of Vans at one of the other stores), so it was a pretty good sale on sale for me.
  5. Turns out it's 40% off sale in-store and 40% off home sale online, so if you want records you'll have to find a brick-and-mortar UO.
  6. 40% off on sale items starts tomorrow and goes through the weekend! Check for them rekkids, y'all. (you'll have a much better chance at finding sale records in-store, since the online sale selection is pretty dismal atm) I'm going to all four ATL stores on Friday, mostly for the clothes, but I'm not gonna say no to a few new albums if I find some good ones.
  7. You say that as if those Gildan shirts you use for your band tees aren't sweatshop-related either.
  8. Not yet, at least at my store and online. Vinyl doesn't get marked down on a regular basis since it's a pretty steady seller for most of the company, at least as far as I can tell, so your best bet is probably to wait for a good percentage-off sale. That said, it's currently like $6 cheaper than Amazon, so...y'know.
  9. We just put a few copies of that Børns album out on the floor at my store today. If you have a UO close by, it might be worth calling and checking the store's stock, because a lot of times the online stock will be gone but the store might still have a copy or two.
  10. If y'all are students you can get 10% off, haha. Nothing else at the moment tho. At least none that I know of, but I'll check when I get to work tomorrow.
  11. Cool for the variant collectors, but I'm good with my signed poster from the first preorder. Since we're having this convo, I'll just chime in a bit too, haha. Kurt --> Tilian --> Jonny. Because fuck Jonny, and DBMI was just okay. (DBMII was great, but Jon's vocals have come a LONG way since.) Kurt's vocal style meshed with the DGD sound so well, even if he was shaky outside the studio, and Happiness is still my absolute favorite album from their discography. More experimentation, more unique sounds and song structure, etc.. Tilian is extremely talented but they have admittedly become a bit more "post-popcore" since he joined. Not that I mind, he's just no Kurt. But fuck Jonny. That should go without saying.
  12. I fucking love this album, but I don't need a damn poster and I'm not paying $12 shipping for something that should cost $5-6. Now I remember why I don't buy from MerchNow anymore, jesus.
  13. If you're close to a lower-volume store, it might be worth checking to see if this is on sale as well. I grabbed the last copy at my store for $9.99
  14. Record Store Day 2018

    probably not gonna post in here for like two more months, just wanted to say whomst the fuck are you tho bruh