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  1. mine has a pink sticker on the top left that says: the new album deluxe edition includes 7 bonus tracks featuring the songs big picture, rooting for you, oh woman oh man MADART2LPLTD claim your download at wearevinyl.com . no mention of marble.
  2. hey! i will get these for you if you want? theyre £20 each (i think) and postage will be about £14. pm me.
  3. same for manc arndale
  4. i ordered childish gambino on the 12th and it came on the 14th in the UK. got it for £26 all in so im stoked.
  5. run the jewels 3 for £12 from UO. for this and another LP the p&p was £3.99, but it's no extra cost to collect from your nearest store. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/en-gb/shop/run-the-jewelsrt3?category=vinyl-cassettes&color=000 some more stuff in the sale https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/en-gb/vinyl-cassettes?page=2
  6. you just have to accept that current fall out boy are drastically different to the fall out boy we all grew up with, and accept and enjoy it for what it is. they're a straight up pop band now, if pop isn't your thing then you're probably not gonna like it. having said that, in my opinion this song is utter dog shit, no redeemable qualities whatsoever. the rest of the album will be much better though.
  7. has anybody from the uk bought stuff from the store and added them to your ROTM, if that's even possible? just wanna know how much it cost and if there were any customs fees
  8. bummer, i slept on this too
  9. some stuff gone
  10. i got a copy of the marble but i don't think i have been charged yet so i'm not sure what's going on with it
  11. bump
  12. bit negative in this thread. i think this is great, you're basically making a donation to a great cause and getting something pretty cool in return. i would for sure buy if i could get it in the uk but if it's a box set it'll be heavy
  13. just got a shipping notification for the deluxe from bella union
  14. that sounds like a case of that individual store charging you more than cost. ive shipped many times to the USA and standard international shipping for 1 lp costs £7-£8 (although its just gone up i believe) with royal mail (5-7 days delivery aim) and even less with other providers. i would have thought 1 football shirt, being light and maybe in a different parcel category would be cheaper. they were probably trying to encourage you to buy from the USA store. regardless, from my experience shipping from the UK to the US is much cheaper than from the US to the UK