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  1. Just had my first little one a couple weeks ago, so sending some good vibes for the health of mom, baby, and be process - the hobby comes down to paper and plastic, so enjoy your new human at the end of the day!
  2. Haven't seen this posted anywhere yet... definitely the cheapest it's been thus far. Star Wars - Ultimate Vinyl Collection // $86.33
  3. Royal Thunder's upcoming album "WICK" will be released on April 7th, 2017 via Spinefarm Records. Currently available on Coke Bottle Clear, Black?, and Blue. Listen to the first single here - April Showers Tracklisting: 1. Burning Tree 2. April Shower 3. Tied 4. We Slipped 5. The Sinking Chair 6. Plans 7. Anchor 8. WICK 9. Push 10. Turnaround 11. The Well 12. We Never Fell Asleep
  4. This. I manage a print shop and deal with many customers who have a lack of copyright knowledge on a daily basis. There is no way this can fly legally without permission, so for the sake of the musicians and artists who put their heart and souls into the visual aspect of albums, I hope this gets shut down.
  5. Back down to $9.99 again.
  6. Just got an email from Merchnow saying that Self-Titled has been slightly delayed, but should be arriving to their warehouse on Thursday, and shipped immediately after that.
  7. Ordered the record and added some Star Wars trading cards to get the price up to about $30, used the code AUGBDGIFT which takes $10 off your order, so with shipping to my house it came to $24.33. If you just want the record, I would suggest going that route and saving some money!
  8. Figured someone might be interested in this. Make an offer at $13 and they should accept it. Park - Building A Better _______
  9. I'm curious, what do you think you are quoting of what I said? My comments are more in regards to the need to feel to express your negativity towards an artist, not the legitimacy of you being able to judge something for yourself.
  10. I clearly never dared you to create something better. My comment towards you were based off of your misconception on an artist challenging people's intentions on why a listener would feel the need to go out of their way to tear down something they created, without having proper knowledge on how to judge a song or band with the example of their uneducated response. I think people's reactions over the internet are pretty uncalled for most of the time like that of yours, because I would assume that they wouldn't have the guts to approach the artist in person with their "comments" about whatever their beef is, hence hiding behind the veil of the internet. You now have the platform to be a dumbass without backing. All in all, it really is fine to have opinions in life. It makes us who we are right? But my problem is with unintelligible people who blurt out their opinions in a negative fashion, with hopes to rip on something created by another individual, especially one that you might seem to respect. Thrice hasn't done anything wrong in my eyes, and I can't wait for an entire album full of "radiorock crap." It's going to be so glorious, and probably a highlight for most in 2016.
  11. I didn't necessarily read it as being "butthurt," rather as a justifiable call out to people who have the audacity to hide behind the internet as a platform to give useless opinions. Real criticism to me comes from people who have actually created art through music and have put effort into putting knowledge behind how it is created, then expressing it with more intellectual thoughts other than "this song sucks, you guys suck." If it wasn't what you were hoping for, then oh well. I for one don't think bands owe anyone a single thing. I don't think Thrice owes me another Illusion Of Safety, and quite frankly, I don't desire another one. Everyone here will always have their favorite record from them, and I think that says a lot of their capabilities as artists - to give you something great you will always remember. By the looks of it, which I can tell others agree, this album seems like it's staying consistent in musical direction based off of their past growth from record to record, and that's what seems to be important: artistic growth, not stagnant crowd pleasing.
  12. Such a shame. I would define them as the exact opposite of everything you just listed, but hey, your opinion is your opinion. For me, this is the release I am looking forward to the most this year.