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  1. Grabbed a deluxe. PV is still in constant rotation at the house for my wife and I. Still need a copy on wax though.
  2. Some, not all. The cartoon stuff is a little gimmicky to me and most of us on here but if there is a market of buyers that likes that stuff then I don't see the problem in that. I just think in general VC gives Ross some harsh criticism that isn't really deserved in my eyes.
  3. I remember why I don't get on VC much anymore. "Have a different opinion than someone?! Well fuck you then!" If someone thinks an ETR release sounds good and someone else doesn't then all we've concluded is really nothing. All of my Harvard albums sound great.
  4. I've been in touch with Ross on this one and he said the band is on board and they are all getting compensated for this release. Even Tyson's family is receiving a check. A few members of the band posted about the release and seem to be pretty excited about it. We can all have our own opinions about Ross and the label but let's try and get our facts straight before we start assuming something.
  5. A little late to the party on this but my VIP variant wasn't the splatter unfortuntely. It came with the screen print and the orange haze they have for sale online. Ticket sellers said they ran out of the splatter. Bummer.
  6. I have a copy of OBPL send me a message
  7. Yeah tried waiting for the splatter for when I had some extra funds. If anyone has an extra hit me up.
  8. Yeah same here. I'd much rather have the full OST
  9. I think this will clear everything up for everybody. http://watertower-music.com/westworldvinyl/
  10. Got the fountain and finally ordered twin peaks. Haven't been ordering from mondo lately so it's nice to give them some of my money finally.
  11. Posting to remind myself to pick this up soon.
  12. Nikes "said she need a ring like Carmelo"
  13. New song is saaaweeet. Can't wait to put it on my table and have a grand ol' listen.
  14. Song is great. Def not "Absent Sounds" or "Able Bodies" great but looking forward to seeing how it fits within the album! Also, Joey is a musical genius. This is unrelated but him and Frank Ocean could make a stellar collab album.