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  1. The new Otto A Totland LP is now up on Sonic Pieces listed as "coming soon".
  2. Wolf Parade - Cry Cry Cry (10/6)

    According to Maria from the Wolf Parade Fansite the signed copies had been delayed a bit but should be shipping out this week.
  3. [PO Now!] Prawn - Run

    Very very excited for this. Prawn can do no wrong. It's become a bit unreasonable to buy records direct from TSR internationally unfortunately so I'll have to grab it off Amazon when it's released.
  4. Bummed at how hard this label crashed. Never ended up getting my copies of Formlessness Redux from them.
  5. PO: Alex G - Rocket

    God damn this is a good album.
  6. Record Store Day 2017

    First time in a few years that I didn't line up in the morning, got there around 3pm figuring I would grab a few non-RSD things to support my local shop except I couldn't get inside because it would've required walking through a band who they had playing at the front of the store, and through the crowd watching them. If anyone ends up grabbing an extra Hudson Mohawke/Watch Dogs 2 record I would be happy to take it off your hands.
  7. Ah maybe I had it mixed up by accident. That's good to know about the duty thing. I'll take the risk. Will grab the limited Com Truise and A Certain Distance (finally!!) shortly. So glad y'all repressed it. I followed it on Beat Delete for so long hoping it would reach the goal. Thanks as always!
  8. So Canadians are back to ordering from the International shop? I'm getting a "we do not ship to this location" when I try and check out from the US store. Any chance the Cassette will be added to the International store, in this case?
  9. Rozwell Kid is the best band. Period. This can't come soon enough.
  10. Damn I wish they'd been around when I ordered what was supposed to be the non-redux a couple months ago and ended up being sent the redux.
  11. PO: Alex G - Rocket

    I wish the shipping on random coloured cassettes to Canada wasn't $14 He played Bobby last time I saw him, the recorded version is so perfect.
  12. PO: Alex G - Rocket

    The best news! New tracks are so good (not that I was expecting anything else).
  13. PO: Los Campesinos! - Sick Scenes

    Has anyone compared a silk screen version of this to the standard issue? Either the silk screen is super subtle or they sent me a standard version.