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  1. In keeping with the trend i thought i would throw this out there.. trying to find a couple stragglers from RSD: If anyone's store has some left over or if any of you wonderful humans grabbed an extra copy of the below please PM! Trying to avoid eBay prices Thanks! Ryan Adams - Come Pick Me Up Lydia Loveless / Corey Branan - Prince Covers Lucero - Jukebox Series #3
  2. Miss out on Record Store Day? Still plenty available.

    Lydia Loveless / Cory Branan/ 7inch?
  3. I ended up with two copies of this beautiful record - would prefer to trade but open to any suggestions! Record is sealed. PM me offers / possible trades!
  4. WTB: Whiskeytown and Ryan Adams

    thanks for the heads up on the 3xLP - like i said, I know that most are easily available, but thought i'd try if anyone on here was trying to get rid of theirs first! Thanks for the response tho.
  5. WTB: Whiskeytown and Ryan Adams

    looking to complete my collection, I know I can find these on ebay but thought I'd try here first. PM if any you are willing to part with from your stash, especially: Whiskeytown - Strangers Almanac Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger and Love is Hell Ryan Adams and The Cardinals - Jacksonville City Nights <3
  6. WTB: The Menzingers Chamberlin Waits

    well no shit. i was sleeping on that one apparently. thanks for the heads up of them restocking!
  7. Been hooked on this album again all week and can't believe I don't have the LP. Please, PM me if you've got a copy you're willing to part with! <3
  8. already gone! late night "i have really exciting Friday nights" bump!
  9. Need to pay off my new bicycle - all records are in great shape, PM me for more information/pictures or offers. Thanks! <3 Between the Buried and Me - Colors, green The Black Keys - Tighten Up, Howlin' For You, RSD exclusive Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise, transparent blue Lifetime - Jersey's Best Dancers Landmines - S/T Man Overboard - s/t (sealed) Ringers - Detention Halls This Is Hell - Weight of the World, green This Is Hell - Black Mass (sealed) Touche Amore - Parting the Sea between Brightness and Me Transit - Listen and Forgive; orange burst