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  1. oh, is that the pressing size? hmm. might wait for it to get marked down. thanks for the info.
  2. regret not getting the first 2. had that santana in my cart but never pulled the trigger. so i'll probably buy this one, though it seems like demand will be less than for the others.
  3. looks like that yellow splatter is sold out
  4. I have some tapes and flexis from the ongoing series. always great packaging. this looks cool.
  5. vinyl is not for everyone.
  6. blast email received. looks good!
  7. The Men- Drift- Release Date 3/2

    They should have called the album "The Men's Rights Movement" and sparked some controversy. File under missed opportunities.
  8. The Here Lies Man lp was on my top ten of 2017 list and it is an under the radar sleeper gem that kicks ass. carry on.
  9. PO: ILSA - Corpse Fortress

    I think this makes 4 Relapse pre orders I have in right now. When they all arrive I'm going to have the local devil worshipping cult over for an orgy of narcotics, gore and gory narcotized sex.
  10. played about half the album on bandcamp. it's good, if you like their sort if thing. pop psych tunes with spaced out sounds, some jamming, some micro-tonal stuff ... i like it!
  11. one of each just now. pretty large pressings
  12. Melbourne is 16 hours ahead of NYC
  13. PO NOW: Lorde - Melodrama

    Well then, I'm furious with everyone on Earth for failing to alert me. I feel betrayed. No, just kidding.