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  1. I played all three records in a headphone listening marathon and my set was perfect. I brush cleaned and used an anti-static gun.
  2. PO: Jeff the Brotherhood Live Halloween 2015

    lol they should have called it the idiot variant - only an idiot would buy it.
  3. PO: Jeff the Brotherhood Live Halloween 2015

    splatter vinyl vairient of 15 is now up for sale for $150! Hell yeah, totally reasonable price. You can also now get the blue ray dvd for $10.
  4. so wait, what is the story with anyone/everyone getting to press a varient? i feel like i missed a page...
  5. The Beatles - The Christmas Records

    I've had a bootleg 12" LP on splatter vinyl of all of these since I was in high school. I grew up listening to them every xmas, so I have very fond memories of them. the ones from '66 & '67 get a little trippy, with skits and edits that are fun when you're stoned. obviously they were! the last one is sad because each Beatle did his own section, then they edited them together. i guess they couldn't stand eachother by the end, even to say merry xmas to the fans. only for the Beatle fan who already has everything else.
  6. i was enraged when i missed Susperia. I got the 3 LP Batman but nevertheless have been mopey all day. Maybe partying will help. Also, there should be a law against a band calling itself Dust Witch. I mean, damn, that's just a terrible name. I like the first song, but that name is a total dealbreaker.
  7. Released: February 2nd 2018 Ltd edition orange colour vinyl - exclusive alternate artwork sleeve, and printed PVC outer sleeve. Includes download code and bonus hand numbered screenprint (Ltd edition of 500) http://hookworms.dominomart.com/microshift-exclusive-limited-edition-coloured-vinyl
  8. yeah, the cover art is super meh, but I like the song A LOT.
  9. got the signed bundle. love that tote.
  10. Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    I didn't even know this existed until i was randomly poking around on Discogs. https://www.discogs.com/Tony-Levin-David-Torn-Alan-White-Levin-Torn-White/release/3625605 fusiony noise prog or proggry fusion noise
  11. I would like it but with shipping & tax it comes $99 for me, $115 from amazone. not ready to spend that much on another copy. oh well...
  12. PO: Jeff the Brotherhood Live Halloween 2015

    This record might be sold out (?) You can add copies to your cart but you can't check out. Or at least I can't. Maybe the dude is overwhelmed momentarily so he pulled the plug? IDK.
  13. You have a better shot with your post of this same question on the Hoffman Forums. Also, there is a specific thread for questions about records called "Does anyone have any info about this record" or something like that. Hopefully a moderator will move this thread there. Good luck finding the info you want. Also, pictures of the label and run out groove would be a huge help.
  14. http://shedhouserecords.com/jtb-pre-sale Random colored vinyl double LP described as "raw as fuck." $30 + shipping. First 75 copies include a Blue Ray of the show (may already be gone?) Also, there is a test pressing available. Contact them via email address at the link above. Rawk
  15. Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats - Vol. 1

    pre orders via rise above are live. x/100 friends & family is gone. 2 die hards and many other options still available. do 10 hits!