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  1. PO: Billy Corgan - OGILALA

    yeah but retail on a signed copy is $200. How long will flippers have to wait for this shit to go for $300 or $400? Pricing shit this high is one way to beat the scalpers - it may be worth 2 bills but it won't be worth 3 or 4 for a decade or more. just my opinion.
  2. Simulated Stereo

    are you talking about old mono recordings that have been "electronically re-channeled to simulate stereo?" I don't know the specific records you mention but my experience is that generally these records sound bad. Given a choice, I rather listen to it in mono.
  3. these are available for PO now. They also had a "warehouse find" of a handful of copies of the last pressing of Car Alarm on pink wax, now OOP, 10 left as of now. http://thrilljockey.com/products/car-alarm
  4. PO NOW: Beck "Colors" 10/13/2017

    LOL. that's 23 yrs ago. can't think of (m)any bands or artist still producing new material to rival their best & most creative stuff after that many years. not to mention that he set the bar pretty high for himself with those 90s albums.
  5. PO NOW: Beck "Colors" 10/13/2017

    looks like 23 copies of the dlx bundle with the limited pin etc. left. such a total 180 from Morning Phase.
  6. PO: Billy Corgan - OGILALA

    damn, really? nah. ok then i'll have to rob some kid's lemonade stand.
  7. PO: Billy Corgan - OGILALA

    will wait for the signed zuzu's bundle.
  8. i ordered one. looks nice. sounds to me like classic-era Superchunk, from the tunes on soundcloud. Good luck with it!
  9. wow i missed thee oh sees and this today despite the fact that i've had a computer within arm's reach since 5am. I hate you vinyl!
  10. Taylor Swift - 1989 2xLP

    taylor swift doesn't abide strangers touching her butt. at all! http://www.vulture.com/2017/08/taylor-swifts-best-comebacks-at-her-sexual-assault-trial.html
  11. yeah, i got the email, played some of the rip and bought it right away. pretty interesting. NOS mom's garage finds are always interesting.
  12. Primus-Desaturating Seven-9/29

    i'm super annoyed the /500 dlx signed jammy whammy sold out so fast. prolly grudgingly buy the splatter then ignore it.
  13. PO NOW: Beck "Colors" 10/13/2017

    he should really just do a normal vinyl pressing of the Information, single or double LP. that would be cool, Beck, if you're reading this thread LOL
  14. PO NOW: Beck "Colors" 10/13/2017

    it was around at original price for a L O N G time. now, forget it, heading to $500 in a few yrs I'm sure.
  15. PO NOW: Beck "Colors" 10/13/2017

    knowing Beck, the dlx may come with actual bells and whistles, so you can jam along. LOL.