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  1. Secret Santa 2K17!!!!

    awww @backpackoat thank you! would love to have you help out. same @daegor both of you...message me and well figure it out. thanks!
  2. Secret Santa 2K17!!!!

    It's a lot of being organized and tracking everything on spreadsheets mostly. Once people are signed up, I'll divide the list in 2 and whoever is helping will be responsible for the people in their group...making sure people are doing things when they need to be doing them and not missing deadlines, providing general troubleshooting and support if anyone has any issues, etc. It's pretty straightforward and easy, just can be a bit time consuming and tedious. But it's fun
  3. new tattoo appresh

    I got a bunch of new work recently and have been meaning to post for ages. got this un chien andalou lady head put on me last month by Russian artist Alexsey Tol while he was doing a guest spot in Brooklyn. also got this narwhal back in march and this emo Russian nesting lady also in march
  4. Secret Santa 2016 - The Unisex Edition

    yep. mikes sitting out this year I'm still going to be organizing it though...just trying to find someone else to help out with it. I just started a separate thread to get the ball rolling
  5. Secret Santa 2K17!!!!

    are people interested in doing secret santa again this year? mike (@controlthebleeding) is going to be sitting out this year, but I'm still down to organize again. would anyone else be interested in helping me out this year? it really is a two man job so would love the help once we get that sorted I will get the sign up going!
  6. 10" Record Recommendations

    10" seem to be the underdog format. A lot of people seem to hate them for unknown reasons. Idk. I'm a fan, clearly. My 10" collection, all highly recommended AFI ‎– All Hallow's E.P. (1999) Andrew McMahon - The Pop Underground EP (2013) Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - The Canyons EP (2016) As Friends Rust ‎– The Fists Of Time (1998) The Blood Brothers ‎– Rumors Laid Waste (2004) The Bouncing Souls - Complete Control Recording Sessions (2011) Cursive / Silver Scooter - A Crank! Split 10" (1998) The Early November - For All Of This (2002) The Early November - The Acoustic EP (2005) F.Y.P. / Chaniwa ‎– Let's All Go Sidewalk Surfin' (1999) Fall Out Boy ‎– Save Rock And Roll (2013) | 2 x 10" Forensics - You Don't Have To Win, But You Have To Fight (2010) The Format ‎– EP (2003) Fun. - Point & Light (2014) Gameface / Errortype: 11 - What's Up Bro? (2000) Golden City - s/t ep (2009) Hellogoodbye ‎– Hellogoodbye (2004) Hopesfall ‎– No Wings To Speak Of (2001) J Church ‎– The Precession Of Simulacra/The Map Preceeds The Territory (1995) The Loved Ones ‎– The Loved Ones (2005) Matchbook Romance / Motion City Soundtrack ‎– Matchbook Romance / Motion City Soundtrack (2004) Mayday Parade - Tales Told By Dead Friends (2006) MxPx ‎– On The Cover (1996) | 2 x 10" New Found Glory - From The Screen To Your Stereo (2002) Oslo Motherfuckers ‎– Greetings From The Big O (2002) Owel ‎– Every Good Boy (2015) No pictures available.Peace'd Out - s/t (2012) No pictures available.Pentimento - Inside The Sea (2013) Piebald - The Rock Revolution Will Not Be Televised (2000) Piebald ‎– Sometimes Friends Fight (1996) The Promise Ring ‎– Wood/Water (2002) | 2 x 10" Rancid - Let's Go (1994) | 2 x 10" No pictures available.Recover - Ceci N'Est Pas Recover (2002) The Refreshments ‎– Lo, Our Much Praised Yet Not Altogether Satisfactory Lady (1994) | 1st pressing River City High ‎– Forgets Their Manners (2000) Rocky Votolato ‎– Light and Sound EP (2003) Spread / Teen Idols - It Found A Voice... (1999) Squid The Whale - New War. (2011) The Starting Line - Make Yourself At Home (2001) The Starting Line - With Hopes of Starting Over... (2003) The Swellers - Running Out Of Places To Go (2012) Swingin' Utters ‎– Brazen Head EP (1999) Swingin' Utters ‎– The Sounds Wrong E.P. (1995) The Weeds - Roots/Routes (2013) The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Machine (2002) You Blew It! - You Blue It (2014)
  7. new tattoo appresh

    Awwwww thanks, boo
  8. PO Frenzal Rhomb - Hi-Vis High Tea

    So stoked for new Frenzal Rhomb, but $50 shipped to the states is a bummer (And yes, i acknowledge that us in the states usually have it easy and people overseas, especially in Australia usually pay up the butt for shipping)
  9. new tattoo appresh

    myles karr (who has done a bunch of my work) has been doing this rad crazy mashup dice roll game called The Most Dangerous Game...got to go see him and roll some dice a couple months ago and wound up with this crazy tiger nurse. first roll I got the tiger...second roll determines how to modify the design and I got a three-way mashup...next 2 rolls got me a traditional nurse and that bird with the sword and the worm. myles threw them all together and this is what happened haha. he is so weird I fucking love him. here's the video of the whole process and then like a month or so ago I impulsively decided to get this little PBR/Almost People tattoo...inspired by their song Eleventh Beer and decided upon after drinking about eleven beers that day haha
  10. new tattoo appresh

    aside from running secret santa I haven't been on VC much the past few months gonna do a group post of my most recent additions apparently I've been a pretty busy girl haha got some RCR lyrics back in sept then I went to my first Fest and of course couldn't leave without getting a stress face tattoo. went with a classic Milo. finally made it to my first Friday the 13th flash day (which was a total shit show) but totally worth the 13 hour wait to get my shadow puppet wolf
  11. ETR Superfans

    Are there really 500 people out there dying to add the Ace Ventura soundtrack to their CD collection?
  12. new tattoo appresh

    Hahahaha that cat is amazing! Hoping to get my own kitty piece done soon.
  13. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Awesome! Thank you so much!
  14. Trying to get that order in while on the subway was incredibly stressful