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  1. Record Store Day 2018

    Haha yep that's what I was referencing.
  2. Record Store Day 2018

    Same. Just when I think I'm out The National reel me back in.
  3. Mine arrived Friday from Amazon UK at the cheap preorder price. Great packaging and sounds amazing. Great work all round.
  4. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    Seems to be some very divided opinions on this one. Particularly for those who loved TWFM. Whereas those who felt disappointed by TWFM seem to see it as a return to form. Opinions eh? I'm just happy to have another good album from these guys.
  5. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    Excellent. Shipping to UK is very cheap from Barnes and noble.Fingers crossed.
  6. Fleet Foxes- Crack Up - Out June 16

    Cool. Got a link? Thanks.
  7. Fleet Foxes- Crack Up - Out June 16

    Yikes. Hope it shows up for you. I can wait this out to see what happens. If I don't get a signed copy I'll pick the album up when it's on discount instead :-)
  8. Vinyl Storage…We Need Your Help!

    Expedited/kallax style with a back to them so records can't be pushed too far back. Also a sliding front panel when not in use would be good.
  9. ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead reissues

    Happy to just get a reasonably priced new press of this. Hopefully there's a coloured version for Europe too though.
  10. Replacement mat for Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

    Get a cork mat. Pro-ject do one themselves. A lot less static and better sound are the benefits I noticed after making this change.
  11. Fleet Foxes- Crack Up - Out June 16

    So there might still be hope. The band posted this on Instagram: fleetfoxes If your order for a signed vinyl from Amazon was canceled, don't worry - we are making plans to sign more and get those orders fulfilled.