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  1. Sepultura-Roadrunner era boxet

    got mine yesterday. looks great, though the UV print titles of the albums on the front of the box is pretty tacky. the box has the side opening, so you can see the spines of all the albums, which i much prefer to the type of boxsets that need to be opened/sorted through to find the album you want/have those bullshit flimsy lids. the jackets/artwork are good quality, though the printed inner sleeves are sometimes lacking (the older albums only having black and white printing) but each lp comes in a poly lined black dust cover so you'd never need to use the printed inners anyway. it's hard to tell in that picture, and i didn't notice it the first time i looked, but there's a very slight green splatter on chaos ad and it rules. i've only listened to BTR so far, but the sound/pressing quality was very good, no pops, no warping whatsoever. even if these are done with a digital master from rhino, i'm fine with it. i understand roots is far too long for a single lp, but it will be getting the least amount of play of all of these albums, so it's not a big deal. for the price, this box is outta the ballpark.
  2. PO: Grails - Chalice Hymnal

    fuckin great news.
  3. Flenser Releases

    if you're referring to the ELHR presses, 1st press has mis-stamped center labels. sides b and c are switched (i think? i didn't get up to check for sure).
  4. PO Now: Alcest - Kodama

    better than anything on 'shelter' by a mile, but not as good as anything else from their past. will have to see how the rest of the album turns out, but likely won't be ordering it.
  5. love her, but she's gotta shave those legs.
  6. black vinyl it is. I imagine a whole lot of those deluxe versions on eBay come release date.
  7. I'm not even a big fan of agalloch, but this is far too awesome to have been posted on here, especially only to fall on deaf ears.
  8. ordered. thanks for the heads up, op.
  9. you'd be the best person to ask and correct me if I'm wrong here, but the original single lp pressings of TGST do not have suicide note part 1. missing that song is way more of a blow than sound quality any day. the big question should be: will this version of trendkill in the box set have all the album's tracks?
  10. yep. those prices. being canadian hurts real bad right now.
  11. just talked to adam, he said that my order, along with a few others, should NOT have gone through and only did so due to the site errors. he said he will honor my order however with one of the extras he had set aside for himself. really hope no one's order gets kiboshed.
  12. total clusterfuck. website was boned the entire time. managed to get an order in with the nebula though. adam is probably pissed.
  13. everything is located here: https://aceta.bandcamp.com due to the ludicrous amount of money vinyl costs plus the wait-times, we decided to put our new album out on cassette. this is the limited edition version: from our bandcamp page: "Pro-duplicated cassettes housed in a 5 1/2 x 5" two-tone screen-printed cardstock box with o-card style slip cover. This version also contains: lyrics, pin, crafted acorn, and pressed flower/plant-life. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies." hope some folks take a listen. all feedback is welcome. thanks.
  14. Flenser Releases

    ^ all the older cd versions have the same book.