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  1. Emin from Azerbaijan (Violet Cold) has cranked out a Trilogy, Sommermorgen: Innocence, Joy, and Nostalgia, which is up on bandcamp now. It's a progression /slight divergence in direction from his previous material. I hear no black metallish elements whatsoever until the end of III with just a little blasteating going on. Happened to listen backwards, III, II, then I -- then in proper order. FFO lots of reverb, delay, major chords and uplifting mood, some ambient postrock like earrly Hammock in the first two, chirping birds, etc. with occasional bursts -- and then by III we're getting some more intensity. Just a great listen all the way through while doing paperwork. I don't know if I'd be requesting vinyl, but I know I will continue to visit III. (I'd buy a tape to go with my Magic Night cassette *cough, cough*) I guess that's why I posted. Didn't picture him going in this direction, and while not epic/game-changing, etc. the world seems to a better place with this release. Violet Cold Trilogy
  2. D'oh, thanks, moving it over... but at least you quoted it here so some neoclassical leaning postrockers can sample some more traditional sounding material.
  3. I went sleeve - I agree with you the album has a lot going on more than few listens can appreciate. It gives me a Mono intense feel during the peak of their neoclassical run. I'm not sure it's going to overtake Canopy though.
  4. Flipping records is a morally neutral proposition (though I know the vast majority here don't "like" it, including myself). The flipper does incur some risk. However, the idea of buying something you have no intent of listening to/or liking, and true fans miss out by a few minutes, ending up with the decision to pay multiples or go without, just has never set well with my conscience. And I know people lurk here for information to make their bets. I have bought a spare copy at times for fellow collectors (sometimes getting stuck with a spare), and also have bought things I ended up not liking and selling preferentially to people I know truly missed out and will not flip. But to actually post here on a largely hobbyist site with a boastful spirit about flipping... you have to expect some flack (seems like ben has an asbestos suit) and speculations of greed and small penis syndrome.
  5. Just an FYI the /50 sleeve edition was $59ppd and /50 Book version was $115 + shipping, thinking close to $150ppd
  6. Ordering was right sketchy at first, system overwhelmed and wouldn't allow checkout -- but now working fine and it looks like of the big book /50 still says 4 left (showing that way for 30 minutes) and /50 without the heavy book, just 2 left. A1KA got the /150 for $30 for US peeps. edit: spelling autocorrect and now both sold out
  7. Unintended puns are the best kind (-:
  8. From: Jill from Rough Trade <[email protected] [Add to Address Book] To: [email protected] Subject: Re: Re: Hi, I wanted to check on the status of an order (have the confirmat... Date: May 8, 2018 10:57 AM Hi Don, Apologies for the delay, I've been on vacation. We do have the order in the system, there's just a slight delay in shipping out as we're waiting for this record to arrive from the UK. Thanks and best, Jill -- Jill from Rough Trade Powered by Intercom
  9. Same. I saved the email with my order number, since it doesn't show up in My Accounts on the site. Shot them an email, and they did respond a couple of times saying that they have the order #, but no clue why not showing up in my account. I love her voice. But I would not have bought it without the positive experiences from EEM and Grandfeathered. I'm sure I'll spin it, and my wife will totally be thrown for a loop since it is neither weird (postrock, Sigur Ros) loud/noisey (postmetal, shoegaze)
  10. You might like tesa tesa bandcamp
  11. I still look forward to both Talons albums, and like Owen said, New Topographics has aged very well. (I've been tempted with Topshelf has holiday discounts to roll the dice on another black copy) Derek, I'm thinking since I was able to find the Euro /100 Black Hollow Realms for cheap, and then waited out the initial run on New Topographics for the /100, that there are going to be a decent number of Holy Roar subscribers who are not going to be into this. I'm going to wait to hear the whole thing, and then see what shows up of the /200. I'm in the GFRC and usually end up selling 5 or 6 of the 10 releases to break even on my sub to get those limited versions. I'm going to try and be patient... edit: I keep forgetting to mention the Commemorations compilation of singles on CD by BSM, not on vinyl; earlier material like the split with ASIWYFA is energetic and mathy and then towards the end of the compilation the songs start sounding like the current Talons, esp the track Trevelyan.
  12. We live about 90 min out of Richmond, went to school there, you'll get to see Shy, Low alot - they play Strange Matter, The Camel, Capital Alehouse, etc etc Just saw Gregg a couple weeks ago at the Rosetta show at SM. Great guys who have improved their musical skills since I've been following them, and Matt (Dave Grohl) has known them long before me when he was photographing - he has some cool shots of them in high school or middle school LOL Toundra came later so they sound like other bands, not vice versa jeje, j/k. not really. I'm an old prog guy, so when they went partially prog with IV, it really didn't hit my tickle spot, like I, II and III did. III>II>I I guess they get compared to Russian Circles more than any other post metal group, but just not at that level, pretty basic instrumental rock/metal and some decent riffs. Also a group that have become better musicians and song-writers with each album, even though IV wasn't my cuppa. I think that Kitsune theme has just been done to death, can we move on now. Like maybe Hiraeth ? ... which is a GREAT album from Shy, Low.
  13. Talons new track The Drowning is up and preorders for their 3rd: We All Know First pass through I like the urgency/intensity of the music with a short break in there. I hope it's not the best track on the album, but if more of the same, I'd be happy. Haven't checked the PO prices yet, but last album, bummed about the Black variants have as much surface noise as the Haze limited (which I gladly waited on and got for cheap, basically a collector piece). Evan, no screechy violins on The Drowning Talons: We All Know