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  1. Bump for a great dude - buy without hesitation! Glad you're still alive and kickin'
  2. I got the email last week and just getting some time to check it. Looks like AB has been working OT behind the scenes, as prolific as ever. Wow, a live improv. It seems like musical geniuses hit a certain point in their career where the real 'thrill' or 'challenge' is recording something totally improptu. In the digital age maybe a bit less risky than days of my youth, but still, I have to say the track they posted is very promising.
  3. Thanks for posting this. Dude is seriously talented!
  4. What a great dreamgaze track to go with those old super 8's ? early camcorder! We had our home movies converted to VHS about 20 years ago, and the guy that did it picked the background music....which is OK. Then a few years ago we converted the VHS to DVD and uploaded some to You Tube. My younger brother posted a bunch of clips on FB with a huge response. The hair, the various reactions of the kids to the not-so-common recorder (from hambone to 'go away), talking to the camera though there is no sound, it must be super 8 for the night shots. If you've never experienced the blinding spotlight first hand, and the after-images, you haven't lived. The obligatory tush footage, too, ah yes. I'm thinking a little mid-to later 80s, but pretty close @abovetheearth Love the music, going to check out some more. edit....heh Secret Shine fans: Northern Tranmissions is streaming their latest. There Is Only Now - Secret Shine // Saint Marie Records
  5. always great working with you, too Ryan!
  6. My $5 CS is on the way vs. the Pink vinyl. Find myself going more for LP vinyl vs. EP's that I have to get up and turn over after 2 or 3 tracks. But I may end up caving and getting this on vinyl and the others from No Idea. Really really enjoying Kindling.
  7. The rare coin market (in the low to mid tiers, ~$100 to $500 coins) is about this competitive and fast as well. I wondered how people did it, keeping their smartphones with them on alert 24/7, checking every beep (before I even had a smart phone). Addicted like crack or something, to get that score, especially under-priced coins by dealers who didn't know the niche market like the avid fans or flippers.
  8. Never heard of that "game" sorry I don't hear GIAA (early, middle or recent) either, more like... Cathedral Ring??
  9. Black vinyl. No F5 craziness. Great pressings, great label. May be able to shave a bit off with a single purchase from Amazon or Bullmoose. But there's always some ASMZ albums i need... to make the shipping cost worthwhile. And then I end up trading them for something and orderingreplacements again haha. Nice to be able to pick this up at leisure, and agreed re: the track released - love it. Need to hear some more of the Astralia... Gumbo, the days of a truly novel riff in music - unless in the wildly experimental anarchy - are long gone. Every band has used the chord progression in Sober at least once, and Tool ripped it as well. So we get it, OK? You're an encyclopedia, or thesaurus, of riffage.