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  1. My BoS: dogs TP just sold, so I'm super liquid on funds, ready to PP anytime, now feeling much better about picking these up!! and actually spinning them. If Meniscus ever did Absence of I, they'd have to cut out the 9 or 10 minutes of silence with occasional fly buzzing noises
  2. If it will help the group and not land in the Bermuda Triangle of shipping cost insanity, then put me down for a Purple Refractions and a War Of Currents - though 23 euro for short LP, really? 100% to support the band, that's it. I already have all the signed CDs. War took a less metal/prog/math direction than their killer debut Absence of I, but still a very good listen in its own tame postrock rights. More of a grower for me. Refractions was definitely worth the wait and quite rewarding to see how much of a positive response has Meniscus received for it. Love Alison's bass lines. Also, it seems like if you're talking to the man about a "volume deal," then that postage calculator or album cost are a ceiling vs a purchase price. Otherwise, it's just a "big order" and a pain (thank you whoever is doing the US distribution) for the point man.
  3. I messaged Wes on twitter re: if they were thinking DIY like Rosetta vs. label since Mayfly is now defunct; and that I back you and Austin hard re: any physical release. I honestly don't know how any of the business/contract stuff works, but I know MOMR does quality product and with a personal touch --- heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears.
  4. Wes and Nick are great guys, and only an hour away. Love all their songs on the EPs -- can still put on repeat and never get tired - and this LP really opens them up a bit more. Highly recommend checking them out! I think they finally found a regular bassist as well. Tons of energy live. Since MayFly is no more they were talking to other labels vs. DIY'ing it all the way.
  5. LOL re: your question, I never had any issues with Peregrine. I still listen to the singleLP vs 2xLP 180gm - granted the latter does sound a bit better, but also my set up and ancient ears are factored in. I know some of my old 70's Prog seemed quite long for single LPs and no issues with sound that I can recall. But I don't know if 56 min long. 30 minutes a side was the limit once upon a time, in never never land.
  6. All good, mate. Every one of us has been there haha
  7. Gonna need some pics for this! Have owned three copies, trying to get a decent jacket but the quality of materials was so poor. Vinyl does sound fine, but all mine were 2xLP. PS In for Clear
  8. Yes, 5 mil non-yellowing from Sleeve City. Help the jackets slide in and out so easily, a bit slippery and sharp edges, but they're tough. I immediately wet clean and then into a Diskeeper or Mofi type inner sleeve and just stick the original in the jacket. I keep the vinyl outside the jacket like when shipping. Easy access and less 'ringwear' risk
  9. Our friend Lars in DK is looking to sell his screenprint /50 Orange. If you are interested, shoot me a PM for his address.
  10. Stop Torturing Yourself Lathe PM sent
  11. I've paid more, much more for records. It's about the love of the music first for me, then the medium, the art, the band, the nostalgia/associations, etc. (not necessarily in that order after the music). There is also a good bit of drama and not so infrequent butthurt that seems to envelope the indie music world and vinyl hobbyists. Again, not ugly, I sincerely hope Jorge can pull this off, as he is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable collectors/purveyors of this genre, who wants to see a great band get their music onto vinyl.