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  1. Credit to jonrawks, who posted this on the cassette forum. Fans of post-BM style music (DFHVN, Alcest, WITTR, etc.) but are put off by the screeching demonic vocals, AND....has quite a bit of quiet piano interludes between the blast beats, should find this instrumental solo project from Azerbaijan worth a shot Violet Cold - Magic Night I picked up a tape - along with a D&D from the Sheath on Thursday, as a true Caspian and Sheath fan
  2. PM'ed you
  3. I don't know how this guy has flown under my radar, but knew he had to be out there somewhere. What a great release if you like the quiet piano interludes in between the instrumental postBM style - I think the postrockers who bristle at the screeching vocals of DFHVN, Alcest (occasional) or the uberclean vocals of Astronoid might really get into this. Thanks Jonathan! (you should post on the PostRock EEM megathread). Going to link up for my oldest son and daughter, who plays piano and does covers of everything, even WITTR.
  4. Caspian's Dust & Disquiet got the cassette treatment. They were not on the merch table when I saw them end of October last year. /75 Opaque Black and Silver /125 Translucent White and Black Swirl $8.99 ea or $14.99 for both flavors Caspian; Dust And Disquiet at The Mylene Sheath
  5. ^^^ thepunk guy turned me into a Causa Sui and Papir fan. Thought I'd had my fill of Psych growing up in the 70's, but this is great stuff
  6. Got my HANL - Voids tape in the mail today. Looks like a nice reissue. Going to give it a listen tonight or tomorrow! got Gold! edit: sounds very good, esp side 1, glad they reissued this.
  7. Thanks! Bullmoose points 1/2 off: $11.98ppd
  8. Agreed, Gumbo, A Vivid Memory on Black vinyl sounds absolutely perfect -- and (I repeat myself) I spin it more than Equanimity, also a stellar album in its own right. Sold my Purple /200 of AVM and kept the Black. Haven't pulled the trigger on the new one yet on vinyl. Might take 10 listens like Nuit Noire.
  9. Thanks it helped getting started a few years ago, and Matt and Armine have become friends over the years. Matt grew up as a kid where I live now, so first time I ordered a shirt online, he saw my address and things took off from there. I only have a few Test Presses of theirs, not really trying too hard for those anymore -just too many haha. Thanks again re: this ISIStheband possibility...!
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