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  1. Another label dying a slow, painful death. These 'special editions' and represses into oblivion combined with a dearth of new bands/fresh material. Brent has said as such on social media. The move from Virginia to California didn't help either.
  2. Godspeed are going to be in DC in March, so making plans for a Yndi drive, too, wherever is closest
  3. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    Love VIS / hate 7's so have to pass
  4. Really great prices here, sweet deals, y'all need to jump on these!
  5. I've gotten a little behind again. This thread is essential.
  6. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    So far, ice cold showers at 12:45 pm are working to hold my ground, but it's been really tough yesterday and today!
  7. Discogs, and at home Excel spreadsheet for date ordered, arrived, price and shipping cost, and any sold get moved down to the bottom. Also a Word document for orders outstanding, and another document for where my stuff is on the shelves or in the crypt lol.
  8. Mono have logged in significant touring mileage throughout their career, amazing they have held up for so long without burning out. Hopefully, Takada is ok health-wise and Mono can surely find a replacement if the remaining three want to keep it going. They really should take a break for a couple of years, do some more solo stuff if they want, rest up and regroup regarding their direction of sound. Last time I saw them they were loud as ever, but seemed not as into as the first time, but it was toward the end of a six or seven month world tour iirc. The Wess Meets West song is fantastic - ready for more from them! Saw the link on IG yesterday but couldn't get to it so thanks for the linkage here. In case it wasn't mentioned, Te' released a 5 song EP earlier this year, no vinyl, but still excellent as always. Hard to search because of the accent mark on the e, and even then searches don't always catch it. Where toe are jazzy, and LITE are light (or medium), Vasudeva, Enemies, etc. are noodly, and Giraffes!? are mathy, Te' bring a harder rock (gain on the guitars) in their instrumental music. Driving energy with nice riffs, linear, not circular music, and they never really cross into a metal sound imo. If you like their former material, check them out. The album is called "Kai." Kai Reddit has a nice postrock release list by month for 2017 for those into making lists and checking missed material (of which there is a goodly amount not mentioned here) Postrock albums of 2017 as of December 9
  9. WTB Old Say Anything shirt!!!

    Make sure you put an ebay autosearch for one. Took me 5 years to find a Mogwai shirt, but one finally surfaced, after just missing one by 30 days (searching old auctions - goes back 90 days, sometimes things don't sell and you can message the seller if they still have it). Good luck. The thrill is in the chase!! edit: There's a silkscreen poster on ebaY now with that design.
  10. Latitudes and Glaciers - 2 great bands! Way overdue for Glaciers. I still like Agonist the best of all Latitudes but Old Sunshine was proggy good!
  11. TL? Pelagic. A1KA distros Pelagic now. This post was before they announced stateside pressing. They used War for QE, and he didn't do a bad job getting them out. Armine has been too busy with touring to give out much information on the vinyl.