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  1. This is up now. The Death Of Our Invention /150 Red is the limited. Black is also available. Looks like there are represses of Without The World, Dear And Unfamiliar, and Winter Lady -- all on Silver and 18 Euros each as well. Represses in Silver also out in 2 to 3 weeks
  2. This is a great recommendation @ethereal Had not heard his music before. 2 to 3 min tracks, all are different except the one (mostly) constant of his reverb-drenched breathy vocals, sometimes up front and sometimes buried. Some wall of noise like Astrobrite, some quiet (like the opener and then be ready for the 2nd track), some with guitar melodies that lead the song, some upbeat, some kind of downer like HANL, and some with a mixture of all the above. If you like noisegaze, I think you'll dig what this guy is experimenting with. 12 tracks definitely worth the time!
  3. A Place To Bury Strangers- Pinned

    Did you listen to Exploding Head and their S/T, or just Worship (the latter is just avg. to me, whereas their first two are probably my favorites in the noisegaze, besides Scott Cortez's projects. Maybe most accessible and alternative radio-possible)
  4. New listings-20 percent off

    You always have great stuff for great prices
  5. It's a staple for sure. Does the OG haze variant have the grit that so many seem to? (like 90% of my haze copies - can remember 2 or 3 that arrived clean) I've just never chased this down on vinyl, so a repress is welcome. Still waiting for the Rosetta TGS RP
  6. Athletics - BFRSD

    strong work, I missed the tweet!
  7. Liz & Emily Haines are my guilty pleasures. I have to get something, probably the tapes. AMEX is going to be very happy next month with all the vinyl and cassette charges racking up the past month, and I'm saying 'no' to lots of things I'd normally be caving on :/
  8. WTB: Collections of Contemporary/Modern Records

    What genre(s) are you looking for? Postrock, hardcore, pop-punk, metal? Or throw out a few bands you like -might help get some nibbles. Check my discogs collection in my signature line.
  9. Yes, the US and UK Glitters sold out quickly (I got one from Stickfigure distro for $22) and before tears could hit the ground, voila! a "2nd press" was put right up. Forget how long it lasted, not very long, and then again, a "3rd press" was already in stock. My glitter sounded fine, too - another board member wanted one badly so I traded him his Psych Tiger and a first round draft pick for my Glitter copy.
  10. Never stumbled across him. Thanks for the rec! Satellite was my favourite track, too. He sounds like Flyying Colours (another Australian shoegaze bendy band) melodies meets Scott Cortez/Astrobrite jet engine noise. Nice combo. Not active since 2014?
  11. oof brother, it was quite a ride when it dropped.
  12. Grayceon has been posting on FB that after a 5 year hiatus, they are releasing a new full length this year. Well, today is the day, for all 5 other members here who care Translations Loss is doing the vinyl, $19.99 for the /250 wax -- and only $3.63 shipping for USA residents Translations Loss Link for PO New Track: Scorpion GRAYCEON - IV LP *PREORDER $19.99 *This is a Preorder, as the release does not come out until May 18th, 2018. We will ship these as soon as they are in hand. If you order anything else with this preorder, your entire order will be held until everything is ready to ship. This limited to 250 copies edition is pressed on a stunning "Milky Clear with heavy Purple, Magenta and Metallic Silver Splatter" ALL LPs come with a download slip for the entire record and are housed in heavy 350 gsm weight stock! Jackets and inserts come printed on an Uncoated Stock! Consisting of members of Giant Squid, Squalus, and Amber Asylum, San Francisco’s GRAYCEON return after a five year hiatus and present their fourth full length record and Translation Loss debut simply entitled “IV”! Recorded by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker), “IV” embodies eight songs of prog-filled metal and presents the band at their most potent, beautiful and vulnerable.