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  1. Quietly released today; streaming this week for those who didn't listen to the leak DMST: Stubborn Persistent Illusions Two times through I find the first 3 tracks OK, but the last half more engaging. That will probably change in a few months lol.
  2. I think you want to follow this thread: Downward Is Heavenward Seems like Matt rejected the first TPs 2 years ago or more now, and got in the 2nd batch which he implied were acceptable. Then they did some shows, and then nothing on IG since. And wisely, no one bumped the thread linked above, which is being followed by 18 people, and I'm sure lurkers abound. I would bet he is just getting up the mental strength to do finish this major PITA. No telling how many more beers it will take.
  3. Anyone on here catching the 2nd leg of Wildhoney's tour? They had mentioned hawking a new tour cassette - if anyone is going to a show and is feeling like doing a good deed, I'd be happy to prepay and tip ya
  4. Quickest way is to your local brick and mortar shop. For the most $ return, if they are truly better pressings, sell here: Discogs One by one. Not gonna happen here friend (I'm 54, and prob the oldest here, those were my heydays, but got burned out on most classic rock, but not old prog)
  5. Aidan Baker: The Silent World /30 Cassette - almost gone Posted on the AB/Nadja thread as well
  6. Only 2 of 30 left for cassette people, ltd to one per customer. Just went up yesterday and I didn't have time to post... Aidan Baker: The Silent World /30 Dark Green Cassette