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  1. Got mine this week, too. Airiel can do no wrong. I was late to the party, so it wasn't like the 8 years waiting for Jakob to follow up Solace.
  2. Andy Othling is awesome, amazingly talented, and introduced to me by @abovetheearth If he were playing a house show for only $20 within 3 to 4 hrs I would go in a heartbeat
  3. No way. You and Evan had to conspire about Mumrunner at Dunk, because HE discovered them and bought both the EPs, what, last year sometime, Evan? I had to give him a hard time about it, because they are Shoegaze/Nugaze, not postrock, Muse or Deftones They are awesome and very affordable with shipping. I'm curious how you guys found them, I can't bandcamp right now, do they have a postrock tag or something??? The last few years I've been buying vinyl at like 1:1 or 2:1 -- Shoegaze: Postrock/everything else. Have a good amount of digital postrock that I like, but space and time are limited to what I'm really going to play and pass down vs. collect dust.
  4. I could definitely use a whole album full of that!
  5. Awesome, I knew those shirts and CDs found a good home, and I'm sure you made Trish's day. Hopefully she signed it in red lipstick or something Forbsie tried to get ERR to put a SWAK on my Kitsune album jacket she signed way back when, but she wasn't wearing black lipstick that night, haha.
  6. LOVE the EP, but need to hear all of this one first, and if it tickles the ears, will get whatever color is left (had a chance at the clear yesterday but passed for hopefully a fan girl and not a flipster)
  7. WTB: Caspian - Tertia 1st Press

    Top ten favorite albums of all time for me. I had all but the Trans Maroon (a true White Whale), which is supposedly /150 in the black hole of European collectors. I had this on the discogs watch list for 5 years until 2 were sold privately for triple digits $$$. That was when there max 8 listed. Now I see there are 15 supposed owners on discogs. Sold all mine except one to a collector who has complete Caspian everything. Saved the Black /100 as the rest supposedly sound like balls, esp the Pilsner Haze, for collecting only. They need to re-record it with the same set up as YATC as it sounds so muddy in places. Phil has considered it for ?10 year anniversary at one time. Good luck. The thrill is in the chase and $45 for the Euro Cream is a great price. (I have a set of coasters from Joel and Lindsay -- made from Cream copies that were apparently rejects or extras one LP only) Good luck.
  8. Cassette storage

    The 100 space wall mounts were tempting, but my wife would have nothing of them, so I went for the 1980's style cabinets. Instead of the faux wood color, I waited for some Black units to show up at the thrift store. I have another one ready when these are full - which is pretty close. (This discgear CD holder is for my 'mixtape' CDs I burn)
  9. I was a bit more kind on this and TPOS in the Instagram group, but yeah pretty much Godspeed, Bosses Hang... been waiting for years to have something like this from them again.
  10. @Stress On The Sky Thank you, sir, I had no idea this was in the works!! This would be a box set worthy of the $$ for just a collectible as much as I love their music, and I have never probed around much for the Solipsistic music; had it on my wantlist at discogs for about 4 years before giving up. I still have all three 1st press WSWS and play the 2nd press /100 Gold (when nobody is home, I just have to crank this music - its all-on, going to war cadences are incredible) Fingers crossed for first /100, please keep us updated
  11. Set and Setting are tremendous live. They never pass up Richmond when touring the East Coast. The Kokomo/Terraformer split is great, esp the first two tracks. They just seem more suited to live than vinyl, which of course will never happen. Somehow I missed "Red Sky Morning" by Ghost Of Sailors At Sea from April 2017 (did the split with Cavallo, which honestly, I am meh on both bands' tracks. Well, disappointed as Cavallo's prior tracks to that split are all excellent) I wasn't expecting much, but after 2 listens through, I've been in this business long enough to know I'm going to end up caving on vinyl down the road sometime. I don't know how many here will be into it - but it shares elements of bands like Giraffes?Giraffes! Te', and LITE (the guitar work back and forth) and akin to Enemies, Vasudeva, etc - more mathy and rock elements than noodling or jazz. Red Sky Morning
  12. Kindling has a new LP in November "Hush" - first track released Destroy Yrself just knocks it out of the park again - no earbuds, just iPhone as Barracuda filter here at work. This band is on fire! Kindling: Hush New Generation EP in February 2017, and last August 2016- Everywhere Else LP and split with Kestrels this year as well. Also, Iris S/T (reformed, new vocalist, bass and drummer) EP is getting wax treatment and will go up Friday at Backpack Records, where their cassettes were released, and also a UK label I'm not familiar with: Dog Knights Productions Looks like it's already up: Iris: Iris EP - 13 Euro Really kicking myself for passing on Slowdive this year. 4 hr drive one way, mid week, work was crazy. Maybe will be able to catch Ride, fingers crossed. edit: links added above now I'm home, and I forgot the new 93millionmilesfromthesun EP. The 15 minute track is by far my favorite Victory Is Ours EP
  13. Everything must go

    Nice collection, PM sent edit: someone buy that SJ5 Box set, kicked myself every day for not ordering from Timo when he pressed it!
  14. Malabar Front's outro riff -- repeated just enough times without saying 'enough already' -- is what makes it. Although I never saw Daturah live, I cannot imagine Vertex not being a contender for me. TWDY -- Burial On The Presidio Banks reduced me to water when the final push kicked in, as did Mono's Ashes In The Snow. Sigur Ros ( ) 8 would show up on a lot of people's list who have seen them live, and probably the first song to do that to me in a long, long time back when getting back into music. One more, sorry to derail as "Most Intense" as I'm thinking of 5 or 6 more, yet to see live is Yndi Halda. Illuminate My Heart... when it cranks up, is right devastating