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  1. Cloudkicker and Toe are in my discogs link. Ended up selling Owel, Vis and Vasudeva to a dude who was late to the ITC game.
  2. Monster Movie: Keep The Voices Distant LP GFRC #25/250 Handpour -- sound quality is very good. Closeness: Personality Therapy also a very good sounding piece of wax (nice album, kind of electronic-pop stuff I might put on if company was visiting vs. Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Year Of No Light or Nadja jeje)
  3. Max, yes, I'll post a photo of the Monster Movie, too later this weekend. Pretty cool pour as well. Getting ready to clean/listen to both re: sound quality. I've been really fortunate with these handpours. Who knows, maybe the Closeness will blow my socks off? Offer still up for now... The BMJ colorway is surprisingly fugly, puke-poop brown and blue half:half Been lucky on the half and halfs, too re: sound quality. No 7" yet, but RG put a note in there in addition to the social media alerts that UPC mucked the order and not everyone is getting the full boat right away. Who cares what they sound like @Monastic_mike ? lol (thanks Schlebs)
  4. Pretty cool pour on Closeness: Personal Therapy GFRC #112/250. Teaser track is intriguing, but not sure it's something I will spin regularly. Comes with d/l code. PM for low low price...
  5. Aw man, last summer I thinned the herd for a board member/friend who wanted lowest price everything I had, about $200 worth iirc. I kept all TEOTB and AIV, AIB, and the rest just a listening copy, because as you know these 1st press bad boys get pricey. I know I have 2 Origins and only need one -- but I think I'm buried in them price wise -- have to look them up. You do know about the represses, too, right? I can't check their site at work due to filter, but I picked up some represses to play, that weren't too bad. PM me what you are interested in.
  6. 2 of the 4 tracks I really like, the other 2 aren't bad, but I end up just listening to one side. "You bring the sandwiches; I'll bring the neediness." Great emo verse!
  7. i'm sorry man, you just don't get it. Like I don't get Quantum Physics. Never will. No more wasted keystrokes. But I came here to enlighten you further on old news... Barrows: Imprecari Island >> Red Giant You should lookup their 12 minute song Pirates from Imprecari Island on youtube. Right up your alley. They must like 15 years old playing in a basement. You'll wet yourself.
  8. YPOFH: ST I had all 4 colors of the double CD book and gave one to my daughter, so now I have 3. The Red jacket artwork inside is a little different. It is the **perfect** emo album, maybe tie with Athletics: WYAINE 8 tracks, 8 minutes long each, and emo in the best sort of way. I like that their vocals aren't super polished and the cello dude is fantastic. It was their postrock elements on Tiny Town that got me into them. My daughter wanted them to come to the US and play at her graduation party lol, which I emailed them, and they were not in the States. I think they've been on hiatus with marriages/kids and stuff the past 4 years. The 10" is great, I have a spare copy, but getting it to Germany isn't worth it
  9. PVC is great for plumbing, but horrible for vinyl records. I know of no cure. At least on coins, it forms a green slime, that you can remove with an acetone bath, if it hasn't been on there too long to cause corrosion. For kicks, I tried acetone on a common record that is difficult to find un-slimed because of the PVC jacket. It was not pretty. Cut the vinyl off and saved the center label for a coaster.
  10. Superheaven splatter now gone If there ever was a time to check out some postrock/postmetal, this is it, priced to sell Every home should have at least one copy of Ausserwelt and any BoS album. They are all so different I can't tell it's the same band, but incredible. I'm just getting out of the variant chasing for some groups... Can't keep them all. My home to yours.
  11. That's a great list ^ + 2x10" by TheeSMZ: Born Into Trouble... on Constellation, which i keep buying and trading and buying and trading. Here's my 10" recommendations from my Discogs collection
  12. I did, and definitely take your rec's seriously, just feel sometimes like I post too much here. Don't want to go Gumbo on shoegaze lol. Still warming up to the new Secret Shine album .... Absolutely agree on Darla, love them, their prices and customer service!! Sometimes he runs 15-25% off discounts, usually when I'm tapped. But see jrodan above, Darla records distributes all their stuff and often for less and shipping prices are great.
  13. Saint Marie ought to have its own dedicated thread. Announced today... Secret Shine "Singles" /250 Black /750 color: 8 tracks: the 5 brilliant from "Greater Than..." + the 3 from "Loveblind" / won't be out until June though. By pressing it this way, the pure collectors don't have to worry about their OG 10" GTG value from a competing a 10" RP, and those who want to hear these on vinyl for $15.99 (+ 3 more songs) vs. $75 are happy. Who knows, though, maybe demand for the OG GTG will drop? Every band, every release seems to have its own supply:demand dynamics when it comes to represses.