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  1. Revisited and found listings for some Television Personalities represses. Not sure if that's been mentioned already but that's exciting news.
  2. What's the source on this/can you link me? If this is true I might actually faint.
  3. This release has always intrigued me and now I can finally say I own it.
  4. I'll never forget growing up, my dad would do most of the driving but sometimes when he was away my mom would drive. One time she showed me her secret stash of Prince CDs. She said "Your dad doesn't care for Prince much but when he's away we can listen to him all we want". So it became a tradition that whenever we'd go somewhere we played her Prince CDs. That left a lasting impression on myself and my taste in music. I tell her she created a monster but I thank her all the time for introducing me to him. This is super heart breaking. RIP to a legend.
  5. If anyone got a Lush boxset they don't want, I'm your guy. My store sold out in like 30 seconds.
  6. If anyone got an extra of this, I'll pay retail plus shipping. My store sold out in like 30 seconds.
  7. Transparent red vinyl. Shrinkwrapped with full printed jacket, custom inner sleeve, and labels. Comes with stickers. Ships April 16th. Preorders made between April 8th-10th will be entered to win 1 of 6 test pressings (anyone can win, including international). Limited to only 300 copies!
  8. I would totally grab this if I didn't already have the yellow/blue variant. If they do a colored vinyl variant of Skeletal Lamping I'm 5000% in.
  9. Don't know if I already posted this but wouldn't it be cool? I did all the editing on my phone so sorry for the lack of quality.
  10. This thread never disappoints
  11. I finally listened to this on vinyl tonight and it does seem a lot longer than when I listened to it digitally. I love all the songs (except for the closing track, it seems really lazy) but I feel like they could have released an LP and then an EP next year to break it up a little. It could have been a nice surprise and kept money coming in. Just my opinion. Love DIIV nonetheless and I'm still excited about this record.
  12. I have to update this. A few pages back I mentioned that I bought a 12" blue original press copy of Tera Melos' Drugs To The Dear Youth EP for $80 but I have spent more since then. About a month after BFRSD '14 I managed to haggle a flipper on Discogs down to $100 for Government Plates. At the time I thought that was a crazy price and that no one would ever spend more than that but looking back I'm glad I did it because there is no way I'd be able to swing what they're fetching for now.