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  2. Yeah, CCMusic is showing a release date of the 24th for AAEA and the 17th for RTS. To my benefit though, they shipped both of them to me so some places have these in hand already.
  3. I received shipping confirmation from CCMusic for both of these yesterday and they're in transit now. Excited to see how these turned out.
  4. It's not me! I just pulled it from someone else's instagram account. There is also a nice image of the Florian Bertmer variant on instagram right now. Curious to see all of these in their entirety....such a cool project.
  5. Man, Rise Records is so lame. Looks like they restocked the beer/white split variant after it sold out and removed the limited to 500 description that was there earlier. So glad I didn't bite on this. I'm just going to wait for this to release and see if it's even worth it.
  6. The new single is expected. Love this band.
  7. Yeah, I wasn't able to afford this when the 1st run went up so I'm grateful this is happening. I just don't get Mae's logic when they launched the 1st preorder. How could they have not predicted a small allocation of 300 wouldn't be gone immediately. Have they not paid any attention to the quantity sold on their other releases. Seems they could have safely launched at least 1,000 from the start and been just fine (on multiple color ways). They took a weird approach with this release. Wonder how many requests they are getting for people to switch variants....
  8. Out of curiosity, I messaged Mae last night asking for clarification on the variant. Here's what I got... It’s on a clear base. It’s hard to say how this “smoke” effect will translate with the colors chosen. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping for the best! -MAE
  9. Release a more limited, more attractive variant after all the hardcore fans have already dumped a ton of money on that 1st press. Pretty lame if you ask me. I didn't buy this but that's just annoying for any big fan. The new description doesn't mention if it's on a white or clear base. If it's on a white, these will likely not come out great.
  10. Overpriced, ugly McDonalds variant available from Newbury Comics.
  11. Looks like the baby on the cover lost his diaper and the contents inside ended up all over these records.
  12. Right.....I don't believe anyone had posted a link to Rough Trade's listing so I just wanted everyone to see what was available. No mention of a vinyl pressing on Rough Trade, Norman, Picadilly. Maybe something is still in the works. Seems so odd that a SKM wouldn't see any kind of vinyl treatment....but it's Koz.
  14. Judging by SRC's listings, it looks like these are being reissued by Interscope. I think that Amazon listing is the last, super spendy pressing that came out on Analogue Productions in 2012. I'm sure those Interscope pressings will show up in other places for much less.