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  1. They really burned through those splatter copies. It appears there is already a second press? Yellow/Oxblood mix /500.
  2. Looks like they completely pulled the Prick listing from the webstore. I was really hoping they would put up more copies but it looks unlikely at this point.
  3. I've never purchased anything from them but they seem to be a pretty awesome shop. They responded quickly to my email and were super nice. It should work out fine assuming their inventory system works correctly. You can email here and ask if everything checks out ok..... . Let me know if it works for you.
  4. Well, I decided to email a couple UK record shops at random last night asking if they have any copies of this available. To my surprise, Spillers responded and told me they have them in stock and sent me a link to purchase. My order was packaged and shipped same day according to the fella I was speaking with and it shows shipped on my order history. It stills shows in stock if anyone is still looking for a copy. It was about $39 USD shipped which is still less than half of what they seem to be going for on discogs. Here's the link to buy....
  5. Zia still has copies also..
  6. Has anyone heard anything additional about this? Like so many others, my order for the Sundays was cancelled. Just curious if I can look forward to a 2nd chance at grabbing this when the new wave begins to show up at stores. The mention by Monster Music is the only thing I've heard so far.
  7. Did these ever go up? Everyone still searching should be watching this page.... I know they are very similar to Bullmoose in a lot of ways so they may not ship overseas.
  8. What email address did you use? I couldn't find anything on their website. I'll just give them a call tomorrow if they don't answer my email.
  9. Has anyone received any of the RSD titles they ordered from The Record Exchange? Just curious if I'm the only one waiting. There has been zero communication since I placed my order.
  10. I know...this just feels like they're lining me up to be let down. I don't know what the hell they were thinking. Is that normal process for a record store? Don't they normally put preorders up once they have an idea of the amount they'll receive from the distributor?
  11. Oh geez.... "We're hoping we didn't oversell as well and will not be offering any more until we've secured these copies with our distros. The record was only solicited to us late this afternoon and we have already placed orders for more copies than have been offered on eBay or through our web store. I'll be calling our distributors first thing in the morning to secure as many as possible. If it is oversold, we will honor sales in the order they were received with the latest orders being refunded. Thanks!" -Gabriel Spectre Records
  12. That's not the part I find strange. It's odd they are selling so many on eBay and they have them for sale in their webstore. This tiny shop seems to have hit the motherload. I might email them just to make sure they haven't oversold.
  13. Even more strange, they also are selling them in their webstore....for $4 cheaper shipped.
  14. Spectre Records has over 10 copies available on Ebay again. How does such a small record store get such a big allocation? Seems kinda odd.