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  1. I just hope it doesn't sound like garbage, cause the OG pressing does. Either way I'll buy it, but I really hope it sounds good. Been waiting for this one for a long, long time.
  2. Got Crash last night. Played the first level. Already in love.
  3. FUCK! YES!!!
  4. Man, that A/B Light Blue/Red ; C/D Red/Green Vinyl is gorgeous. Too bad it looks like it's all gone.
  5. Oh shit! See you there!!!
  6. I highly doubt that. Most sites just seem to be overwhelmed / slow / even crashing from all the traffic. Keep trying.
  7. Show me a map of your venue. I'm at 3L, Row A, middle seats.
  8. Just keep in mind they play for 3 hours. So it's like you're paying for two shows.
  9. What section did you end up getting? Foo replied to my tweet saying the site was overloaded. Couldn't get anything for 30 minutes. Ended up with really good lower level seats which I'm happy with cause it's the first row. Would have loved standing but oh well. Its a small stadium so I'll be closer than I'm thinking. $223.20 for two tickets for me. Did it again and got two seats directly on the other side for my boss.
  10. Apparently people have seen $49, $79, and $99. I honestly am expecting $99 cause that's pretty much what I paid the last two times I've seen them, and that's how much the DC show was.
  11. I went on Spotify, clicked my date, and it showed me this:
  12. Presale codes are going out. I just got mine a few minutes ago!
  13. 15 years old, and still as shitty as the day it came out.