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  1. Never bought tickets so fast in my life.
  2. It sounds much better. And I'm right there with you. Can't wait for that to get a good sounding pressing, as does the band. I can't remember the last time I actually spun Tertia. I always have to FLAC that one. Missed you too. xx
  3. Did you ever get your hands on the EU maroon of Tertia?
  4. Have some updates/info: * The remaster is the same master as the 3xLP (YATC/FT comp). *This pressing had a new run of test presses. It wasn't simply ran again from the old plates. * The LPs will be shipped to Mylene on 4/17. * 150 of /250 Black will be reserved for Red Letter to distribute to brick and mortar stores. * A handful of the /150 Red will be thrown into the 150 Black for record stores as a surprise. * I'm pretty sure the test press will be /10. I'll post photos when I get my hands on one. * This release was originally going to come out mid summer, but hit snags. Was then gonna come out mid February, but hit more snags. They were supposed to have the LPs now to ship, but hit more snags. I've been in contact with them since Nov. 2016 if memory serves -- when we originally started talking about a 10yr Repress. (I'll have to dig up the emails.) * Joel and Lindsay really appreciate everyone's patience, loyalty, and love.
  5. Dude, Moksha though. Holy shit is that song amazing. Honestly Four Trees is some of my favorite live material. I think you should do yourself a favor and go listen to it. If you wanna wait till you get a copy, that's fine. I don't blame you. Comparing it to the rest of their work, ... it's like a longer, louder, more in your face, more built up version of YATC. It's definitely not as dark as Dust though for obvious reasons. The main thing it has in common with the rest of their work is that it doesn't let down, start to finish.
  6. Just make the absolute worst monstrosity of a pressing one could possibly imagine, also charge more for it. Profit. It'll be the record equivalent of getting a little bit of every soda at the soda machine.
  7. Sure. Media mail it, I'll write some sarcastic shit on it, then send it back.
  8. That's my favorite rap lyric.
  9. Exactly. I would have gone a different route given different situations. If it was the first press, different choice. If it was the OG cover (which the band doesn't like), different choice. If some variants weren't already used in other releases, different choices. Etc etc. And you're right, no one needs a third copy. I'll definitely put the word in to make that happen. Can we make it haze, too?
  10. I was being serious. I just want you be happy! I honestly hope, if you ordered the tri, you'll be like 'oh, damn this sweet' and have no audio issues whatsoever. And more so just poking fun with the 'I don't know what peoples' deal is'. Some people won't like it, and that's fine, cause you're right, you can't please everyone. I never expected to. It was just in that care free, shrug of the shoulders tone, ya know? Not the elitist snobby way or some shit. Andnothing but love for you.
  11. As long as you're happy that's all that matters.
  12. Neither have I. I don't know what peoples' deal is. Maybe bad luck, maybe bad set up, maybe they don't know how to clean. But any and every split or tri I've spun have all sounded great. I wouldn't have chosen it if I've suffered pops and cracks, especially with a good handful of Caspian Sheath presses being splits (Tertia, FT, Dust). Glad you were able to grab one! I'm still honestly shocked they sold out under 24 hours, before Sheath or Caspian tweeted about it. Glad Sheath fans out there are still loyal and pull the trigger right out the gate. And same, Don! I was also really tempted to go to that show but have to work. It's pretty much all I do these days besides play bass. I work at a music school, so at least my whole life is music these days. Haha. Don't be a stranger though! I have your number so I'll text ya! I'm tempted to start a VC chat party on Whatsapp or something. I have one for a few on here, but it would be cool to have one like we did for IG or something that's a little more chat oriented. I'll sort that out soon enough.
  13. More importantly, is that Jani rocking a Gibson RD Artist bass? Hell yah.