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  1. I feel you. They always leave you wanting more which is great, but I want it now! Haha. I'd much rather take that than a shit ending. What surprised me about season 2 is how they touched on how much actual time had passed over their relationship. A lot less than what I thought.
  2. I watched both seasons of LOVE in one sitting the day they each aired. God damn that show is so good. I can't wait for more.
  3. Yeah dex builds are way OP. This is my fourth character but TP will always be the bane of my dark souls existence. I can get him to second phase in a minute but he always stomps me. I'll get him though. Just gotta take a day or two. I just got my black blade up to ten and am running lightning blade. I'll get this fool.
  4. Gcfo. Lothric is just a pain. I managed but I'm a hybrid so it's weird.
  5. Fuck Coma. Colors 10 Year Anniversary Tour!!!
  6. Sigh. Yes. He is a pain as a pyro.
  7. Oh yup. Stoked on this.
  8. These are probably getting pressed over and over to get that idiot Bert out of bankruptcy.
  9. Yeah, I'd buy Running With Scissors in a heartbeat.
  10. I. Hate. Twin. Princes.
  11. This band thinks it is the early 2000s again. Easy pass for me. Especially at a little more than $1/minute. I'll stick to my post metal favorites over this. And I'm sure they'll get US distro at some point since they're US bands. Shipping adds $8 to it.
  12. @BuzzersonKillwell are you asking what headphones I would get with a $150 budget? Are we talking open or closed? And I would go up to the $200 mark. You have a lot more to play with. And I wouldn't get the same ones cause both were either $150. So I'm not sure I can really answer that question. If we got rid of the price vairable and you asked would I get them same? Open, yeah. Closed, yes and no. Open - I'd get the same ones I have, the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250Ω. Or I'd get the Senn HD 598. Closed - I'd get the AKG k550 if we're going under the $150 mark. They're essentially what I have but cheaper these days. When I purchased the k550s a few years ago they were $400, and damn do they sound amazing. I'm amazed you can get them for so cheap now, and they're easily one of the best you can get at that price point. The only con is the padding on the top head band - pretty much noting. If you want closed that wouldn't be leaving your house I'd go for the DT770 Pro Closed - seriously, they are incredible headphones. The thing is it's all personal preference. Depends on what you're looking to do with them, your music tastes, your head size, etc. If you can try them on anywhere I'd recommend that. But you can never go wrong with anything Beyer, ever. They're amazing. I'm currently looking to replace my closed back headphones at the moment. I'll let you know what I get when I do. I'm currently eyeing the Sony MDR1A. I just realized you're probably talking about IEMs. Xioami Piston v3 - $5 1more Triple - $99 Shure SE215 - $99 1more Quad - $199