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Found 165 results

  1. hey guys! after doing a pre-move sale, I'm done moving but all of these things are still in the boxes and I dont have room for them in the new house. as full-time working dad, I have no time to listen to these things, either. so most of them go. Please see my tradelist / sale list and get these things outta my house. TONS of cheap stuff and good stuff, Metal, Hardcore, Rock, etc. stuff of note: Converge stuff Cursed - Demo Cassettes & other stuff Deafheaven stuff Glassjaw LP's and 7's Rosetta - tons of stuff, including A Determinism of Morality 2xLP - 1st press - clear orange with screened cover - /50 Wolves In The Throne Room - Two Hunters 2xLP - 180g clear w/ gold foil printed cover - /1000 Young and in the Way almost-complete collection & Test presses I'm gonna give you guys about a week or so to chisel away at this before I start posting them to Discogs. make offers, deals, the more you buy the better deal you'd get. prices do not include shipping. everything shipped in proper mailers. Paypal & Venmo
  2. some things for sale

    hello all. it's been a while, but i will be unloading some records here (first) and then on ebay. i need to clear some space and get some money as my wife and i just had twins so i need to purge some stuff. hopefully i will be posting more over the next few weeks. i have limited mailers (LP only) but more en route. would prefer to sell multiples if possible, especially the same artist. any interest please let me know before these go to ebay. thanks for looking. 7"s Converge/Coalesce - Among the Dead We Pray for Light - Purple Converge/Dropdead - Red/Black Swirl Converge - I Can Tell You About Pain b/w Eve - Opaque Red Seahaven - Silhouette (Latin Skin) - Pink Self Defense Family - Indoor Wind Chimes b/w Cottagiang - White Self Defense Family - I'm Going Through Some Shit b/w All Fruit is Ripe - Green Self Defense Family - Self Immolation Family b/w World Virgins - Blue Saves The Day - At Your Funeral b/w Ups and Downs Saves The Day - The Tide of Our Times b/w Everlasting Everything - White Saves The Day - Anywhere with You b/w Blossom - White Saves The Day - Anywhere with You b/w Anywhere with You (Acoustic) - Orange Tigers Jaw - Spirit Desire - Pink Title Fight - Spring Songs - Orange 12"s American Football - American Football - Green/Yellow (Deluxe Reissue) American Football - American Football EP Balance and Composure/Tigers Jaw - Split - Green Cap'n Jazz - Analphabetapolothology Ghost Bath - Moonlover - Blue Saves The Day - Under the Boards - Green Saves The Day - Daybreak - White Saves The Day - S/T Snowing - That Time I Sat In a Pile of Chocolate (A Retrospective) This Town Needs Guns - This Town Needs Guns - Cream w/ Aqua Blue/Bronze Splatter Tigers Jaw - Charmer - Maroon/White Starburst Tigers Jaw - S/T Title Fight - Hyperview - Grey
  3. 100 - Clear w/ Rainbow Splatter (Friends & Family) 500 - Opaque Red (Deathwish Exclusive) 500 - Opaque Orange (Deathwish Europe) 500 - Opaque Yellow (Epitaph Exclusive) 500 - Opaque Green (Converge Exclusive) 1000 - Opaque Blue (Deathwish Direct Exclusive) 2000 - Opaque Indigo (Worldwide Indie Exclusive) 3000 - Opaque Violet ∞ - Black P.O. Deathwish US https://deathwishinc.com/collections/converge/products/converge-the-dusk-in-us Europe https://deathwishinc.eu/collections/converge/products/converge-the-dusk-in-us Kings Road Merch US https://kingsroadmerch.com/converge/
  4. I’m looking to collect a complete set of the first pressing’s colors, and I am very close to finishing my hunt. Only one left for me to find is the “friends & family” variant on clear vinyl w/rainbow splatter. Mainly buying since I don’t have a whole lot for trade yet. If you have a copy that you’re willing to sell, or can help lead me to someone who does, please let me know! Cheers, -Chris
  5. SWEAR TO GODDDDD. http://www.deathwishinc.com/estore/merchant.mvc? http://www.deathwishinc.com/estore/merchant.mvc? http://www.deathwishinc.com/estore/merchant.mvc? GO GO GO

    Hey all, Please ignore the prices listed below I will take any reasonable offers for the vinyl you see listed here I'm just trying to clear out some doubles and make some space so please do not hesitate to make an offer. Gates - Parallel Lives Black w screenprinted cover out of 300 - offer Gates - Bloom and Breath electric blue Nothing - Tired of tomorrow Applebees variant - offer Nothing - Tired of tomorrow Blue tour variant - offer (had bought this for the board) Thrice - to be everywhere Smoke color out of 1000 - offer Thrice - Vheissu white out of 1000 Beach Slang - things we do.. early bird clear out of 800 Explosions in the sky - Prince Avalanche white - please buy this for whatever Tancred - out of the garden early bird red out of 500 - offer Appleseed Cast - mare vitalis 15th anniversary out of 150 - offer Get up Kids - four minute mile white out of 750 Jurassic World soundtrack - offer, cost, whatever Tigers Jaw - charmer Newbury cream/green out of 1000 - HRVRD - From the birds cage clear blue hot topic out of 275 - offer Antlers - familiars euro purple vinyl - offer Kaddisfly - horse galloping blue/orange out of 200 - offer Baroness - purple marbled purple out of 900 - offer City and Colour - lover come back red heart shaped out of 500 - offer Citizen - everybody is going baby blue cyan out of 2000 Into it Over It - standards 180 black die cut of 300 - offer? Converge - axe to fall Newbury Converge - you fail me red/black repress Norma Jean - Polar Similar corner dinged in mail Oathbreaker Rheia blue white DW cost Also have multiple variants of Turnover - Peripheral Vision first press. Maybe I have one someone is looking for. Turnover Good Nature on Tri Color mewithoutYou - a-b tour press and tour poster available
  7. Available at KRM http://kingsroadmerch.com/converge/view/?id=9369&cid=65 red/black /500
  8. Hello everyone, I have a few records that need new homes. If you're interested let me know. Thanks for looking. The Appleseed Cast - Illumination Ritual (Bone /1200) 12" Converge - Jane Live (Black/White Mix /2000) 2x12" Thrice - Sea Change (Black) 7" Tupac - All Eyez On Me (Black) 4x12" Cover is damaged pretty bad but I'll give this to someone for cheap Manchester Orchestra - A Black Mile To The Surface (Black Regular) 2x12"
  9. Hi everyone, Looking to rebuild my collection, and figured I'd post a want list. I'm on DF and Discogs as well, but it's always good to chat here and there in the forums as well. I stopped collecting a few years back when I was getting ready to move from MA to FL, and I sold everything I didn't want to keep. Then I lost a good bit of my collection to sticky fingers while I was moving, so after quitting and then coming back to my senses, here I am rebuilding. Anyway, here's a list of some of the things I'm looking for, if you have anything here, and are willing to sell, get in touch! I would trade, but almost everything I have at the moment is part of my collection. -Chris UPDATE: Added a few new albums that I'm looking for, removed a few that I've managed to pick up, and I'm also adding a pair of records that I now have available for trade... Converge - Petitioning Forever 2xLP on transparent red Converge - You Fail Me Redux LP on split white/red Here's what I'm looking for... Acme - To Reduce the Choir to One Soloist LP (clear) At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul LP (orange) Bane - Forked Tongue 7" (blue) Bane - Free to Think, Free to Be 7" (yellow) Bane - Give Blood LP (any color) Bane - Holding This Moment 7" (gold) Bane - It All Comes Down to This LP (any color) Bane - The Note LP (any color) Barrit - self-titled 7" (red) Black Flag - Everything Went Black 2xLP (white) Black Flag - Family Man LP (yellow) Black Flag - In My Head LP (tan) Black Flag - Jealous Again 10” (red) Black Flag - Loose Nut LP (blue) Black Flag - Louie Louie 7” (red) Black Flag - Six Pack 7” (white) Black Flag - Slip it In LP (red) Black Flag - First Four Years LP (gold) Black Flag - TV Party 7” (yellow) Botch - The John Birch Conspiracy Theory (blue) Buried Alive - Six Month Face 7” (clear) Carcass - Captive Bolt Pistol 7” (white) Carcass - Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious LP (violet) Carcass - Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel 10” (clear) Carcass - Swansong LP (red) Cave In - Beyond Hypothermia LP (any color) Cave In - Until Your Heart Stops LP (any color) Coalesce - Functioning on Impatience LP (any color) Coalesce - Give Them Rope LP (any color) Converge - Downpour/Serial Killer 5” (white) Converge - On My Shield 7" (black/white mix) Converge - Petitioning the Empty Sky 7” (purple) Converge - Petitioning the Empty Sky LP (red) Converge - When Forever Comes Crashing LP (clear or white) Converge - Y2K 7" (clear) Deadguy - Work Ethic 7” (blue or purple) Death - Human LP (any color) Death - Individual Thought Patterns LP (any color) Death - Leprosy LP (any color) Death - Spiritual Healing LP (any color) Death - Symbolic LP (any color) Death - The Sound of Perseverance LP (any color) Deftones - 7 Words 7" (blue and grey, looking for 1 of each) Deftones - Adrenaline LP (pink) Despised Icon - Day of Mourning LP (white) Despised Icon - The Ills of Modern Man (camouflage) The Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity LP (any color) The Dillinger Escape Plan - self-titled LP (clear, Earache repress) Earth Crisis - All Out War 7” (green, Victory pressing) Earth Crisis - Firestorm 7” (red) Earth Crisis - Forced to Kill (any color) Faith No More - Angel Dust 2xLP (blue) Fucking Invincible - Downtown is Dead 7” (white) Fucking Invincible - It’ll Get Worse Before It Gets Better LP (clear) Harvest - Living With a God Complex LP (white or red) Harvest - Worn Through the Layer of Separation 7” (purple) Helmet - Betty LP (White) In These Black Days - Hydrahead Records Black Sabbath tribute series Vol. 6 Neurosis / Soilent Green 7” (colored vinyl pressing only) Isis - Mosquito Control 12” (any color) Killwhitneydead - So Pretty, So Plastic (clear with red splatter) Krakatoa - Clouds Burned by Sunshine (clear) Minor Threat - S/T LP (green) Minor Threat - Out of Step LP (white) Misery Index - Discordia LP (red or clear) Misery Index - Dissent 12” (Orange) Misery Index - Hang ‘em High 7” (green) Misery Index - Heirs to Thievery (clear or orange) Misery Index - Retaliate LP (green/black splatter, with bonus one sided live 7”) Misery Index - The Killing Gods 2xLP (white) Morning Again - As Tradition Dies Slowly LP (blue) Morning Again - Martyr LP (clear) Morning Again - self-titled 7" (clear) Morning Again - The Cleanest War LP (blue) Nile - At the Gate of Sethu LP (beige) Nile - Ithyphallic 2xLP (sand colored) Nile - Those Whom the Gods Detest 2xLP (sand colored) Nile - What Should Not Be Unearthed 2xLP (clear) One King Down - Bloodlust Revenge LP (orange) Quicksand - Manic Compression (any color) Starkweather - Into the Wire LP (purple) When Angels Shed Their Wings Slayer tribute - Vol. 3, The Acacia Strain/Loyal to the Grave (green) I'm sure I could think of more stuff, but that'll do for now. Like I said, if you have any of this, shoot me a message, I'd love to pick these up.
  10. Looking for the Orange/Red split /150 from the equal vision press, if you have a copy you'd like to sell please message me. Haven't tried on here in awhile so I thought I'd give it a shot again
  11. Track Listing: 01. I Can Tell You About Pain 02. Eve First Press: 1000 x Opaque Red (#3) - Deathwish Exclusive https://deathwishinc.com/collections/converge/products/converge-i-can-tell-you-about-pain-b-w-eve https://deathwishinc.eu/products/converge-i-can-tell-you-about-pain-b-w-eve 1000 x Opaque Blue (#5) - Kings Road Exclusive https://kingsroadmerch.com/converge/view/?id=12135&cid=71 https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/view/?id=11445 1000 x Transparent Purple (12) - Converge Exclusive
  12. FS: Entire Collecton w/ Prices

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q9E7WUbEJdNL3GDnRmjD61GpNxN5sAs7Vq4GCqj-AsQ/edit?usp=sharing I have a fairly extensive collection that ranges for all tastes involved with Vinyl Collective members. I've made many transactions with people here on this board as well as Dead Format(username:strangerdanger3). Willing to give deals to anyone who wants to buy more than 3 record from me. For every record after 3, I'll throw you some discount/bone to fetch. Thanks! -Dustin
  13. The Mars Volta, Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music, Norma Jean, Converge, Animals As Leaders, Every Time I Die, Protest the hero, Tom Waits Much more! Check out my Discogs list for everything else!! https://www.discogs.com/seller/ColoredWax/profile
  14. Hello all, I thought I would post on here before putting things up on the bay. For the first time in my 15ish years of collecting, I've come to the point where I need to sell some of my collection. I have some medical bills that are racking up (I had surgery on Monday) and my wife and I are expecting our first child in four weeks! With all of the upcoming bills I'll be facing, I realized it's time to try and sell a few things to make some of the financial burden easier. I haven't posted any prices as I'd prefer to give you the option of making an offer and finding a price we're both good with. Please feel free to look at my list (deadformat.net/collection/adbwvu09) to see if there is anything else you may be interested in. None of the cassettes have been played and a majority of the ones listed below have not been played at all! Cassettes: Full Of Hell - Live At Roadburn 2016 (ABWTB) Red Cassette /60 Full Of Hell - Live At This Is Hardcore 2014 (A389) Red Cassette /100 (Sister Fawn Pre Order Only) Full Of Hell - Noise Vol. 2 (Split Scene) White Cassette with Spray Painted Side /50 OOP Full Of Hell - Noise Vol. 3 (Arctic Night) 1st Pressing White Cassette /25 OOP (Most Limited) Full Of Hell - Noise Vol. 4 (Arctic Night) Smokey Cassette /50 (Most Limited) OOP Full Of Hell - Noise Vol. 4 (ABWTB) Repress Blue Cassette /50 OOP Harm's Way - Demo (Self Released) Hand Made J Card Clear With Black Backing Cassette /13 (2005 Show) 7” Chariot, The - Music Of A Grateful Heart (Good Fight) Etched B Side Red Vinyl Hand Numbered 182/250 (Hot Topic Exclusive) Clutch - Burning Beard (DRT) Gatefold Cover Black Vinyl Converge - Live At The BBC (Deathwish) Transparent Green Vinyl /5304 Converge - On My Shield (Deathwish) Dark Swamp Green & Dark Sea Blue Transparent Vinyl Etched Shield B Side /1000 (Distro Exclusive) Deafheaven – Deafheaven (Deathwish) Black Vinyl /1000 Dillinger Escape Plan, The - Happiness Is A Smile (Party Smasher Inc) Acid Green Vinyl Full Of Hell – World Invasion 2015 – Numb Your Mind (A389) Obi Strip Black Vinyl Hand Numbered 140/300 (2015 Japan Tour) Harm's Way - Breeding Grounds Single (Closed Casket Activitites) /150 (Limited To First 150 Pre Orders of Isolation) 12” Blink 182 - Enema Of The State (Mightier Than Sword) 1st Pressing Gatefold Cover Clear Red Vinyl /500 OOP Converge - Axe To Fall (Deathwish/Epitath) Gatefold Cover Beer with Blue White And Yellow Splatter Vinyl /400 OOP Converge - Jane Doe (Deathwish) 1st Pressing 2XLP Clear Gold And White Swirl Vinyl /550 (Initially Intended To Be Tour Version, But Released Through Official Store) (28 Pg Booklet) Converge - Jane Doe (Deathwish) 1st Pressing 2XLP Clear Red Vinyl /1305 (28 Pg Booklet) Converge - Jane Doe (Deathwish) 1st Pressing 2XLP White Vinyl /2000 (28 Pg Booklet) Every Time I Die - Last Night In Town (Vinyl Collective) Transparent Beer Inside With Frothy Creamy Head Outside Vinyl /200 Harm's Way - Reality Approaches (Organized Crime) Anton LaVey Alternative Cover Summer 2009 Tour Edition Hand Numbered 31/59 Black Vinyl Integrity - Those Who Fear Tomorrow (Organized Crime) Repress Pink Vinyl Hand Numbered 172/225 Norma Jean - The Anti-Mother (Suburban Home) Black/White Half And Half Vinyl /300 Norma Jean - Wrongdoers (Razor & Tie) Yellow Vinyl
  15. Buy 2 get 1 free! Shipping is $4 for 1 record and $.50 for each additional record. Except 2xLPs are an additional $1. Discogs profile to show 100% feedback https://www.discogs.com/user/alostlanguage $40 Records Architects | All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us | UNFD | Half Red/Half Ultra Clear | 2017 | 3rd | /250 | Signed by Band - Has small seam split on top $5 Records Blkshrk/Topher Horn | ...For Todd | Fat Finger Cosmic/Rocksteady Disco | Black | 2016 | 1st | /400 Daughter | Not To Disappear | Glassnote | 180g Black | 2016 | 1st David Allred | Woods | Oscarson | 10” Black with hand sewn cover | 2016 | 1st | 26/30 Dial.81 | Detropia (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) | UHF Records | Red | 2012 | 1st | /300 Moppy | Moppy's Science Of Sound V. 1 | Animal Rights Records | Black | 2016 | 1st $1 Records Nightmare Of You / Nightmares For A Week | Nightmares Split | Paper + Plastick | 7" Black & Orange Swirl | 2012 | 1st | /325 Symmetry | Yes | Italians Do It Better | 7" Icey Blue | 2016 | 1st | /5,000 - SEALED
  16. Hey guys! I'm moving and want to get rid of a ton of duplicates, extra colorways and shit i can part with easier than moving. Please check out my tradelist for the whole list of things for sale, but here's a few notable things on there: Bear vs Shark LP Converge & Deathwish stuff Cursed - Demo Cassette - orange - /25 (not likely to find this many times) Deafheaven 7" and LP's Glassjaw Singles and LP's Pulling Teeth - Witches Sabbath 7's Hatred Surge, Iron Lung, Trash Talk, Rise and Fall, Vaccine - TONS of great hardcore stuff for cheap Baroness, Torch Runner, Baptists, Seven Sisters of Sleep - TONS of great metal stuff for cheap i want this stuff gone. a bunch of it is already cheap but i would make deals for big orders. GET THIS SHIT OUTTA MY HOUSE!!!! dont be afraid to PM me with questions. anything that doesn't show "for sale" i likely wouldn't part with, but would entertain good offers for some of it...
  17. set sale. shipping is $4 plus $1 for each additional record. USA / Paypal only please. pm me if youre interested. thanks! botch - anthology of dead ends - clear red vinyl RSD press - $24ppd Botch - american nervoso - green 2xlp - $30 black cross - art offensive - gold vinyl - $8 (pre-coliseum) Capsule - blue - blue w/ black splatter /150 - $15 converge - all we love we leave behind - orange marble tour press - $35 converge - jane doe - white/gold swirl /550 - $50 converge - you fail me - white w/ black cover - $30 converge - petitioning forever 2xlp - black/white swirl - OFFER? converge - all we love we leave behind 2xlp - orange swirl / tour press - OFFER? disappearer - the clearing 2xlp - pink + clear vinyl - $15 from ashes rise / victims - split - black - $8 fall out boy - from the under the cork tree - gold w/ maroon spill hot topic color - $30 (seam splits on top of jacket) get involved! - silk cuts - black vinyl w/ screened b-side (ex glassjaw, thursday, from autumn to ashes) - $5 ghostlimb - confluence - $7 helms alee - self titled - peach vinyl - $15 i hate myself - ten songs - grey vinyl - $20ppd i hate myself - four songs - grey vinyl w/ screenprinted cover /550? - $20ppd isis - live IV - black 2xlp /100 - $30isis - oceanic remixes volume 1 clear vinyl - $10ppd (or take all the isis remixes for $34ppd) isis - oceanic remixes volume 2 clear vinyl - $10ppd (or take all the isis remixes for $34ppd) isis - oceanic remixes volume 3 clear vinyl - $10ppd (or take all the isis remixes for $34ppd) isis - oceanic remixes volume 4 clear vinyl - $10ppd (or take all the isis remixes for $34ppd) isis - live II black vinyl 2xlp - $18ppd ...of sinking ships - self titled - grey vinyl - $18ppd neurosis - pain of mind - black vinyl / budd dwyer cover - $30 on - double vision - grey vinyl - $8 Phoenix bodies - raise the bullshit flag - pink/black - $10 raein - sulla linea d'orizzonte tra questa mia vita e quella di tutti - black vinyl (bend in corner) - $8 romance of young tigers i have supped full on horrors - black vinyl - $15ppd shai haulud - a profound hatred of man - picture disc - $15 stephen brodsky - ole sunday - red vinyl + cd - $8 supermachiner - rise of the great machine - black vinyl 2xlp - $15ppd trainwreck - of concrete canyons and inner wastelands- black vinyl lp - $9ppd (or take both trainwreck LPs for $16ppd)trainwreck / ghostlimb / zann / perth express - split - black vinyl lp - $7 trap them - seance prime: complete recordings - black vinyl - $15ppd windmills by the ocean - self titled - black vinyl lp - $9ppd who calls so loud - self titled - back / green split - $10 yaphet kotto - the killer was in the government blankets - black vinyl - $9 yaphet kotto - syncopated synthetic laments for love - $10 yaphet kotto - we bury our dead alive - $8 10's black widows - stops a beating heart - black vinyl - $7 (pre-coliseum) Gaslight anthem - live at park ave - black vinyl/first press - $35ppd golden city - self titled - clear blue - $8 Pelican - pink mammoth - pink with 3 color splatter - $23ppd verse en coma - rialto - white w/ blue splatter /100 - $20 who calls so loud - self titled 2x10 - black/green + black/yellow - $20 7's coheed and cambria - running free 7" - black vinyl - $15 converge - live at the bbc 7" - white /333 - $10 creation is crucifixion - dethrone or devour black vinyl 7" - $4 deftones - rocket skates 7" - white vinyl - $15ppddeath cab for cutie - i will possess your heart black vinyl 7" - $ 4 jimmy eat world - my best theory / stop black vinyl 7" - $7ppdusurp synapse / emotion zero - split black vinyl 7" - $5
  18. FS: 7 Jacob Bannon prints

    The End Of The World - Red - http://expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/102354 Abhorrent Endings - Silver - http://expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/184643 Abhorrent Endings - Red - http://expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/184642 The Harvest - Artist’s Choice - http://expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/125795 Disintegrate - neon green (1 bent corner, light rolling creases) - http://expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/136786 Axe To Fall - http://expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/109771 Helping a friend get rid of some prints. Before I go to the trouble of trying to unroll and take photos and sell each one off on eBay, figured I'd see if there is any interest here. Pretty much have all stayed rolled since they were bought direct from Bannon, during initial sales, so they should all be in good condition. None were bought in "wounded" sales. PM if you have any interest, thanks.
  19. hi - i need to clean out this back room of unwanted / extra before i go on vacation! 15% off thru VC and free US media mail shipping over $65 https://www.discogs.com/seller/LoveBuzzShop/profile thanks!!!
  20. Everything is $5 and must go!! Please PM or email me ([email protected]) with questions on variants/availability. Ships from NJ. No deal requests please!! * Bayside "S/T" * Bayside "Shudder" * Anti-Flag "Die for the Government" * Aloe Blacc "Lift Your Spirits" * Elvis Presley “I’m Leavin’” * Harm’s Way “Rust” * Hundredth “Resist” * The Godfather Original Soundtrack * The Swellers “Running Out of Places…”
  21. https://www.discogs.com/seller/ColoredWax/profile
  22. Selling a few albums, all are NM and most haven't been played. Prices don't include shipping. PM me! Agoraphobic Nosebleed And Converge - The Poacher Diaries (LP, Ltd, RE, Red) - Limited edition of 100 copies - $75 Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill (2xLP, Album, Ltd, Num, Unofficial, Clear) -Limited to 1000 - $35 Converge - Jane Doe (2x12", Album, Ltd, RE, RP, Gold) - Limited to 500 - $35 Converge - Jane Doe (2x12", Album, RE, RP) - $35 Converge - Thousands Of Miles Between Us (2xLP, Album, Ora + 3xBlu-ray + Box, Dlx, Ltd) - Limited to 500 / Sealed Vinyl - $130 Tool (2) - Ænima (LP, Album, RE, Unofficial, White/Blue marble) - Offer Touché Amoré - Stage Four (LP, Album, Ltd, Milk/Oxblood) - Limited to 500 - $30 Discogs Store: https://www.discogs.com/seller/ColoredWax/profile
  23. Message me. All offers considered. https://www.discogs.com/seller/ColoredWax/profile
  24. VINYL FOR SALE/TRADE!! Sifted through the collection and picked a few things out to sell. Came to the conclusion that I'll never be able to collect every blink 182 variant so I'm parting with some of those as well. Prices could be negotiable depending on how many you grab. Cassette prices are most defintely negotiable! Hit me up! 12" Blink 182 - California - Purple (SEALED) 50 Blink 182- California - Red/Black Splatter 30 SOLD Blink 182 - Neighborhoods - White/Black Marble 50 Blink 182 - Self Titled - Clear Pink Green Splatter 45 SOLD Blink 182 - Buddha - Pink 25 Blink 182 - Take Off Your Pants And Jacket Deluxe - Red (SEALED) 35 Blink 182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket - Clear SRC Subscription Series #157/182 $110 Blink 182- The Mark Tom and Travis Show - Clear w Pink Blue and Green Splatter 35 ON HOLD Blink 182 - Enema Of The State - Clear Red/Blue Splatter 30 SOLD Blink 182- Dude Ranch - Clear with Orange/ Brown Splatter 35 Blink 182- Dude Ranch - Translucent Red (SEALED) 35 Converge - Jane Doe 40 Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues 20 Avenged Sevenfold - Waking The Fallen: Ressurection 4LP Box 35 Alexisonfire - Dogs Blood - Green Tour Press 50 Bring Me The Horizon - There Is A Hell Believe Me I've Seen It - Orange HMV Canada Exclusive X2 50 City and Colour - Bring Me Your Love - Oxblood 45 SOLD!! Gob - Muertos Vivos - White 20 Three Days Grace - One X - Red FYE Exclusive 45 7" Into It Over It/ Such Gold Split Subscription Press #6/35 - White 45 Into It Over It/ Such Gold Split - Red 25 SOLD!!!! Converge/ Dropdead Split - Red Black Haze 15 SOLD!!! Against Me! - Sink, Florida, Sink - Black/ Grey Marble 15 SOLD!!!! Last in Line EP - Grey Marble FREE WITH PURCHASE Debt Of Nature - Head B/w Heavy Water - Green Numbered #196/500 25 Cassettes: Control Denied - The Fragile Art Of Existence $20 Sublime - 40oz To Freedom - $20 Foo Fighters - The Colour And The Shape $15 Face to Face - Over It $20 Face to Face - Don't Turn Away $20 Rage Against The Machine - The Battle Of Los Angeles $15 Kid Cudi - Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven $10 SEALED Ramones - Greatest Hits Live $10 Counterparts - Tragedy Will Find Us $10 Public Enemy - Apocalypse 91 $5 Overkill - Under The Influence $5 Warrior - Live In A Dive $75 Bob Marley - Legend $5 Black Sabbath - Paranoid $5 The Doors Greatest Hits -$3 Rush - Grace Under Pressure -$3 The Clash - London Calling $5 Faith No More - The Real Thing $3 The Clash - The Story Of The Clash Vol1 $5 The Doors - LA Woman $3 Santana - Supernatural $5 Morrissey - Your Arsenal $3 Dio - Sacred Heart $3 The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour $5 The Beatles - Rock and Roll Music Vol 1 $5 The Beatles - In The Beginning $5 Def Leppard - Hysteria $3 Shipping is not included in prices. Will try to cut the best deals I can
  25. Deftones - B Sides and Rarities (2xLP Gold RSD Pressing) $33 ppd shipped City and Colour - Special Edition 10"x10" If I Should Go Before You Photobook - $12 ppd shipped Jeremy Bolm - Downtime Zine (2nd Printing) - $7 ppd shipped Converge - Live at The BBC 7" (Trans Green) $7 ppd shipped