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Found 37 results

  1. Descendents - Everything Sucks 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition LP/7" There's standard 180 gram black vinyl and KRM exclusive clear vinyl. Clear limited to 1000 Stand alone LP/7" and available in bundles. Lots of great Everything Sucks merch available now as well. Track list: LP (33 1/3 RPM) Side A Everything Sux I’m The One Coffee Mug Rotting Out Sick-O-Me Caught When I Get Old Doghouse She Loves Me Side B Hateful Notebook We Eunuch Boy This Place I Won’t Let Me Thank You Vinyl 7” (Black – 45 RPM) Side A: Lucky Side B: Shattered Milo
  2. So, a new song called "Good Mourning, America" and the album cover was leaked. The album is called "If I'm The Devil..." and will be released through Epitaph Records on June 10th. Pre-order is here: Tracklist: 1. I've Learned to Love Myself 2. Nü Romantics 3. Good Mourning, America 4. Who You Are Not 5. A Weak Ago 6. Foreign Cab Rides 7. Reluctantly Dead 8. Elephant 9. Another Offensive Song 10. If I'm the Devil... 11. Copper Colored Quiet
  3. Here is the list of releases and dates on the HT exclusive colors Out Now Rancid - Lets Go 2x10" red /700 Bad Religion - No Control LP blue /700 NOFX - Ribbed LP clear /800 Pennywise - Pennywise LP blue /700 NOFX - So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes LP brown /800 NOFX - Punk In Drublic LP pink /800 Rancid - Life Won'T Wait LP blue /800 Rancid - Rancid 2000 LP white /800 Pennywise - Unknown Road LP orange /650 The Bouncing Souls - Hopeless Romantic LP orange /700 NOFX - White Trash Two Heebs and a Bean LP yellow /750 NOFX - Heavy Petting Zoo/Eating Lamb LP red /800 Rancid - ...And Out Come the Wolves LP red /800 The Bouncing Souls - How I Spent My Summer Vacation LP blue /700 Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers LP brown /700 Millencolin - For Monkeys LP green /500 Descendents - Everything Sucks LP purple /750 Pennywise - About Time LP yellow /700 Millencolin - Life On A Plate LP blue /700 Bad Religion - Generator LP gray /700 Bad Religion - Against the Grain LP purple /700 The Bouncing Souls - The Bouncing Souls LP red /750 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New stuff for 2015 Out Now Rancid - Indestructible LP red w/ black swirl Dropkick Murphys - Live 2xLP green Dropkick Murphys - Sing Loud, Sing Proud LP blue Bad Relgion - The Empire Strikes First LP clear w/ red swirl All - Mass Nerder LP orange Motion City Soundtrack - I Am the Movie LP orange Dropkick Murphys - The Singles Collection 2xLP orange Propagandhi - Supporting Caste LP green (should be online next week) Descendents - Everything Sucks LP purple Social Distortion - Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes LP brown Bad Religoin - Recipe For Hate LP brown Motion City Soundtrack/Matchbook Romance Split 12" red The Offspring - Smash LP orange Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come LP purple Bad Religion - Suffer green Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This to Memory LP smoke Tiger Army - Tiger Army LP green Coming soon Dropkick Murphys - Blackout LP blue Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell LP smoke Tiger Army - Music From Regions Beyond LP red The Bouncing Souls - Anchors Aweigh LP green Bad Religion - How Could Hell Be Any Worse LP gray Propagandhi - Failed States LP orange Operation Ivy - Energy LP smoke
  4. 1700 x Black Standard Gram 300 x Orange and Brown Merge with Bone White Splatter * Exclusive* 200 x Orange Krush Standard Gram *Indie Retailer Exclusive* (Not available through Necrophagist's seminal, tech-death masterpiece Epitaph is once again available on vinyl for the first time since it's release in 2004! Uniting head-spinning musicianship, elaborate arrangements and an acute sense of dynamics within composition, Epitaph reset the bar for complexity and technique in modern-day death metal! Quote from Muhammed Suiçmez on Epitaph LP Reissue: "Epitap is such an important album to me as it had a big impact on my life and it still does. I am really happy to see it released in vinyl format again after being out of print for so long and am especially excited about the vinyl colors of the limited editions, as they turned out beautifully."
  5. Hello fellow collectors and sellers! I've been collecting Offspring stuff for about 4 years and my collection has become quite impressive. But there's a problem. Money's burning a hole in my pocket so I'm looking for any of the following CDs/vinyl. If you're interested in selling what you have please contact me and we can work out a deal. I'll pay top dollar. All I Want (Single) (12") Americana My Way Arenes De Nimes B-Sides & Rarities (2 CD) Bad Habit (Single) Beheaded Bloodstains (Single) Calgary Stampede 2013 Californicana Change The World (Single) (7") (Malaysian Import) Columbian Promo (Contains: Pretty Fly (For A White Guy), Want You Bad, Hit That, Why Don't You Get A Job?) Come Out And Smash Defy You (Acoustic) (Single) Elysee Montmartre 2000 I Choose (Single) (Australiam Import) I Wanna Be Sedated (Single) Ice Ice Babies In The Fucking Front Of The Stage Irvine Meadows Ixnay On Germany Ixnay On The Hombre (with the black cover. Possible Austrian or Malaysian import) Ixnay On The Road Ixnay On Tour Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? (Single) Live And Rarities 91-97 Live In London Lost Punk Hits! (Vinyl) Nevermind No Brakes The Offspring (Live At Sacramento, CA; Live At Knoxville, TN; Live at Tokyo, Japan) On Stage In Europe Orange Punkerz Perth '97 Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) (Whitfield Studios Single) Ripped & Smashed Secret Gig Self Esteem (Single) (Promo) (Cassette) Sold Out! Splinter In South America Staring At The Sun The Cockpit 2001 The Meaning Of Life (Single) (Australian Import) Want You Bad (Single) (Japanese Import w/ Japanese writing on the front) **any test pressings or promos** See something not listed that you're selling? Shoot me a message and I'll let you know if I have it or not. Not interested in buying any DVDs. Sorry. Send me a private message with what you're selling and the price you're asking! Thank you!
  6. Looking to buy stuff from the mid 90's stuff from nitro, fat, epitaph, kung fu, etc any guttermouth lps, millencolin, vandals, descendents, mxpx, bosstones, no use for a name, etc basically anything really shoot me a message
  7. Sorry for using the "soon" word, but 2 labels have announced reissues & 1st time on vinyl of 3 Undeclinable Ambuscade albums. Don't know if they ever had some fans in the USA , but over here in mainland Europe they were pretty huge at the end of the 90's early 00's. Really catchy ,melodic punkrock. La Agonia De Vivir is releasing the 2 older ones LADV88 - UNDECLINABLE AMBUSCADE "their greatest adventures" LP REISSUE (Mayo)LADV89 - UNDECLINABLE AMBUSCADE "one for the money" LP REISSUE (Mayo) and Effervescence Records is releasing Sound City Burning (which is a first time on wax) I'll update the post with the pre-order links when they will be available.
  8. yeaaaaah! Taken from La Agonia De Vivir: Pre-order for these will be working since thursday 23rd at 1.00 am (spanish time, UTC+01.00): LADV86 - NOT ON TOUR "st + n.o.t. ep" LP REISSUE Limited to 500 copies - 100 clear transparent vinyl / 400 black vinyl. LADV88 - UNDECLINABLE AMBUSCADE "their greatest adventures" LP REISSUE Limited to 500 copies - 100 cyan blue vinyl / 100 transparent red vinyl / 300 black vinyl. LADV89 - UNDECLINABLE AMBUSCADE "one for the money" LP REISSUE Limited to 500 copies - 100 transpant blue vinyl / 100 clear transparent vinyl / 300 black vinyl.
  9. Has anyone received their replacement for "Low Teens" by Every Time I Die? If so, how long did it take for Epitaph to contact you back? I filled out the form about a week and a half ago and still haven't heard back from them. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Via twitter, Epitaph Records will be releasing Stories and Alibis on vinyl in time for Warped.
  11. So coooool! La Agonía de Vivir from Spain is reissuing this awesome record. Taken from "PRE-ORDER starts October 5th at 00:01 (spanish time)!!! 20th anniversary vinyl reissue edition PRESSING INFO: 200 white 200 transparent blue 600 black Originally released in 1996 by Epitaph. First press on vinyl since the original press!"
  12. 1 By My Side 2 She Got Arrested 3 Babylon 4 On A Turntable 5 The Prosecutor 6 Control 7 Phantom City (featuring Tim Timebomb) 8 Media Sensation 9 You're Gonna Find A Way Out 10 Divide Us 11 The Valley 12 Good Things 13 Jenny Drinks 14 Loyal USA KRM Exclusive Coke Bottle Clear EU KRM Exclusive yellow/bone split and don't forget that self-titled was repressed on pink vinyl not long time ago
  13. This is going to happen tonight (00.01 spanish time) LADV63 - SATANIC SURFERS hero of our time LP REISSUE 20th ANNIVERSARY VINYL REISSUE!!! COMING OUT January 21th!!! Under exclusive license from Burning Heart Records/Epitaph Europe © 1999…/ladv63-satanic-surfe… VINYL REISSUE PRESSING INFO: 200 clear red / 200 clear transparent / 600 black. Delivery and shipping: January 18th Ask for wholesale prices for distros and shops (only available for black vinyl version).
  14. Hey people, This is a list to help me stop buying 2nd hand records I don't really want (hopefully). There is one or two on the list that I doubt I will get, but you can always dream! There isn't much I wouldn't trade for the first two records on my list. THE LIST •Masked Intruder - First Offense (green cover and green wax) •Millencolin - Kemp (Clear Wax) •Guns'N'Roses - Live Era 4 X LP •Common Rider - This Is Unity Music (Blue wax) •Deviates - Time Is Distance LP •Alkaline Trio - Remains (Coloured wax) The most preferable method for me to get them is buying. However, I'm willing to consider trades on my list. My record list is here: Thanks for looking! All the best, David
  15. As the title says I'm looking to buy both the Melack and Goofy Demo Cassettes by Millencolin. If you have either of these and you're willing to sell them then please PM me and we can work something out. All the best, David
  16. Hi, NOTE: I will pay a lot for a copy or trade almost anything off of my record list for a copy of this. I'm looking to buy/trade a copy of the Masked Intruder first offense EP with a green sleeve and matching colour 7". I'm also looking to get hold of another copy of the red one with the red sleeve (much more common) I have managed to get the blue and yellow ones, so here is a picture of them to give you an idea of what I'm looking for: Please let me know if you want to sell or trade yours. My record list is here if there is anything you're interested in, let me know and we CAN work something out. All the best!
  17. It’s been a while since we ran out of the first pressing of HEARTSOUNDS’ “Drifter” LP, so we decided to make another 250 copies of the band’s 2011 Epitaph/Creator-Destructor release for all the fans out there trying to complete their collection! This repress features 180g. Heavyweight ‘Electric Blue’ Vinyl w/ Multi-Colored Splatter, as well as a 350gsm heavyweight Matte Jacket! It looks and sounds great- Get your copy now by clicking here. As always, we ship everywhere! The band will also have all three LPs for sale with them on their upcoming tour, so if you live in any of the cities below grab one at one of the shows!
  18. I'm looking to buy Motion City Soundtrack's "I Am The Movie" Hot Topic - Orange - 2nd Press - Sealed/New --Obtained-- Thanks for the responses guys!
  19. BOUGHT I wanna buy the cassette shown above. Thanks! I own around 6 7 cassettes, YOU COULD MAKE IT AROUND 7 8! Edit: Addition of BPR001 to my collection sometime today or tomorrow!
  20. SMASH 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION CD/VINYL Shipping mid-August 2014, includes the following: LP version containing the original 14 album tracks newly remastered on 180-gram vinyl CD version containing the original 14 album tracks from the most recent remastering Restyled album package artwork Large format 24 page booklet featuring never before seen archive photos by Lisa Johnson Firsthand recollections and quotes from the band and others telling the story of that historic time *Advance conceptual image, actual finished product delivered may differ $29.98 SMASH 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION CD/VINYL WITH COLLECTOR'S BOX This package includes both the Smash 20th Anniversary Edition CD/Vinyl and a curated collection of 20th anniversary commemorative items. Shipping mid-August 2014, includes the following: Custom wooden box containing the Smash 20th Anniversary Edition CD and vinyl along with the following collectibles A 12" x 12" limited edition commemorative art print with certificate of authenticity by FIND Art Media artist Edward Frausto* Genuine black and white photo print of live vintage Smash-era concert photo by photographer Lisa Johnson A replica contact sheet of photos from a never-seen photo shoot 20th anniversary pin 20th anniversary patch Replica of Smash tour all-access pass 20th anniversary guitar pick * For the first 250 ordered, the art print will be on fine art linen canvas, numbered and SIGNED by artist and band * Any orders after the first 250, the art print will be on archival fine art paper ** All orders placed in first 24 hours will also receive a special hand-stamped first day of release card *** Advance conceptual image, actual finished product delivered may differ $129.98 These prices....
  21. USA Purple/700: Green/400: Black/unlimited: Orange/600: check on release date EU: Yellow/500:
  22. Someone please help me finish my Millencolin record collection, it's the last record by them I need. I'm looking for a copy of Millencolin's - Kemp on clear vinyl. Thanks for looking! Hopefully someone will help.
  24. Hey! This is my want list! The priority is Masked Intruder records, I'm willing to talk serious trades/cash offers for these two. I made a list of the records I really want to get and I'm hoping to start making this list a little shorter by asking you good people to help me out. The most preferable method for me to get these is cash. However, I'm willing to consider trades on anything on my list. My record list is here. All the best, David So here's what I'm looking for. MY WANT LIST MASKED INTRUDER •First Offense EP first press green with green cover - I WILL TRADE ALMOST ANYTHING FOR THIS! •First Offense EP first press red with red cover MILLENCOLIN •Kemp 7" EP clear NO USE FOR A NAME •Incognito (white) •Incognito (Brown) •Don't Miss The Train (Brown) •Making Friends (Black) •Live In A Dive (Black) •Live In A Dive (Orange) •Hard Rock Bottom (Pink) - Pending •Keep Them Confused (Orange/yellow) GREEN DAY •39/smooth LP white •Kerplunk LP white •Slappy EP green/blue - Pending •1000 Hours EP green/blue OPERATION IVY •Unity:The Complete Collection LP (Black) •Energy (black) LP (hellcat/Epitaph) •Lint Rides Again CD (disc has the same picture as the cover)