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Found 167 results

  1. Discogs US only. Not listed in the marketplace due to an incomplete page is the Run For Cover Records Subscription Singles Series which includes: Shook Ones "MerriweatherPostPavilion" / "Fancy" (Cream) Hostage Calm "War on a Feeling" / "Donna Lee" End of a Year Self Defense Family "I Heard Crime Gets You Off" / "To Your Scattered Bodies Go" (Red) LTD 200 Tigers Jaw "Gypsy" / "Jimmy Piersall (Alternate Version)" (Pink) LTD 200 Bridge and Tunnel "Homecoming" / "Mixed/Media/Messages" Mockingbird Wish Me Luck "Living Weakness" / "Ignescent" (Maroon) LTD 200 These all come in an exclusive RFC cardboard box and a RFC record mat. Selling all together for $70. Signed Posters: Motion City Soundtrack poster signed during 10th Anniversary Warped Tour Portgual. The Man lithograph. Originally part of the the In the Mountain in the Cloud pre-order bonus: Limited Edition (500) Lithograph, signed and hand numbered by The Fantastic The (John Gourley & Austin Sellers). PTM pics Discogs feedback for references Posters shipped in tube. US only PM offers
  2. ***Limited Edition Version: Edition of 350 hand-numbered copies, comes with alternate screen-printed wrap around sleeve with photo insert, wax sealed, pressed on Forest Green color vinyl, and available by mail-order only. ONE PER PERSON LIMIT.*** NB: 7 dollar mark-up for the limited edition vs. standard black. Here's hoping that alternate sleeve will justify the cost somewhat. The new single is literally perfect. My first fave track of the year. Bold choice to ditch the reverb and let that Neil Finn warble shine through. I love it and I hope it pays off.
  3. Happy New Year to all of you fine people out there! Thank you for your support in 2017, and here's to another year of great releases, record fayres and in store events!!! January sale currently on, click here for more info >>> http://bit.ly/2Cai4PQ
  4. Wet Trident - Double Exposure Limited to 50 copies. https://likeyoungrecords.bandcamp.com/album/double-exposure Use code: CEREAL for 30% off your order!
  5. Omnian: https://www.omnianmusicgroup.com/collections/cascine/products/willowbank Bandcamp: https://yumizouma.bandcamp.com/ Just over a year after releasing their lauded debut LP, Yoncalla, Yumi Zouma return with Willowbank, the band’s sophomore album. Limited edition (1000) Willowbank 12"s are pressed on baby blue vinyl and include sheet music for album highlight 'Carnation’ printed on premium cotton paper. Select limited edition LPs will also include hidden entry tickets to invite-only release parties in New York City and Los Angeles, featuring live and DJ sets from the band. For the making of Willowbank, Yumi Zouma's members — Charlie Ryder, Josh Burgess, Christie Simpson and Sam Perry — settled on a plan to reunite for the New Zealand summer. To complete what would become their first significant work written and recorded entirely in their home country, they rented a studio in Christchurch’s semi-demolished CBD, on one of the few remaining blocks that still characterizes the city from before it was destroyed by a series of earthquakes. “It was as though there was a brief pause in all of our lives and we finally felt like a band from New Zealand,” said Burgess. “We were on home turf and creating from a place that felt fundamentally natural.” When you know it’s there, the feeling of rootedness is undeniable on Willowbank. Being connected to their origins on the bottom of the earth allowed the band’s members to craft another essential chapter in the Yumi Zouma storybook.
  6. You can Pre-Order the new full length debut album from Regarde (Indie/Emo/Post Hardcore) from Italy, called “Leavers” out on October 6th via Wiretap Records. Pressed on 12" Milky Clear vinyl and a bundle that includes a Limited (12x12 inches) Analogic Photo, Hand Numbered and Signed by the author, which is the photo used for the cover art. The record was recorded by Jason Maas of Defeater / Death of a Nation and producer of bands like Title Fight, Citizen, Somos, Ceremony. If these bands are your deal, this is right up your alley. FFO: Citizen, Moose Blood, Turnover. Watch Music Video for "Patterns" off the album - https://goo.gl/q8jQGm Pre-Order 12" LP - https://goo.gl/oJdh1e
  7. Angus & Julia Stone will be releasing their fourth studio album titled "Snow" this Friday. Preorders are up for two different variants: White: https://www.amazon.com/Snow-2LP-White-Gram-Vinyl/dp/B073RQPJ3J/ref=tmm_vnl_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1505360281&sr=8-1 Blue: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/Whats-Hot/pop/snow-jb-hi-fi-exclusive-sky-blue-vinyl/459523/
  8. I am opening up a brick and mortar store in NYC that will be specializing in collectable, rare and out of print indie / punk / emo / etc.. we're not opening for two months but I am currently looking for collections or valuable rare independent records. the store will be different from other stores in the fact that everything we will carry will be out of print. we will carry test pressings, one of kind items, along with some inexpensive out of print records .. please contact here . thanks. Kristian also for all those who care. we have an instagram set [email protected]
  9. thefrenchkiss.bandcamp.com preorder the record here: nuclearage.bandcamp.com
  10. Have a lot of records I'm letting go of to hopefully get together a little extra money for a down payment on a house. Take a look through and send me a message if you see some you like. Will make deals for bundles. SHIPPING 1-2 records: $5 3-4 records: $2 5+ records: FREE 12” AFI - Burials (black) $15 Agitator - Bleak (clear/white mix/215) $15 Alpha & Omega - Life Swallower (green w/ black/300) $10 Backtrack - Darker Half (black/white split/1000) $20 Backtrack - Lost In Life (clear/swatches/300) $25 Balance and Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing (half transparent blue/half opaque red/500) $15 Balance and Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing (hot pink opaque/red haze/500) $15 Balance and Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing (opaque fuchsia/1000) $15 Balance and Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing (opaque yellow/4000) $15 Balance and Composure/Tigers Jaw - Split (gold/500) $15 Battery - Whatever It Takes (orange/700) $10 Blistered - The Poison of Self Confinement (clear purple/500) $15 Caroline Rose - I Will Not Be Afraid (black) $5 Circle Storm - Character Assassin (clear)$15 Code Orange Kids - Love Is Love // Return To Dust (white/2040) $10 Cold World - How The Gods Chill (opaque blue/328) $20 Dag Nasty - Minority of One (green/700) $10 Daisyhead/Have Mercy - Split (clear/300) $10 Endeavor - Constructive Semantics (black) $10 Expire - Pendulum Swings (coke bottle/black splatter/300) $40 Farside - Rochambeau (clear green/558) $10 Foundation - Turncoat (green/300) $20 Gameface - Every Last Time (gold/700) $10 Give - Electric Flower Circus (EU green/100) $20 Give - Singles Going Confetti (picture disc/ 45/200) $20 Give - Sonic Bloom (red/300) $10 Go It Alone - Histories (white/720) $15 Ignite - Call on My Brothers (purple/538) $10 Insted - Proud Youth: 1986-1991 (clear/700) $20 Judge - Bringin' It Down (purple/25th anniversary/1096) $20 Killing The Dream - Fractures (transparent ice blue/1000) $15 Killing The Dream - Lucky Me (light green/black half and half/700) $15 Lions Lions - To Carve Our Names (white/200) $5 Mindset - Collections (clear/500) $15 Mindset - Leave No Doubt (clear/300) $30 Nirvana - Nevermind (180g black) $20 Now, Now - Neighbors (clear mint green/500) $20 O'Brother - Basement Window (black/etched/1000) $10 Outspoken - A Light In The Dark (red/200) $30 Pomegranates - Everything is Alive (opaque green/200) $5 Puig Destroyer - Puig Destroyer (white/heavy red splatter/700) $15 Stick Together - Stick Together (clear/200) $15 The Carrier - Blind To What Is Right (pink/maroon mix/700) $15 The Devil Wears Prada - 8:18 (black) $15 Their/They're/There - Their/They're/There (seafoam green/1000) $20 Transit - Stay Home (deep purple/kelly green/oxblood tri-color/500) $10 True Love - New Young Gods (mint/150) $30 Turnstile - Nonstop Feeling (black/300) $40 Vales - Clarity (clear/black mix/300) $5 Various Artists - CMJ 2014 Fall Sampler (black/150) $10 Various Artists - Live At Reflections Fest (black/900) $10 Verse - From Anger And Rage (red w/ black splatter euro tour/275) $30 Westpoint - Dive (red/100) $10 Wolves At Bay - Only A Mirror (coke bottle clear/200) $5 7” Adventures - Clear My Head With You (coke bottle subscription/200) $5 Aficionado - Empty (white subscription/200) $5 Alpha & Omega - Devil's Bed (blue/600) $5 Backtrack - The '08 Demo (winter tour/clear 70/75) $15 Beltaine - Beltaine (black) $5 Better Than A Thousand - Self Worth (blue/300) $15 Better Than A Thousand - Self Worth (Japan edition/black) $15 Better Than A Thousand/28 Days - Split (transparent blue) $15 Better Than A Thousand/Face Of Change/28 Days - Split (red cover/white vinyl 428/1000) $15 Boysetsfire - Consider (black/screened cover) $5 Build & Destroy - Demo 2010 (purple swirl/300) $15 Build & Destroy - Map Of The Heavens (purple/300) $15 Chokehold - Tooth and Nail (clear/euro/200) $25 Clearsight - Demo 2008 (black/400) $5 Cruel Hand - Born Into Debt, We All Owe a Death (baby blue w/ orange splatter/250) $5 Cruel Hand - Vigilant Citizen (white/700) $5 Eventide - Intervention (black) $5 Expire - Sink With Me (clear/700) $5 Expire - Sink With Me (green/white w/o sleeve/8) $25 Farside - Keep My Soul Awake (blue/700) $10 Fell To Low - Sensible Sounds of Men (black/250) $5 Fiddlehead - Out of the Bloom (black/700) $10 Fiddlehead - Out of the Bloom (green/300) $35 Give - I Am Live (yellow/200) $10 Have Heart - 2003 Demo (coke bottle clear/100) $10 Heartside - The Triumph of the Will (black) $5 Incendiary/Suburban Scum - Split (gold/500) $10 Incurable Complaint - Incurable Complaint (black) $5 Losin' It - Danger Zone (coke bottle clear/125) $15 Mainstrike - Times Still Here (black/1700) $10 Malfunction - Finding My Peace (red/542) $5 Messengers - No Shelter (green/100) $5 Mindset - Nothing Less (black/1000) $5 Miracle Drug - Demo 2015 (clear orange/102) $15 Now Denial - Brothers Not Fighting (black/400) $5 Outspoken - The Current (green/77) $30 Pianos Become The Teeth - Close (white/blue/clear swirl/RSD) $15 Propagandhi - Where Quality is Job #1 (black/gray) $25 Quicksand - Quicksand (black/300) $10 Quicksand - Quicksand (blue/1103) $10 Quicksand - Quicksand (red/1097) $10 Rain On The Parade - Fired Up! (black/700) $15 Rain On The Parade - Full Speed Ahead (black/756) $15 Reach The Sky - Everybody's Hero (black/1727) $5 Remission - Winds of Promise (black/400) $5 Safe And Sound - The Tides (blue/200) $10 Sheer Terror - Spite (brown/black splatter/1000) $5 True Identity - Demo '15 (black/518) $5 Turnstile - Pressure To Succeed (blue/830) $20 Turnstile - Step 2 Ryhthm (baby blue/1000) $10 Unity - You Are One (clear/550) $15 Various Artists - Only The Strong: The Compilation (green cover/black/???) $10 Youth Of Today - Youth Of Today (black/first press/colored insert/5000) $10
  11. Hey everyone! I started a record label out of my bedroom called Temporary Enjoyment. We'll be doing limited runs of cassettes and vinyl and we'll be giving them away with some extras. Our first album is Brittle Brian's fantastic 2015 LP Verisune. 9 tracks of wonderfully twisted bedroom pop centered around love The release is limited to 50 red shell cassettes that are dubbed on high bias cobalt C64 tape. Each order will come packaged with sunflower seeds to plant and imported Italian citrus hard candies. Going on sale Friday 6/17 around 12pm EST on our bandcamp page. https://temporaryenjoyment.bandcamp.com/releases
  12. Tokyo Police Club has released Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness (Parts 1 and 2) for the first time on vinyl on 2x12" transparent blue and yellow vinyl. Each order also comes with an additional 7" flexi disk. Limited to 500 copies. https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/frontpage/products/melon-collie-and-the-infinite-radness-deluxe Bundle Details: Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness Deluxe 2x12" "All Directions" Clear 7" Flexi (Deluxe Exclusive, Limited to 500) Organic Sugar Baby Watermelon Seed Packet Randomly Inserted 11" Watermelon Beach Balls Vinyl Details: Translucent Blue & Yellow Vinyl (Limited to 500) Screen Printed B-Sides Printed Euro Style Inner Sleeves Printed Lyric Insert Digital Download Card TRACKLISTING: Not My Girl PCH The Ocean Losing You Please Don't Let Me Down My House Awesome Day Hang Your Heart Living Like This Vertigo All Directions (Bonus Track on Bonus 7" Flexi)
  13. Cheap af sale

    Will not ship outside of the U.S. add 4 bucks for shipping. CASSETTES: blink 182 - enema of the state - 8 blink 182 - TOYPAJ - 8 Dum Dum girls - Blissed out (v rare art fag records) - red - 14 here we go magic - a diffrent ship - metallic blue #34/500 - 2 white fang - high expectations - clear 2 MGMT - alien days (rsd exclusive) sealed - 8 batman forever soundtrack - 1 7" 2 - Allison Weiss - making it up - brown2 - Alkaline Trio - help me2 - Best Coast - The only place/storms4- Best Coast/Jeff the brotherhood - pink30- Blink - 182 - lemmings (original press black) 4- Blink- 182 - the came to conquer Uranus ( I have a white, red, purple) take your pick 8- Bloc Party - The prayer8- Bloc Party - I still remember 8- Bloc Party - one more chance8 - Bloc Party - so here we are/ the marshals are dead - grey8 - Bloc Party - The Pioneers - pic disc4 - Dum Dum Girls - bang bang I'm a burnout - blue4 - Dum Dum Girls - Rimbaud Eyes - sealed4 - Foster the people - ruby/ broken jaw - yellow8 - Japandroids - younger us - clear 8 - Japandroids - The house that heaven built - clear 8 - Japandroids - heavenward Grand Prix - clear4- Jeff the brotherhood - dark energy - sealed3 - Johnny Hostile - show me the moon6 - The joy formidable - I don't want to see you like this - pic disc4 - Matt & Kim - Daylight4 - Matt & Kim - Cameras3 - The pains of being pure at heart - Everything with you - Blue3- The pains of being pure at heart - higher then the stars - clear5- Portlandia - dream of the 90s - clear3 - Sexy kids - sisters are forever - pink2 - someone still loves you Boris Yeltsin - puzzle3 - Toro y moi - so many details 6- Transplants - dj, dj - pic disc 5 - the white stripes - hand springs - red 3 - Wild Flag/ mission of Burma split - white3 - Wild Nothing - shadow3 - The XX - Angels/ chained 3 - Veronica falls - Bad feeling 3 - Veronica falls - Teenage 3 - Veronica falls - My heart beats 3- Veronica falls - Waiting for something to happen 3 - Veronica falls - Broken toy 10" 6 - Transplants - Gangsters and Thugs - shaped pic disc 10 - Atmosphere and the Uncluded - RSD pic disc 6 - Kitten - cut it out 8 - Haim - don't save me - White 12" 5 - Candy hearts - the best way to disappear 5 - Candy hearts - everything is amazing and nobodys happy 10 = cat power - you are free 10 - crystal castles ii 8 - dum dum girls - end of daze - clear 8 - dum dum girls - too true - baby blue 6 - bright eyes - every day and every night 2 -branes - perfection condition 10 - brand new - daisy 25 - bon iver -s/t - red 5 - bon iver - blood bank 8 - bleachers - strange desire - clear 4 - big dick - s/t - marble green 6 - au revoire simone - move in spectrums - magenta 5 - After dark 2 - italians do it better - clear 10 - twin shadow - confess - yellow 10 - motion city soundtrack - even if it kills me 8 - diarrhea planet - im rich beyond your wildest dreams - gold 2 - feeding people - s/t 8 - foals - holy fire 5 - frankie rose - interstellar 5 - friends - manifest 10 = gap dream - shine your light - magenta (glow in the dark) 4 - girls names - the new life 4 - girls names - the next life 4 - howler - america give up 5 = jeff the brotherhood - heavy days 10 - joyce manor - cody 5 = king tuff - live at third man 5 - man overboard - before we met.. - tri-spli 4 - m83 - reunion 10 - pinback - information retrieved 4 - rush - fly by night 10 - scott pilgram movie soundtrack 5 - the shins - oh inverted world 6 - the smiths = panic boot 20 - the smiths- rank 10 - speedy ortiz - real hair - orange 6- still corners - strange pleasures - clear 6 - tancred - s/t 10 - veronica falls - covers vol. 2 6 - veronica falls - s/t 30 - veronica falls s/t - blue 6 - the thermals - fucking a 6 - tennis - young and old 6 - teen - the way and color 75 - tegan and sara - vinyl boxset 10 = tegan and sara - heartthrob 40 - Joyful noise 2013 flexi series. never played. clear flexis. in a screen printed wood box. all hand numbered. artists are: birthmark built to spill and helvetia hella here we go magic melvins mike adams at his honest weight monotonix rob crow son lux sufjan stevens and cat martino the sea and cake why
  14. Searching for a copy of Grandview's Everything Between Paint and a Wall on vinyl. If anyone is willing to sell, feel free to message/notify me. Looking to buy between $60-$75 but willing to negotiate.
  15. Lot of OG Bedhead records - the 3 LPs + 'The Dark Ages' 10". All VG+ or better; just a few minor jacket dings on LPs, 10" has a crease to the upper-left corner and old price sticker. $70ppd in the US. First time selling on this sub-forum, but I run Deep Space Recordings, and post a bunch on the shoegaze threads - and have sold to a bunch of folks there.
  16. 1. the things we could be 2. sequin lights 3. hard to forget 4. the roof of your room Pressing info: 10 Test Press 200 Bronze vinyl 300 Black vinyl New band from Norway that ties well into that 90s emo sound heard in bands such as Rainer Maria, Mineral, Christie Front Drive, JeJune etc. Members of Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson (Count Your Lucky Stars records) and Wits End (adagio830) among others. Vinyl available from a bunch of labels across the world: Adagio830 (Germany) Beth Shalom records (UK) Friend of Mine records (Japan) How is Annie records (Norway) Lilla Himmel (Norway) Middle-man records (US) Siste Sukk Tapes & Records (Norway) strictly no capital letters (UK) Time as a color (Germany) Worried Songs (UK) Bandcamp: https://lillahimmel.bandcamp.com/album/you-could-be-a-cop
  17. Beach House have announced the release of their B'Sides and Rarities album up for preorder now over at Sub Pop. Loser Edition is on clear vinyl: https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/beach_house/b_sides_and_rarities Tracklist below: B-Sides and Rarities: 01 Chariot 02 Baby 03 Equal Mind 04 Used to Be (2008 Single Version) 05 White Moon (iTunes Session Remix) 06 Baseball Diamond 07 Norway (iTunes Session Remix) 08 Play the Game (Queen Cover) 09 The Arrangement 10 Saturn Song 11 Rain in Numbers 12 I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun 13 10 Mile Stereo (Cough Syrup Remix) 14 Wherever You Go
  18. WTB: Anathallo CD's & Records

    Looking for any and every Anathallo CD & vinyl record, except Canopy Glow. Thank you!
  19. Phoenix have announced their sixth studio album called Ti Amo out June 9 via Glassnote Records. Preorder the album here: http://wearephoenix.com/shop/
  20. Deer Leap - Wind & Words Pressing info: 100 Rhodamine Red Shipping on/around: June 20 Pre-Order: http://store.likeyoungrecords.com/product/deer-leap-wind-words-cs
  21. Figured a couple people here would be into this! I Wish I Could Skateboard is an emo / indie band from Boston, Mass. Currently they have two EPs up on Bandcamp. Both have also been pressed on tape and are limited to fifty. To me they sound very much like a Run For Cover band. I Appreciate Your Lack Of Confidence Clear Black With White Text /50 Get it here for $5 Listen Alternative Lifestyle Turquoise With White Text /50 Get it here for $5 Listen
  22. Hazel English will release her first full-length LP Just Give In/Never Going Home, compiling her debut EP alongside six new tracks. The album will be available on May 12th. It is currently up for preorder in an “Early Bird Edition” that is limited to 300 and is a split light blue/pink 2xLP. It is also available in a 180-gram light blue/light yellow 2xLP. Her first EP is OOP and a tough one to get ahold of so might want to act quick if you want the early bird. https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/product/just_give_innever_going_
  23. http://www.goodcyte.com/records/ It's brand new. Prices range from $1 for the obscure to $1400 for the hard to find. They'll be adding new stuff all the time. I'm working with them for Misfits-related stuff, so there's that section. Check their instagram for discount codes: https://www.instagram.com/punkrecordstokyo/
  24. RAC has announced his second full-length album out via Counter Records title EGO. Available in limited edition clear vinyl as well as the standard black here: https://ninjatune.net/release/rac/ego Tracklist is as follows: 1. Fever (feat. KNA) 2. I Still Wanna Know (feat. Rivers Cuomo) 3. Nobody (feat. Chaos Chaos) 4. Unusual (feat. MNDR) 5. This Song (feat. Rostam) 6. No One Has to Know (feat. Joywave) 7. The Beautiful Game (feat. St. Lucia) 8. Johnny Cash (feat. Scavenger Hunt) 9. It's a Shame (feat. Pink Feathers) 10. Be (feat. Jordan Corey) 11. Heartbreak Summer (feat. K.Flay) 12. Find a Way (feat. ALICE MK) 13. Heavy (feat. Karl Kling) 14. End
  25. Avantgade pop band Cigarettes After Sex have announced their latest album due out June 9th on Partisan Records. Comes on standard black vinyl or picture disc in a variety of different bundles. Preorder is here: https://partisan-records.myshopify.com/collections/cigarettes-after-sex Lead single is "Apocalypse" and can be heard below: