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Found 8 results

  1. Beginner’s Guide to Hi–Fi Created to hopefully aid anyone venturing into this stressful, beautiful hobby. I will update this with more information whenever I have time to waste. Anyone is welcome to chime in. Basic Hi-Fi Chain: SOURCE -> AMPLIFICATION -> SPEAKERS (click to jump to section) The source component reads the recorded information and translates it into the signal that will be later perceived as sound. Amplification takes that signal and amplifies it (no, really?) in order to make it strong enough to move the drivers of the speaker. A speaker is a collective of drivers that are moved by the signal, producing air pressure in front of them which to us, mortal beings, means hearing sound. When putting together a hi-fi setup, always keep in mind: The end result will only be as good as the weakest link. Buying an expensive turntable and a good phono preamp is useless if you're using cheap computer speakers. By no means should you decide to just get a shitty turntable then. Instead, think carefully how to ration your budget across all important components. Jump to setting up & use: SOURCE, AMPLIFICATION, SPEAKERS LIST OF RECCOMENDED EQUIPMENT FOR DIFFERENT BUDGETS
  2. Hey, I have an Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable with the standard AT95E cartridge. I have old records from the 60's and 70's and wanted to what needle is the best for the old vinyl. I don't need anything crazy, but just an upgrade to improve the sound and feel. Thank you.
  3. It looks like they share the same manual and im being offered one for cheap. Just want to make sure i can use the needle from the KD-291R since i cant find one for the RC. Whats the difference anyways? And does it have a preamp built in?
  4. I'm trying to replace the needle on my Crosley Executive, and I don't know the difference between the NP1 needle or the NP6 needle. Which one should I get? They both have diamond tips. Or should I even get those ones? It's my first time replacing the needle and I don't know what to get. Thanks everyone
  5. Cartridge trouble

    I recently replace the needle on my cartridge, and I've been noticing that the cartridge has been or has gotten extremely close to dragging along my records. I have a Shure M44G cartridge and I have the N44G needle that pairs with it. I know those aren't super high quality products, but I didn't have this problem before I replaced my needle, and I've been noticing some light surface noise-like sounds on brand new records with this needle. I keep the tracking force around .75 grams, which is the recommended tracking force. Any ideas?
  6. Hey Guys, I'm still new to this stuff, so if i'm missing something obvious, go easy. I've had my player since Christmas of 2012, but have been using it pretty heavily since December 2013. Lately i've been having an issue where it is either skipping through some of the records, or it sounds like the cartridge or something is also rubbing against the record, along with the Needle. I tried recalibrating the arm, and I think i've got that down, but the issue remains. Is it time for a new needle? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  7. Sound off on Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop, review the reviewer and his reviews. Curious how y'all feel about this dude/his reviews...
  8. So, I've had my record player for about a year now. It's an ION Profile Pro. Lately, when I've been playing my records, they sound fine in the beginning, but when it gets to about the last two songs, the sound starts to get really scratchy and you can't understand it very well. Any ideas?