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Found 3 results

  1. Odesza have announced the release of their second album A Moment Apart out September 8th. Preorder bundles are live on their website here: http://odesza.com They're also pressing their earlier EPs Summer's Gone and My Friends Never Die which I'm beyond excited about. A Moment Apart: 01 Intro 02 A Moment Apart 03 Higher Ground [ft. Naomi Wild] 04 Boy 05 Line of Sight [ft. WYNNE and Mansionair] 06 Late Night 07 Across the Room [ft. Leon Bridges] 08 Meridian 09 Everything at Your Feet [ft. The Chamanas] 10 Just a Memory [ft. Regina Spektor] 11 Divide [ft. Kelsey Bulkin] 12 Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings 13 La Ciudad 14 Falls [ft. Sasha Sloan] 15 Show Me 16 Corners of the Earth [ft. RY X]
  2. Odesza has opened up preorders for a limited 10" EP on their website that has their new track "Light" featuring Little Dragon along with some live cuts of a few of their other big hits. This was an instant buy as I'm a huge fan of their style of music. http://store.odesza.com/products/light-ep-10-in-return-deluxe-edition-download
  3. http://store.odesza.com/products/light-ep-10-in-return-deluxe-edition-download you can listen to the new single here: https://soundcloud.com/odesza/light-feat-little-dragon