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Found 65 results

  1. For trade or sale. My official want list is small, but there are significant gaps in my shoegaze experience, so message me if something you think I might like and haven't checked out yet. I think I'm easy to work with and make sure you come out ahead for agreeing to the trade -- within some sane reason of course -- otherwise I'd just do another giveaway. Even will consider shoegaze CDs and tapes from the 90's as well. If you think the price is high just shoot me an offer. Shipping is $3.50 LP, $4 2xLP, $5 max shipping My Want List My Deadformat List - feel free to shoot me a message on anything Discogs Stuff atm Test Pressings: Junius: Junius Comp 2xLP Test Press #5/10 Foam Jacket, hand numbered by the band - $49 Aidan Baker: Already Drowning LP Test Press /5 with poster and swag - $50 Have A Nice Life: Deathconsciousness 2xLP Test Press (unnumbered but labeled) Camera Shy: Jack O’Lantern 12” TP #3/20 - $29 Camera Shy: Crystal Clear 7” TP #17/20 - $25 Helms Alee: Weatherhead 2xLP TP #20/30 - $59 Beware of Safety: dogs #8/10 Test Press - $120 12" Beware Of Safety: Dogs /100 Yellow - $25 Jakob: Sines 2nd /100 Clear w/ Orange Swirl and Clear w/ Red Swirl - $25 Hum: You’d Prefer An Astronaut LP Clear - $25 Deafheaven: New Bermuda /500 Pink and White (UK, sealed) - $14 with stickers, poster, other jank Lowtide: S/T LP 2nd /300 Red (sealed) - $13 Year Of No Light: Ausserwelt 1st /500 Black - $10 Superheaven: Jar LP 3rd /500 Kelly Green w/ Black Splatter Junius: Martyrdom… 2xLP Clear/Bronze /30 Error Labels (hand made cork Moth Jacket) - $29 -pictures on request Beware of Safety: Leaves & Scars 2xLP /100 Blue - $24 Beware of Safety: Leaves & Scars 2xLP /100 White with Black Streaks - $14 Beware of Safety: Leaves & Scars 2xLP /300 Brown - $10 Beware of Safety: It is Curtains LP /200 Red with Black Swirl - $15 Beware of Safety: It is Curtains LP /350 Red with Black Haze - $10 Camera Shy: Camera Shy LP /200 Green - $9 East Of The Wall: Redaction Artifacts /150 Cream - $9 Beware of Safety: It Is Curtains #41/100 (50-60 exist) Black with Silkscreen Jacket Beware of Safety: It Is Curtains /10 Test Press White Label Animals As Leaders: Weightless TP /60 White Label *Serengeti & Sicker Man: Doctor My Patience LP #5/250 - 1st offer will be accepted + $3.50 ship, just be somewhat reasonable *Xiu Xiu: Knife Play LP + 7" Clear #109/250 - 1st offer accepted will be accepted + $3.50 ship, same LSD And The Search For God: Heaven Is A Place /200 Blue (Deep Space) True Widow: Avvolgere /100 Clear (Relapse) Night School: Blush LP #45/250 Yellow - Graveface Record Club Night School/Dott Split: Carousel #132/333 Purple Marble - Graveface Record Club Mono: The Last Dawn/Days Of Darkness 2xLP /150 Marbled Gray (Pelagic) Mogwai: Happy Songs For Happy People LP (Matador) - pristine! The Pirate Ship Quintet: Rope For No Hopers /150 Gold (Denovali) - Junius: Reports From The Threshold Of Death LP #80/100 White (Sheath) Junius: Reports From The Threshold Of Death LP /200 White w/ Blue Haze (Band) Sigur Ros: Kveikur Box Set #331/1000 - 9 x 12" Singles, Instrumental B side; Autographed Art Designs Caspian: Tertia 2xLP 4th /323 Half Black: Half Gold Caspian: You Are The Conductor EP 1st /200 Baby Blue Shy, Low: Binary Opposition EP 2nd /150 Black:Clear - $12 Jakob: Sines 1st /300 Half Red/Half Orange with Black Center Diiv: Oshin LP 2nd press This Will Destroy You: Live 3xLP unplayed, opened to confirm color Black/White/Gray Marble - Junius: Days Of The Fallen Sun EP /200 Black with Ivory Splatter Junius: Martyrdom Of A Catatrophist 2xLP /100 Bronze w/ Black Swirl Cassettes: Cocteau Twins: Heaven or Las Vegas Promo Cassette (Capitol Records) The Verve: No Come Down Promo Cassette A Place To Bury Strangers: A Place To Bury Strangers Casette
  2. Just released an LP/CD for PSYCHIC TEENS from Philly! They have a few records under their belts already. They play really loud goth-y punk/shoegaze/ noise rock.. I dunno, it's pretty hard to nail down really. Either way, they have released a song from the record over at Invisible Oranges here: The records are on yellow and green vinyl (ya know, for maximum fun). If you want to order one or two go here: International orders can go here (for better shipping rates):
  3. Kamikaze Girls' debut full length album 'Seafoam' will be out on Friday June 9th, via Wiretap Records (US) and Big Scary Monsters (UK/RoW). The Leeds, UK duo are debuting a music video for the first track off the album called "Berlin" you can watch below. You can also now Pre-Order the 12" LP pressed on Seafoam with Pink Splatter vinyl (Wiretap Exclusive) and a bundle that includes a limited enamel pin. Pre-Order 12" LP/ Bundle - Watch "Berlin" Music Video -
  4. As discussed, changed this to a Nadja / Baker catch all thread. Feel free to post anything related to Nadja, his solo project or anything else he may be involved in. I know that this is a vinyl specific thread, but I don't think that any of us would be upset if CD/Digital news is shared either.
  5. 50 Light Pink 50 Light Blue
  6. Hey guys, I loved Doubt but can't seem to enjoy this record as much as I wanted to. I have the swirl/splatter variant /300. Anyone interested in trading something for it? PM me! Thanks
  7. Selling the following records: Warpaint - The Fool (minor crease at spine, slight seam split on second LP sleeve, otherwise perfect, vinyl itself in excellent condition and one of the best sounding records I've heard this decade) - $17 Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit (orange vinyl, single LP, played only twice) - $25 LSD and the Search for God - Heaven Is a Place (blue vinyl, opened to check color, never played) - $30 US shipping is $5 for each, or if you want more than one, I can combine for a discount. Inquire about shipping outside US.
  8. Were thrilled to unveil the first song as well as pre-ordera for Draa's latest 7" single "Even in My Dreams (All My Life) b/w "Only Love." Pre-order bundles include a cassette featuring a Part Time Punks session. Cassettes are limited to 50 copies and are going fast. stream: purchase: "The Tempe band's upcoming 7" single "Even in My Dreams (All My Life)", to be released on Funeral Party Records, has those sad, catchy hooks and jangly guitars that make driving around alone late at night seem that bit more dramatic. Youthful but uncertain and confused, the song takes a more shoegaze approach to the subject of a quarter life crisis, as MacAndrew Martin's voice warbles under spacey effects." - Noisey "In the late 80’s and early 90’s there were quite a few bands in the indie scene making fantastic “jangly-pop” taking inspiration from REM and The Smiths. Some noteworthy acts creating these gossamer daydreams were The Ocean Blue, Kitchens of Distinction, The Boo Radleys, Adorable and more. Arizona quartet Draa would fit any playlist including the bands mentioned above—with MacAndrew Martin’s voice channeling a wistful longing that will tear a hole in your heart and your jeans." -
  9. Pre-order for the reissue of In The Presence of Nothing went up today. The /50 pressing is gone. The /300 pressing is still available. No idea if there will be a "regular" pressing afterwards.
  10. Just started listening to these guys and would really love to own a physical copy of these releases. Gleemer - Moving Away Narrow Head - Satisfaction Deafcult - Deafcult (Please give a fair price for this unlike that bs $80 copy on Discogs.) And if you have any suggestions based on these 3 bands I'd love to hear them.
  11. Further Out, the anticipated debut full length from the reclusive Indiana trio Cloakroom, can be defined best as an exploratory sonic mission. From the album’s opener, “Paperweight,” the crushing force of a wall of distorted bass and pounding drumming collapses to uncover the airy, reverb-soaked vocals of guitarist Doyle Martin, who’s carrying a sullen burden that seems just as weighed down. From the headbanging heaviness of “Moon Funeral” to the ethereal moments of songs like “Starchild Skull” and Mesmer,” Cloakroom’s output is the end result of researching seemingly dissimilar elements like atmospheric post-rock, punishingly slow stoner metal, and cathartic emo and how their best qualities can work into a final, organic sound, masterfully navigated by the expert and completely analog production of Matt Talbot. Further Out boasts the timelessness of a classic record: it is expansive and exploratory while still reflective and referential to the astral tendencies of predecessors like Hum and Jesu. Pressing Info: 300 Clear 700 Gold 1000 Black Tracklist: Side A 1. Paperweight 2. Outta Spite 3. Moon Funeral Side B 1. Lossed Over 2. Mesmer 3. Starchild Skull 4. Asymmetrical Side C 1. Clean Moon 2. Sylph 3. Deep Sea Station Side D ∞ Could not be more stoked for this release. I have a feeling this record will be a landmark release for the label and scene, I couldn't be more proud that this band is from my state.
  12. The day is finally upon us. Some of you may remember a 7" lathe I put out last year under the moniker "The Secret Truth of the Universe" (If you don't remember, check it out here:( In a week I am dropping a 6-song cassette EP titled "Our Memories Are All We Have Left" whose sound falls somewhere between shoegaze and bedroom pop. This is how the tape looks: Here is a music video for "Amber's Flesh" from the EP that I directed that was shot on Super 16: The EP will be a co-release between Here Is Nowhere Records and Dead Red Queen Records ( There are only 40 copies of the tape. Dead Red Queen has 15 and I have 25. Once the 25 are gone they are gone! All I'm asking is $8.50 shipped for a copy. Let me know if anyone is interested so I can reserve you a copy. Thanks for the support! P.S. Here is the Discogs listing for the release! UPDATE (10/18/16): Copies are live on the website and the whole EP is up to stream/download: Woo-hoo!
  13. Formed nearly a decade ago, galvanized by Tampa hardcore and inspired by its miscreant noise, A Corpse Wired For Sound signals a new chapter for Merchandise. Following 2014’s After The End — a full-band effort recorded in a closet — the band stripped back to its core of Carson Cox (vocals, electronics), Dave Vassalotti (guitar, electronics) and Pat Brady (bass). The trio travelled to Rosà, Italy for their first ever sessions in a recording studio, with local producer, ICIO. The nine-song nocturnal A Corpse Wired For Sound was recorded half in the studio and half at home, in Tampa as well as Cox’s newly adopted bases of New York and Berlin – the culmination of a long-distance collaboration between Cox and Vassalotti. The album’s metallic title is inspired by a science fiction short story by JG Ballard, but equally sums up the band’s current state of mind. “We were ‘reborn’ as a rock band for After The End," says Vassalotti, “and then we straight-up died again. It couldn’t last. The result is this distended corpse responding to you from both sides of the Atlantic, forever singing in spite of everything.” Cox expands further, “it’s about the truth of growing up. You can’t take your friends or lovers with you. It’s about finding peace with that loneliness.” Limited blue vinyl. 100 pre-orders will receive one of 100 unique collage art pieces by Carson Cox.
  14. Cant believe this hasnt been repped here before but I cant find it. Fantastic shoegaze-y effort from this LA-based quintet, still have the lovely limited splatter vinyl RIYL: the new DIIV
  15. Hey there, the new OLD SOUL - Blue Heron 12" finally arrived at my door and you can order right away! Click here. Thanks! "The newest LP from these six Michigan heroes is nothing short of stunning. Massive movements of post-rock, hardcore, screamo and black metal will give your ears more than they can handle. For fans of: Ostraca, City Of Caterpillar and Deafheaven. Black vinyl. 4 songs." Labels/Stores - please get in touch for trading/wholesale! You can listen to the whole album upfront: Old Soul Bandcamp Please also check: DISCOGS FACEBOOK STORE Also available from OLD SOUL: LENTIC WATERS/OLD SOUL Split LP OLD SOUL - NATURES ARMS ENCIRCLE ALL LP and their buddies: LENTIC WATERS - THE PATH LP Thanks a lot, Fabian
  16. new Kestrels lp up for pre-order - Already posted this in the shoegaze thread, but thought I'd make a separate post. These dudes are friends of mine, features the main guy from We Need Secrets. 90s indie throwback, sounds like a cross between Dino Jr, Ash, and early Promise Ring. They just got off of a leg opening for Kindling and played a secret Dino Jr show too! First 200 lps on Gold w/ purple splatter wax, check out the first track released here:
  17. I'm not sure how to classify this band's sound. I just took some tags off of their Bandcamp. I think they sound a little like Junius. The lathe can be found on their bandcamp and through Battleground Records. Sounds promising. California-based MOUNTAINEER, a newly-found act with the roots of its members tracing to Secrets Of The Sky, Lycus, Lament Cityscape, and others, has completed their first recordings. The band is planning to release their debut record through Battleground Records this Summer, in conjunction with their first live performances. MOUNTAINEER was formed in late 2015 by guitarist Clayton Bartholomew (ex-Secrets Of The Sky, ex-Lycus) and longtime friend, vocalist Miguel Meza. The two demoed out a full album and soon after recruited guitarist Mike McClatchey (Lament Cityscape), drummer Sean McCullough (Lament Cityscape), and bassist David Small to round out the live band. While elements of the more doom-laden, low-end thunder of the creators’ prior works are present in this new act’s sound, MOUNTAINEER displays a dense but accessible, organic style of emotional rock, their output ranging from dense and epic movements to more stripped-down and accessible passages. In March of this year, MOUNTAINEER entered Nu-Tone Studios with engineer Ben Hirschfield to record their debut. While the album is not being released until later this year, the band has decided to release two songs early via a special advance vinyl EP in conjunction with a West Coast tour in August. Bearing the tracks “Coma Fever” and “Siren Song,” the two-song EP will be pressed on a 7″ picture disc lathe cut, limited to 55 copies. The record will only be available atMOUNTAINEER’s upcoming live shows in August, after which any remaining pieces will be sold on the bands webstore. Battleground Records
  18. I cant remember who turned me on to this guy, but his most recent LP appears to still be available, (limited to 100, I think) Produced TacocaTs latest as well as prior albums by Moondoggies and Shabazz Palaces, his solo stuff is Teenage Fanclub mixed with Ride and The Brother Kite, some ambient, some postrock influences, its really really good. His back catalogue really holds up too. Its all ive been listening to for the last few weeks. Anyway, if the tags intrigue you, take a chance on the listen.
  19. Newsletter splat variant of 50 is already sold out. X/100 gray wax looks to be selling fast. Cool vids on youtube - chick drummer.
  20. Oh joy. So these two will be repressed soon enough. Info courtesy of True Widow's instagram.
  21. You can now pre-order Mayfair’s debut LP, “The Ability to Dream” on 12″ vinyl. Dark and haunting is the best way to describe these eight tracks. Creeping and melodic guitar work, thick, heavy bass and straightforward drumming, all paired with slow, drowned out vocals. Lyrically, this record touches on heavy subjects, such as feeling isolated and invisible, and memories of better times with former loved ones. This LP features two singles that were independently released by the band, “Swell” and “Broken Sled”, re-recorded for the record. You don’t want to sleep on this. FFO: Nothing, Cloakroom, Whirr, shoegaze Stream here: Pre-order here:
  22. The special deluxe version of the latest Wildernessking LP is up for order, very good post-black metal from South Africa, grabbed it quickly: 12.2 inch hardcover book coated in grey recycled paper, golden engraving of logo and title, 12 pages of heavy paper giving more focus to the lyrics and additional photos, black vinyl, limited to 66 copies There is a standard version as well in three color variatons:
  23. Hey folks, I help out a bit with Little L Records, an Irish label that's been releasing limited-run tapes (and occasionally records) for the past few years. We've now got nearly 100 releases spanning diverse styles/genres/continents under our belt and are excited for what's yet to come. A few of our most popular release include titles by Panucci's Pizza, flatsound, and Yvette Young. You can check out our almost entirely free digital back catalogue on Bandcamp. And read up on our artists or browse our store on Limited Run. If you've grabbed tapes from us in the past, it'd be cool to see some pictures!
  24. Hey there, since friday the debut album by german black metal band 'Boden' is available. "Boden is a six-piece from Stuttgart / Germany, formed by members of Wølfenstein, Loner and Loose suspense. Influences vary – loud/quiet, drone, doom, shoe gaze, black metal, pop acts, post-rock ensembles. This is their first album, now to be released as one-sided EP through Holy Goat Records, revolvermann records and Meta Matter Records. The 20 minutes of dark droney shoegaze blacked kind of metal were pressed on black vinyl, which comes with a screen print on the B-side, lyric poster and in rough and heavy cardboard. It was recorded in february 2015 by Jan Woldt and later mixed and mastered by Role at „ Die Tonmeisterei“." ~ listen: ~ buy:
  25. I was variant collecting Pity Sex, but gave up a while ago. Still have these kicking around and I'm eager to see them go. Willing to make deals. I just want these gone. 7" Adventures Split - Clear with Splatter /750 (1st Press) Adventures Split - Orange/White Aside/Bside / 1000 (2nd Press) Adventures Split - White/Black Split with Splatter / 1000 (2nd Press) Euclid - Half Green / Half White with Gold Splatter 12" Dark World - Black /300 (1st Press on Forward Records) Dark World - Cream / 300 (2nd Press) Dark World - Pink /200 (2nd Press) Feast of Love - Blue/White Split with Splatter (Banquet Exclusive) / 200 (4th Press) Feast of Love - Honey Gold/Cream Starburst / 749 (3rd Press) Feast of Love - Lilac / 400 (1st Press)