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Found 53 results

  1. Cassette storage

    Funny that with cassettes being popular again there's not much in the way of storage options for them. Looking for something in the same black/brown color option IKEA uses for my collection. Anyone know anything that's being built/sold currently out there in the market?
  2. /200 white /300 clear Includes instant download. http://www.lauren-records.com/products/598015-ajj-back-in-the-jazz-coffin-cs
  3. List: So far we have: - Shitty Rambo - andy. - Santa Bateman - Rock Puppetz - Zeb_Enjoys_Vinyl Mixtapes - dkrtz - thefavoriteplay(?) - erikness - Fowty Dollaz - nostalgicbummer - backdrifter Just comment or PM me when you are partnered up and I'll strike out your name. Once one "transaction" is over, if you want to sign up for a different partner, I'll remove the strikethrough. Let's keep it civil and fun! Of course you can work out the details how ever you see fit, but if I trade with someone I see no reason we can't each cover the cost of shipping our mixtape (it should be the same each way). OP: I don't know if this is allowed or not, but andy. had a great idea and think it could be fun. If not then mods feel free to delete. We could trade mixtapes based on tastes wanted. For instance I like punk, folk, "indie rock," unique hip hop/ rap, and some metal. So, I could request a punk mixtape in exchange for your requests. Most of us have our collections available to develop ideas. This could be sender funded, requestor funded, or whatever is worked out between users. Hopefully individual transactions could be communicated via PMs and have wants/ requests posted here. I know it's KIND OF a sell-based idea, but hopefully the trade aspect keeps it friendly. Mixtapes were big when I was a kid, but this could be a fun thing amongst users. A little more old school than sending a link to bandcamp.
  4. New Vinyl Lathe press /21 release by Limousine out (7/4), awesome vaporwave tunes on limited vinyl! Tapes /50 are also available with OBI's and other cool shit: LINK EDIT: TOKYO DOME
  5. So lately my cassette collection has been growing at a pretty fast rate and I want to find something to properly store them. As of right now I just have my tapes stacked on my shelf but I have a lot of new tapes incoming so I won't be able to do this for much longer. I have done some research and what I've found so far is either a little pricy, way to big for what I'm looking for, or doesn't have enough slots for the tapes I have. I'm looking for something that is 3'x3' max that preferably has multiple drawers or shelves that I can put the tapes in. It needs to hold at least 90 tapes since my collection is growing fast and anything under 90 will fill up in no time. If its portable that would be huge since I would like to bring my collection back and forth to school. From checking other threads it appears most people have gotten lucky from going to thrift shops and finding something that is a perfect fit for what they're looking for, however if anyone has any suggestions I definitely want to hear them!
  6. SRC just announced a pre-order for 4 blink albums. 3 Tape variants each, at $11.99 each. Self Titled Enema Dude Ranch Mark, Tom & Travis Show
  7. For sale: All Basement band tapes

    Selling these basement tapes.....all like new two songs - red, green, blue, yellow songs about the weather promise everything - blue, red promo tape i wish I could stay here colour me in kindness
  8. We are having a huge holiday sale, almost everything is 25% off (except new releases). That includes all of our distro titles as well, No Code needed. We have Punk/Hardcore/Rock/LP's /7"/CD's/Tapes/Shirts/ and Skateboards. go check it out and pick up some stuff or yourself or a friend. We throw free stuff in every order. cointossrecords.com
  9. Today we are extremely excited to announce that we will be releasing Park's Lobster Records discography on cassette tape. In honor of "Building A Better ______" turning 10 years old this year, the band, Lobster Records and SDR have been working on reissuing these albums on cassette for months. All 3 acclaimed albums will be available on cassette tape for the very first time, with variants picked by Park's Ladd Mitchell. Each album is limited to 50 (25 of each variant) and include 4 panel j-cards w/ lyrics, credits, and photography/art. Pre-Order: http://bit.ly/ParkCassettes Individual album links below ---------------------------------- "No Signal": http://bit.ly/ParkNoSig "It Won't Snow Where You're Going": http://bit.ly/ParkIWS "Building A Better ______": http://bit.ly/ParkBAB
  10. WTB Alex G - RACE cassette

    Hit me up if you got one you'd sell, it's all I need.
  11. Looking to buy the tape of Sunchokes by S P O R T S. Let me know if you have it please!
  12. Deadhorse - "Decay" now available on Cassette / CD / Digital Download. This is an official release of the MMXIII Demos. Tapes/CDs are in hand and shipping this week. Less than 50 of each format available. Each format comes with a free patch. Limited edition shirts / bundles also available. Purchase - www.talismancreative.storenvy.com Free Download - www.deadhorse.bandcamp.com
  13. Still in shrink-wrap, new old products from a record company storage warehouse. CASSETTE TAPES: Still sealed... Sonny Landreth (Legendary Blues Rock Slide Guitarist) Blues Attack Blues Unlimited 5012-4 Sonny Landreth & Bayou Rhythm Way Down In Louisiana Blues Unlimited 5026 The Strollers (Old School Rock) self titled Master-Trak 5038 Motivators (Southern Blues Rock) Motivate Blues Unlimited 5029 Wayne Toups (Zydeco) Zydecajun Mercury Polygram 846 584-4 Buckwheat Zydeco (Zydeco/Soul) Ils Son Partis Blues Unlimited 5022 Bobby Price (Soul, Northern Soul) Two Trains a'Runnin Blues Unlimited 5025 These are originals from the old days... $6.00 each plus shipping USPS Media Mail: $4 First Class Int: Ask Less in bulk purchases. Contact Email: [email protected] FEEDBACK eBay | Discogs
  14. One of the best things about music is that specific styles can thrive in several different regions all at the same time. Although we can hear similarities, no two acts sound identical. Drawstring is a perfect example of a band that has taken the emo revival sound and infused it with the perfect amount of London, UK garage rock. Like the perfect cocktail of one half Grown Ups, one half Donots, with some Beach Slang and Moose Blood peppered in to taste. This cassette is a compilation the band's first three EPs and includes a bonus track. You can hear them change and grow their sound from a more twinkly emo revival sound to a more raw and mature 'punch to the chest', similar to the Arizona 'bummer jams' sound coined by Merit and shared with similar acts like Pentimento and Dikembe. These tapes were dubbed, hand painted (with bass guitar strings), assembled, and numbered all in house. There are only 25 copies and each tape comes with the MP3s! A-side: 1. Chicago Town 01:22 2. Nothing 02:47 3. This Evening 03:06 4. Wasp 01:45 5. Maybe 01:45 6. Trembling 02:52 7. Waste 01:41 8. Dreaming 03:30 B-side: 9. Goodbye 02:46 10. Chill Pill 03:01 11. Blister 03:45 12. Mountain 03:04 13. Clubhouse 01:29 14. Johnny B Bad 02:30 http://hotvodkarecords.storenvy.com/products/17330505-drawstring-one-two-three https://drawstring.bandcamp.com/
  15. This covers compilation was put together to help raise money for The Trevor Project, an American non-profit organization founded in 1998 and the leading national organization focused on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning and other queer youth. All of these artists went out of their way to help those in need and bring you a really cool collection of songs! The digital version features 6 extra cover songs, and 5 original songs. All cassettes come with a digital version, which features 6 extra cover songs, and 5 original songs. Available in 5 different designs (all limited to 10 each, 50 tapes total): A - Pop-tart B - Oreo C - Splotches D - Zebra Ooze E - Sneeze Cassettes - http://hotvodkarecords.storenvy.com/…/16850760-hvr-charity-… Listen/Digital - https://hotvodkarecords.bandcamp.com/ 1. Ronnie Glenn Williams - The 59' Sound (The Gaslight Anthem) 03:47 2. Muelkik - Louie Louie (The Kingsman) 02:33 3. See More Glass - Lemmings (Blink-182) 02:37 4. Math Jokes - Christmas Card (Joyce Manor) 02:47 5. Formative Years - Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston) 03:32 6. Merit - My Favourite Chords (The Weakerthans) 03:38 7. Micah Schnabel - The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out Of Denton (The Mountain Goats) 02:13 8. Kid Durango - Africa (Toto) 04:00 9. Mike Cruz - Carmelita (Warren Zevon) 02:37 10. Ordet - Sun Hotel Pt. 2 (The Menzingers) 04:48 11. Boy On Guitar - Something In The Way (Nirvana) 03:19 12. Bent Now Broken - Fools Rush In (Elvis Presley) 03:37 13. Crab Legs - Breakin's A Memory (Kid Dynamite) 01:20 14. Patterns in Traffic - The Freshmen (The Verve Pipe) 04:32 15. Charles Ray Hastings Jr. - Elephant (Jason Isbell) 03:55 16. Jon Snodgrass - Splendid Isolation (Warren Zevon) 02:26 17. See More Glass - Two Headed Boy Pt. 2 (Neutral Milk Hotel) 04:27 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18. Yelephants - Tonights The Streets Are Ours (Richard Hawley) - Digital Bonus Track 04:01 19. Johnny Jaramillo - Beach in Hawaii (Bob Marley) - Digital Bonus Track 02:37 20. Daniel Field - Budapest (George Ezra) - Digital Bonus Track 04:16 21. Luke McGowan - My Beloved Monster (Eels) - Digital Bonus Track 02:22 22. Joe Bryant - I Don't Mind cover (Defeater) - Digital Bonus Track 03:40 23. Bear Faces - Floyd The Barber Cover (Nirvana) - Digital Bonus Track 02:09 24. Can't Dance - Sleepwalking (Original Bonus Track) 03:43 25. Royal Oaks - Orange Juice And Toothpaste (Original Bonus Track) 03:29 26. Neal Phile - His Feet Never Touched The Ground (Original Bonus Track) 04:10 27. Neal Phile - What an Excellent Day for an Exorcism 04:34 28. Cat Hair - Bad (Original Bonus Track) 03:51
  16. Guardians Of The Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1 (RSD) Cassette Tape - $15 Saosin - S/T Cassette Tape - $15 all free shipping! would be great if i can ship them together. thanks!
  17. Saosin S/T cassette tape - $30 Saosin S/T Clear with Black Smoke vinyl - $20 Dance Gavin Dance - Acceptance Speech Yellow vinyl - $15 Dance Gavin Dance - Instant Gratification Oxblood vinyl $15 all free shipping
  18. Recently I have looking to get my first portable cassette tape player. I've been using the family boom box for awhile and it works great but I wanted to get something portable that I can bring back and forth to school. I got a Memorex tape player for Christmas but unfortunately it wouldn't play any of my tapes. I'm not sure what model by Memorex it was since I already returned it. Today I demoed an Ion Audio Tape Express Cassette and that did not play my tapes either. The tapes I tested for both of these cassette tape players were Dance Gavin Dance - Instant Gratification and Meshuggah's promo tape for Chaosphere. Both played perfectly on the boom box and neither one is a peculiar sized tape or anything. I am open to all suggestions as far as what portable tape player is best! I don't want to spend more than $100 on a tape player since I feel like it's not worth it for more than $100. Also if anyone has a good portable tape player for sale definitely let me know as well! Thanks for the help!
  19. Hailing from Winnipeg/Edmonton, Canada Boys' Club merges together the perfect blend of US emo revival (think Casper Elgin, Handwriting!) with True North punk (Mockingbird Wish Me Luck, The Sainte Catherines). These cassettes were hand dubbed/painted and come in jewel cases with full color j-cards. Only 25 copies were made, HVR will only have half! Includes digital download or you can hear/download it for free using the link below! Bandcamp - http://bit.ly/1Og5ZNb Order - http://hotvodkarecords.storenvy.com/products/15540663-boys-club-lives-forever *shipping now* 1. Purgatory for Dogs 2. Blue Hair 3. Dolores is Dead (Ft. Jenna Priestner and Nick Fondse) 4. Olive Oil 5. Racinette 6 .Demigods 7. Mary I Hope You're Painting Again
  20. cassette: cyberbully mom club - outdoor activities (second pressing on blue. i think i played this one time) Kill The Intellectuals /Personality Disorders/ Panucci's Pizza/ Flatsound / Emo Side Project split (3/100, on purple.never played) send offers!
  21. I figured Near Mint, Orchid, etc. have threads, why not have a Flesh and Bone one. I posted different threads for separate releases, and this will be a way to just keep it a little cleaner. For those unfamiliar, I run Flesh and Bone Records. I started the label last year, and have put out 13 releases from bands all over the country. Everything has been tape releases so far, and there are 6 new releases in the works at the moment. I also do something called the Flesh and Bone Digital Series which is a bunch of great digital albums available for stream and download for free from amazing artists all over the world. This series is always expanding, with 19 artists and 21 albums available for listeners. Next week, we'll be adding around 25 new artists and 26 new albums, which has been incredible to watch grow. All genres - something for everyone! More on all of that later. First post - new release available today! Brother Cephus - Wounded Hearts 1 & 2 is NOW AVAILABLE to purchase & stream. Limited to /25 red and /25 white tapes. Single tapes are $7, or you can get both variants for only $12. Exclusive shirts are also available in white and red. Listen to the full album here - http://bit.ly/1Bqv7Ii Purchase tapes and shirts here - http://bit.ly/1LDOO14
  22. Human Sounds Records Hey everyone so I have released the first 12 tapes on my label! If you are interested and want to check em out here is a link. http://humansoundsrecords.bandcamp.com HSR-07 The Spires Eternal Yeah https://humansoundsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/eternal-yeah 1. Live At The Ghost Park 2. Moths 3. Nervous System 4. Phantom Headroom 5. Flames (You & I) 6. Rats Win The Last War 7. Chance 8. Cracked Mirror Stare 9. Everyone Went Home 10. Response to An Inquiry 11. Endless Ends Run of blue cassettes limited to 35 copies. HSR-06 Robert Loveless and The Loveland Band S/T https://humansoundsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/robert-loveless-and-the-loveland-band 1. Following Fellow Flowers of Society 2. all ways runnin 3. Columus 4. R & R & B & S 5. Harp Back 6. For Real 7. Jo 8. 1 2 3 4 s e a s o n s 9. till the Final Echo 10. Paul My Car Run of transparent pink cassettes limited to 30 copies. HSR-05 ACAB Rocky groups Cassette https://humansoundsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/groups 1. intro 2. your hair 3. groups 4. among my own 5. wombs 6. flower bed bones 7. i'd like to dim the lights in your eyes 8. marrow 9. no head on ACAB Rocky's third EP! First run of orange cassettes limited to 25 copies. HSR-04 mrs. hopewell brief interviews with suffering artists Cassette https://humansoundsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/brief-interviews-with-suffering-artists 1. on the day you stole home 2. you came to me in a lucid dream 3. baker's dozen 4. reading forster on a beach 5. bill thomas killman 6. talking nubble lighthouse blues 7. like the inferno... 8. denoument Bedroom pop artist mrs. hopewell's first album! First run of aqua cassettes limited to 25 copies. HSR-03 Lunar Eskimo Demo Tapes Cassette https://humansoundsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/demo-tapes 1. Satellite Night 2. August (August Morning) 3. Raincoat 4. Connection 5.Exclamation 6. Touch 7. Lie Down Mother 8. Home First run of red cassettes limited to 25 copies. HSR-02 Whitewash Fraud in Lisbon EP Cassette https://humansoundsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/fraud-in-lisbon 1. Colors // In Absentia 2. Street Faces 3. #1 (YKMR) 4. Logocenter 5.Aquatic Fantasy 6. No Sunglasses First run of cassettes limited to 75 copies. 25 sold by Human Sounds and 50 by the band. HSR-01 Suburban Campers Somerspace Canopy / Suburban Campers EP Dual EP Cassette https://humansoundsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/somerspace-canopy-suburban-campers-ep Side A Somerspace Canopy 1. somerspace 2. canopy 3. buzzlightbeer 4. Major T.O.M. 5. girls 6. *Cassette Exclusive Bonus Track* Side B Suburban Campers EP 1. headlights 2. cool me down 3. kind 4. almonddd song 5. murky waters Limited first run of cassettes limited to 50 copies. First 25 sold will be aqua blue and second 25 will be black. Really excited to finally be putting out some great music from one of my favorite bands. More releases to follow if this goes well. Thanks everyone!
  23. WTB: Vaporwave Cassettes

    After going on a listening binge lately I think I seriously need to ramp up my collection. Looking for any and all cassettes even remotely associated with vaporwave, odds are whatever you got is something I don't have and would enjoy. I don't need Saint Pepsi's Hit Vibes or World Tour or Late Night Delight, and I've already got both YYU tapes. Anything else, shoot me a message.
  24. Hey there, guys and gals of Vinyl Collective! As I've been here a year now, I felt it was time to do a giveaway. I was lucky enough to be chosen winner of Modern Vinyl's Awe Howler contest. The winner received a standard orange copy of Awe Howler's awesome album, Living With Spiders, along with the cassette, and since I already have the deluxe vinyl....I wanted to share the love! This giveaway is simple: Post in this thread saying you want in, and i'll keep a running tally of all entrants. You have until Sunday night at 8:00pm EST to enter. All I ask is for you to cover shipping (est $4ish), which is exclusive to USA only (sorry international peeps). I will pick a random winner using an online generator, and will post in this thread as well as message the winner. And be sure to grab a copy from Butterfly Puke Records. Totally worth it. ENTRANTS: aarondltd Harry Potter EyeWin8 davin0 myfriendpeter Rezqua Super Kami Guru less than drake Dave Grohl For British Eyes Only insectpins KeepDoubting Channing Taint-Yum donnelltech Will From West Philly The Ghost of Randy Savage hxcoliver Cheeseballz Deep steeltoeagogo thefavoriteplay tetsuodaironman andy Using a random number generator, the winning number is 6. REZQUA. Congrats, and thanks to all for entering.
  25. Announced new artist/release today for Flesh and Bone! Really excited about this one. We'll be putting out the debut album "Grammatology" from ADJY! - /50 Transparent tapes with rock etching - custom black kraft cases with gold silkscreen art by Austin of Mind Over Matter Records (thanks buddy!) - 20+ page book with lyrics, essays and original art - Includes digital download - Includes flesh and bone records sticker Track Listing: 1. A Phenomenology of Silicon 2. The Difference Between Art and Decoration is Intent 3. Three 4. Dog Star Down 5. From Jeremiah: The Problem Of Beauty 6. Of Grammatology RIYL - Anathallo, Dignan, Bon Iver, Efterklang Listen to the first 2 songs available here. Whole album will be up after their release show! Pre-order the release for only $7 here. Check out everything else with Flesh and Bone here. Can't wait to release the rest of the songs, this album is seriously incredible. Picks up right where Anathallo left off in the best way possible.