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Found 30 results

  1. Yeah, yeah, I know there's tons of these threads on here, but bear with me. Discogs, and even toolvinyl.com have been disappointingly scarce with some of the details. Because I'm insane, and have no life, I have accumulated this knowledge, and felt like putting it up here. STUDIO ALBUMS: Opiate: 3 pressings. All official, no boots. - 1st pressing was released in 1996. Printed inner sleeve, BLACK center labels. "Parental Advisory" sticker on jacket. "Tool - Opiate" on spine. Worth $50-$70. http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=468462 - 2nd pressing was released in 1999. Generic inner sleeve, white center label. Smaller "Parental Advisory" sticker on jacket. Worth $15-$20 - 3rd pressing was released in 2006. Like the 2nd pressing, generic inner sleeve, white label. "Parental Advisory" printed on the jacket, no sticker. Somewhat blurry, off colored artwork. Everywhere for under $10. http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=4201393 Undertow: 3 pressings, all official. - 1st pressing was released in 1996. Printed inner sleeves, "x-ray" labels. "Parental Advisory" sticker on shrink wrap. Worth $35-$45 http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=763651 - 2nd pressing was released in 1999. Generic inners, plain white labels, "PA" sticker. Worth $25-$30 - 3rd pressing was released in 2006. Follows the same pattern as the Opiate re-presses. Generic inners, white labels, "PA" printed, not stickered. Everywhere for under $20. http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=1157598 - There's also the original 1993 promo w/out "Digustipated" on gray or clear vinyl. Gray is worth $100ish, clear is more like $150. http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=1275319 Ænima: 2 official pressings, and an unknown # of bootlegs. - The 2 official pressings are essentially identical, gatefold jacket, printed inners, black vinyl, ornate grayish center-label. On eBay, they range anywhere from $150 to $400. - It seems there's a huge number of bootlegs bouncing around, but from what I've seen, there might be only 2 (maybe 3?) unofficial pressings, just in a wide range of colors. #1: Gatefold jacket, plain white sleeves, only one insert, plain black center labels w/ only a serial number printed on them. I've seen transparent yellow and transparent green a lot (plenty of talk about them on this forum), but even black, clear blue, clear red, and orange. The jacket itself is very flimsy, and rough. Haven't seen one on the auction sites as frequently anymore, bootleg #2 is far more common now. #2: Gatefold jacket (much sturdier), plain white sleeves, two inserts copying the original inner sleeves, and even the original ornate label artwork. Nicely weighted vinyl on marbled yellow, transparent orange, marbled gray, transparent gold, and some with one of each. Sound quality is nice, maybe not as good as an OP, but usually sells for less than $60. Salival: Bootleg. - Never put out on vinyl by the band, but whoever did, did an excellent job. (which might explain why so many people think it's official) Supposedly "limited to 350 copies". Cool foil-bag serves as an outer packaging type-deal. Colored vinyl, usually gray & clear. Great sound quality. I used to see 'em a lot for $50-$60, but now hard to come by on eBay for under $100. Lateralus: 1 official pressings, a few bootlegs too. - The real one is unmistakable, because of the holographic gatefold and the 180g double picture discs. $35 online or in-store. - There's a blue 12" promo circulating since the release that looks official at first but sounds like trash. . - There's a 2xLP on marbled pink/red, that is clearly fake because the track listing mimics the CD, which was re-ordered for the official release. - And a new boot I've seen has the "eye rings" on it, like the official release (they're positioned differently, so it doesn't look similar), and a photograph of a human eye on the back with the CD track listing sort-of super imposed over it. Labels are each made to look like a miniature version of the picture discs. Sound quality is reportedly below average. 10,000 Days: Bootleg. - This one has some potential; artwork is well made, but printed on a cheaper cardboard. Heavy blue and/or red vinyl, small amount on green, (confirmed) that sounds good but as several people have pointed out, has 2 seconds of silence between tracks, even if they're supposed to fade into each other. This one's sort of a draw, but I don't think Tool are going to press a real one anytime soon. $45 online, sometimes in-store. SINGLES/PROMOS: Prison Sex: 1 single, 1 promo. - UK 12" on gray vinyl. 45rpm, but I read somewhere that copies play 33 1/3 (confirmed) - UK 12" Promo on standard black vinyl. 2 tracks, black label, black die-cut sleeve. Sober: 3 promos. - UK Sober E.P. 12" promo. Black label, black die-cut sleeve. Includes 8x10 glossy band photo w/ press release. - UK 12" promo. Black label, black die-cut sleeve. Side B is "Intolerance (Live)" from Lollapalooza '93. - UK 12" picture disc. Promo. Clear plastic sleeve. (I'm assuming ?) Selections from Ænima: Promo/picture disc. - European 12" pic disc. Comes in printed promotional jacket. Never sold for less than $700-$800. "Cherubrium" artwork on one side, "Tool - Ænima" on the other. Stinkfist: Promo/picture disc. - 10" picture disc given to anyone who bought a copy of Ænima from Best Buy in 1996. "Medicine Twins" artwork on both sides. Housed in clear plastic sleeve. Cesaro Summability: Promo/picture disc. - 12" picture disc, limited to 5000 copies. Comes with a press release to promote Housed in clear plastic sleeve. Lateralus: Promo/picture disc. - 12" picture disc, limited to 500 copies. (confirm?) Contains 6 songs from Lateralus. Housed in Clear plastic sleeve. LIVE BOOTLEGS: Lollapalooza 1993: - 12" on many colors. I've seen Pink, Purple, Blue, and Grey. Sleeve is blank white with a long sticker on the front; although I have seen at least 1 with a black sleeve. Silver labels, sound is okay. Don't spend more than $15 here. MMXII: - Double picture disc. Gatefold sleeve, vinyl is supposedly pretty thick. The recording is from a concert in Charlotte, NC on 02/04/12. I don't own this, so I can't say anything about sound quality, but it looks pretty awesome. Live In Newcastle: - Colored vinyl, just yellow so far. This is brand new, I don't know anything about it. WORTHLESS BOOTLEGS (Just Don't Buy Them): Silver Tongue: - Green colored vinyl. Demos from the 72826 cassette on side A, covers on side B. (Although I don't recall Tool ever covering Sublime.) Pretty much a pointless purchase. Parabol: - Colored vinyl. There's red, blue, black, white, brown, and grey. This has pretty much the exact same side A as Silver Tongue, except Sober is on here. Neat. Side B is also similar, but adds No Quarter from Salival, and that Pink Floyd cover that Tool totally did. Remember that? Tainted Love: - Blue or red colored vinyl. This one's mostly Maynard collaborations. In fact the rest of the band is only credited on the last 2 tracks. The final track is the demo version of Sober. Why this exists, I have no idea. I would imagine, like the 2 releases above, that it sounds like it was cut with a screwdriver. Hope this is helpful! Will update as needed.

    TOOL - SALIVAL 2xLP COLORED VINYL LIMITED TO 350 https://www.ebay.com/itm/253360169694?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649

  4. ANTHRAX : "Sound Of White Noise" - 5 - NM ASH : "1977" - 7 - NM BAD RELIGION : "No Control" - 9 - VG+ BAD RELIGION : "The Gray Race" - 9 - NM BAD RELIGION : "Stranger Than Fiction" - 18 - NM BAD RELIGION : "Generator" - 8 - VG+ BAD BRAINS : "Bad Brains" - 18 - NM BIOHAZARD : "State Of The World Address" - 12 - NM BON JOVI : "Slippery When Wet" - 2 - NM CLUTCH : "Passive Restraints - 18 - NM COUNTERPARTS : "Tragedy Will Find Us" - 15 - M (New/Unplayed) COUNTING CROWS : "August And Everything After" - 5 - NM COWBOY JUNKIES : "The Trinity Session" - 4 - NM DAYGLO ABORTIONS : "Feed Us A Fetus" - 6 - G+ (no cover) DAYGLO ABORTIONS : "Two Dogs F***ing" - 17 - VG+ DEATH ANGEL : "Act III" - 5 - VG+ DRIVE LIKE JEHU : "Yank Crime" - 18 - NM GIN BLOSSOMS : "New Miserable Experience" - 5 - VG+ GOO GOO DOLLS : "A Boy Named Goo" - 5 - VG+ GRASSHOPPER : "Born Loser" - 70 - NM (Rare!) GREEN DAY : "1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours" - 18 - NM (OG Release) GREEN DAY : "Kerplunk" - 20 - NM (OG Release) GREEN DAY : "Dookie" - 6 - VG+ GREEN DAY : "Insomniac" - 8 - NM GRUNTRUCK : "Inside Yours" - 8 - NM GRUNTRUCK : "Push" - 9 - NM HARDSHIP POST : "Hack" - 45 - NM (Rare!) hHEAD : "Potato" - 75 - NM (Rare!) INFECTIOUS GROOVES : "Sarsippius' Ark (Limited Edition)" - 5 - NM JAWBOX : "For Your Own Special Sweetheart" - 8 - NM KYUSS : "...And The Circus Leaves Town" - 12 - NM LED ZEPPELIN : "IV (Untitled)" - 5 - NM LED ZEPPELIN : "III" - 7 - NM THE LEMONHEADS : "Come On Feel The Lemonheads" - 8 - VG+ MALHAVOC : "The Release" - 45 - VG+ (Rare!) MEGADEATH : "Countdown To Extinction" - 5 - VG+ METALLICA : "One" - 5 - VG+ METALLICA : "...And Justice For All" - 20 - NM METALLICA : "Sad But True" - 10 - NM MILF : "Ha Ha Bus" - 10 - NM THE NEW BOMB TURKS : "Information Highway Revisited" - 10 - NM NIRVANA : "Bleach" - 15 - NM NIRVANA : "In Utero" - 8 - NM NIRVANA : "Incesticide" - 10 - NM NUDESWIRL : "Nudeswirl" - 7 - NM THE OFFSPRING : "IGNITION" - 13 - NM THE OFFSPRING : "SMASH" - 5 - NM PANTERA : "Vulgar Display Of Power" - 6 - NM PAW : "Dragline" - 6 - VG+ PEARL JAM : "Ten" - 5 - NM PIXIES : "Doolittle" - 12 - NM POISON : "Flesh & Blood" - 3 - NM POND : "Pond" - 8 - NM PORNO FOR PYROS : "Porno For Pyros" - 4 - VG+ R.E.M. : "Drive" - 8 - NM RANCID : "Lets Go" - 10 - NM ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT : "Circa: Now!" - 18 - VG+ SACRED REICH : "Ignorance" - 17 - NM SACRED REICH : "Independent" - 6 - NM SARAH McLACHLAN : "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" - 5 - NM SCREAMING TREES : "Uncle Anesthesia" - 8 - NM SCREECHING WEASEL : "Wiggle" - 10 - NM SILVERSTEIN : "I Am Alive In Everything I Touch" - 15 - M (New/Unplayed) SLOAN : "Twice Removed" - 8 - NM SMASHING PUMPKINS : "Pisces Iscariot" - 9 - NM SMASHING PUMPKINS : "Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness" - 30 - NM (Cardboard cover included - Excellent condition!) SPORE : "Giant" - 14 - NM SUGAR : "Besides" - 8 - NM SUGAR : "File Under: Easy Listening" - 7 - NM SUICIDAL TENDENCIES : "How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today" - 7 - VG+ SUICIDAL TENDENCIES : "Suicidal Tendencies" - 15 - NM SUICIDAL TENDENCIES : "The Art Of Rebellion" - 12 - NM SUICIDAL TENDENCIES : "Still Cyco After All These Years" - 7 - NM SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE : "Diary" - 28 - NM (Barely played OG Copy!) TEMPLE OF THE DOG : "Temple Of The Dog" - 4 - NM TOOL : "Opiate" - 25 - NM U2 : "Rattle And Hum" - 6 - VG+ U2 : "Achtung Baby" - 6 - NM SOUNDTRACK : "Singles" - 8 - NM
  5. PRE ORDER: Green Jellÿ - Three Little Pigs: Live Single (BTR054) https://blacktoprecords.bandcamp.com/album/green-jell-three-little-pigs-live-single-btr054 Blacktop Records is celebrating the release of Green Jellö’s new VHS movie ‘Green Jellö Suxx Live’ by pressing a limited edition cassette featuring unreleased live tracks from the movie’s soundtrack. The cassette “Green Jellö Suxx Live: Three Little Pigs Live Single” features 20 minutes of audio spread across an exclusive green cassette shell in a green plastic case with hand-numbered inserts and a digital download card. The tape features classics like ‘Three Little Pigs’ & ‘Anarchy In Bedrock’ and is limited to a pressing of 333 copies
  6. Selling a few albums, all are NM and most haven't been played. Prices don't include shipping. PM me! Agoraphobic Nosebleed And Converge - The Poacher Diaries (LP, Ltd, RE, Red) - Limited edition of 100 copies - $75 Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill (2xLP, Album, Ltd, Num, Unofficial, Clear) -Limited to 1000 - $35 Converge - Jane Doe (2x12", Album, Ltd, RE, RP, Gold) - Limited to 500 - $35 Converge - Jane Doe (2x12", Album, RE, RP) - $35 Converge - Thousands Of Miles Between Us (2xLP, Album, Ora + 3xBlu-ray + Box, Dlx, Ltd) - Limited to 500 / Sealed Vinyl - $130 Tool (2) - Ænima (LP, Album, RE, Unofficial, White/Blue marble) - Offer Touché Amoré - Stage Four (LP, Album, Ltd, Milk/Oxblood) - Limited to 500 - $30 Discogs Store: https://www.discogs.com/seller/ColoredWax/profile
  7. It's only an amazon-link...but one of my most anticipated releases of 2017!! Tellurian was masterclass!!! Our new album 'Lykaia' is available for pre-order now! Check out the song 'Sectarian below. Pre-order the album in a digital format and get 'Sectarian' right-away. Pre-order your preferred format here: CD Digi Sleave: http://hyperurl.co/SoenLykaiaCD Vinyl Gatefold: http://hyperurl.co/SoenLykaiaVinyl Amazon MP3: http://hyperurl.co/SoenLykaiaMP3 Itunes: http://hyperurl.co/SoenLykaiaIT 'Lykaia' will be released on February 3rd, 2017 #Soen #Lykaia #UDRMusic
  8. Fire Sale! Help me pay the rent!

    Animals As Leaders - S/T(orange/green swirl w/ extras)/1600 65$ Animals As Leaders - Weightless (Teal) /200 25$ Animals As Leaders - Joy of Motion (Green) 40$ August Burns Red - Rescue and Restore (Orange) 40$ August Burns Red - Found In Far Away Places (Oxblood) 40$ August Burns Red - Sleddin Hill (Red/Green swirl) 20$ As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us (Toxic Green) 80$ As I Lay Dying - Decas (Black Splatter) 20$ Deftones - Koi No Yokan (Clear) 40$ Deftones - Gore (White) 25$ Perfect Circle - Emotive (Orange) 30$ Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step (Orange) 40$ RHCP -Mothers Milk 20$ RHCP - Blood Sugar Sex Magik 30$ RHCP - One Hot Minute 20$ RHCP - Californication 25$ RHCP - By The Way - 25$ Texas In July - I Am (Blue Marble) signed by all 4 band members! 75$ Texas In July - S/T (Gold) 20$ Texas In July - Bloodwork 20$ Tool - Live In Newcastle (Green) 40$ Tool - Spokane Again (Blue) 40$ Tool - Lollapalooza Live (Purple) 30$
  9. More out of print records for sale from my collection! Direct Message me if interested… I lowered the prices a little for the VC community. *Shipping is free if it’s domestic US Shipping, if international direct message me for rates 12 inch eBay Auction 1 day left: Pearl Jam - Vs - SEALED, US 1st press http://www.ebay.com/itm/262315810540?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Sia - 1000 Forms Of Fear - Gold Limited Edition Barnes & Noble Exclusive ($40 ppd) Played once, just recently unsealed! Excellent condition! The record sleeve is showing some light shelf wear ($40 ppd) *See Pictures Here - http://www.ebay.com/itm/262317161601?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 eBay Auction 1 day left: Tool - Aenima - SEALED Bootleg (I don’t know which color it is because it’s sealed) http://www.ebay.com/itm/262315814743?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 SOLD 12 inch Avenged Sevenfold ‎– City Of Evil ‎– HR682 - Black 1st Press - Excellent, small corner wear Deftones – Adrenaline – I-48554-B - Picture Disc - Excellent, plays great, no noticeable blemishes, with generic plastic sleeve Deftones – White Pony - 524901-1 - Silver HT /900 - SEALED, one very small/tiny crease on the corner Eighteen Visions ‎– The Best Of - SMR-08 - Black‎ /880 - Good, vinyl is nice, but the sleeve has obvious wear The Get Up Kids ‎– Guilt Show -VR392-1 - Black 1st Press - Excellent The Get Up Kids ‎– Something To Write Home About - DOG 066 - White/Pink/Purple, HT /700 - SEALED The Get Up Kids ‎– STWHA - DOG 066 - White/Pink/Purple, HT /700 - Excellent, opened to see the color Hot Hot Heat ‎– Make Up The Breakdown - SP 599 - Black - Good, vinyl is nice, but the sleeve has obvious wear Mastodon ‎– Once More 'Round The Sun ‎– 543021-1 - Black - SEALED Metallica - Master of Puppets - Good, US 1st press 60439-1, plays great, light scratches don't affect play, comes with generic insert, sleeve has some wear The NeverEnding Story - Original Soundtrack - ST-17139 - Black - Very Good, with promotional copy stamp on sleeve Box Set The Almighty Norma Jean ‎– SH 59-1 - Colored vinyl and 1 Picture Disc, Set B /700 - Excellent Deftones The Vinyl Collection - 8x LP Box Set 7 inch The Get Up Kids - A Newfound Interest In Massachusetts - CNTRST3 - Black - Excellent The Get Up Kids / Coalesce ‎- SN-08 - Black - Excellent
  10. Puscifer answers the enduring question of what exactly Puscifer is with a new DVD release titled 'What Is...' - with it comes this accompanying LP soundtrack! The two-hour sketch comedy show-meets-concert film builds upon and punctuates the multimedia format of the band's live performances with skits from the stable of Puscifer characters such as Billy D, Hildy and Major Douche woven into the performance footage of the Maynard James Keenan led quintet. Track Listing Side AThe Green Valley Tiny Monsters Vagina Mine Dozo Side BToma The Rapture The Weaver Rev 20:20 Side CMomma Sed Oceans Monsoons Horizons Side DConditions of My Parole Man Overboard Telling Ghosts Undertaker PO Here: http://www.amazon.com/What-Puscifer/dp/B00FX3LNGE/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1382432267&sr=8-6&keywords=puscifer Not sure what to make of this judging by the description, i'll be POing regardless!
  11. BTW, please don't ask how much I want for XYZ... I'm only looking to trade the rarer records and will not sell them! (I might sell the more common ones) This is what I have for trade: Amplifier - Hal/Eternity [42/500, Black, signed] Baroness - Blue Record 2xLP [/1000, Baby Blue, 1st Press] Baroness - Live At Maida Vale (BBC Recording) [/2000, Black, Etched] Botch - Unifying Themes Redux 2xLP [/1500, Black, Remastered] City and Colour - The Lonely Life 7" [/202, Pink] Crëvecoeur - #1 & #2 2xLP [Pink/White] Cult of Luna - Vertikal 2xLP [180gr., Black] Daturah - Reverie 2xLP [89/200, Black] Eksi Ekso - Brown Shark, Red Lion 2xLP [/100, brown/red] Eksi Ekso - I Am Your Bastard Wings 2xLP [/600, White, Etched] Envy - Compiled Fragments 97-03 2xLP Explosions in the Sky - Prince Avalanche OST [/936, Transparent Red] Giants - Giants 7" [/100, Opaque Maroon] Giants / Beware Of Safety Split 7" [#205/200, Green] Grails - Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 4,5, & 6 2xLP If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk [/100, Solid Orange, 2nd Press] If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk [/250, Black, 1st Press] If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk & Above The Earth, Below The Sky 2xLP [/100, Translucent Orange / Translucent Sea Blue, Tour Press] Instrument - Instrument [/100, w/ Green Cover] Instrument - Olympus Mons [17/100, Translucent Blue] Jakob - Sines 2xLP [/300, Half Translucent Red / Half Translucent Orange w/ Black Haze] The Mars Volta ‎– Frances The Mute 3xLP [black, Etched] The Mars Volta - Televators [/5000, picture disc] Newsted - Heavy Metal Music 2xLP The Ocean - Aeolian 2xLP [/100, White vs. Gold] Opeth - Ghost Reveries 2xLP [/200, gold] NO COVER Our Ceasing Voice - When The Headline Hit Home 2xLP [/150, Clear] Periphery - Juggernaut: Alpha & Omega 2xLP [/100, White] The Prize Fighter Inferno – Half Measures 10" [/500, glow in the dark, rsd 2013] - SEALED Red Sparowes - At The Soundless Dawn 2xLP [/500, Forest Green] Red Sparowes - At The Soundless Dawn 2xLP [/500, Swamp Green] Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun 2xLP [/500, Red Heart] Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun 2xLP [/500, Red Sun] Shearwater - Rook Sleepmakeswaves - ...And So We Destroyed Everything 2xLP [/300, Black, 180gr.] Sonic Youth - Simon Werner A Disparu - SEALED This Will Destroy You - Communal Blood 7" [/500, Black] Tool - 10.000 Days 2xLP [bootleg] Tool - Ænima 2xLP Tool - Lateralus 2xLP [bootleg] All other items for trade can be found here (marked on the left): https://deadformat.net/collection/Sasan This is what I'm looking for: And So I Watch You From Afar – And So I Watch You From Afar 2xLP And So I Watch You From Afar – Gangs BLCKWVS - 0110 [/30, Red, Hand-Numbered] BLCKWVS - 0120 [/30, Purple, Hand-Numbered] BLCKWVS - Discography Box 5xLP [/75, Red] Bloodbath - Unblessing the Purity [/1000, Clear Red] Daturah - Daturah 2xLP [/150, White w/ Black Screenprint] Dredg - Leitmotif [/500, Black] Faith No More - Album of the Year [/2000, Gold] Faith No More - Angel Dust [/2000, Blue, fixed B-Side] Ghost Brigade - Until Fear No Longer Defines Us 2xLP [/250, Clear or /250, Grey] Gifts from Enola - From Fathoms [/100, Blue/Green Haze & Orange/Brown Haze, Tour Press] God is an Astronaut - Far From Refuge [/500, Black] God is an Astronaut - God is an Astronaut [/500, Black] God is an Astronaut - Age of the Fifth Sun [/100, Yellow or /200, Orange] Hans Zimmer- Inception OST Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight 2xLP HOWWEMAKEMISTAKES - This Time Last Night 7" [/1, Lathe Cut] I.E.M - ANY!!! Jakob - Erfo 7" Jakob - Semaphore / To Be Locked Up Javier Navarrete ‎– Pan's Labyrinth OST 2xLP Junius - Junius 2xLP [/100, Translucent Red + Black Swirl or /100, White/Red Splatter, Black/Red Splatter] Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment 2xLP Mutemath - Mutemath 2xLP Oceansize - Effloresce 2xLP Oceansize - Everyone into Position 2xLP Oceansize - ALL SINGLES/EPs Opeth - Damnation [/1000, Clear] Opeth - Deliverance [/1000, Translucent Marbled White] pg.Lost - Almost everything Porcupine Tree - OFFER ME ANY LP/10"/7"/CD you have; I'm looking for anything Steven Wilson / PT related that I don't own yet Porcupine Tree - Deadwing 2xLP [/700 Red, /600 Black or /700 Blue] Rosetta - The Galilean Satellites I 2xLP Rosetta - Wake/Lift 2xLP Sigur Ros - ANY EPs/SINGLES Shora - Malval [/100 Clear or /500 Black] Steven Wilson - OFFER ME ANY LP/10"/7"/CD you have; I'm looking for anything Steven Wilson / PT related that I don't own yet Strand of Oaks - Pope Killdragon [/300, 1st Press, hand-numbered] Strand of Oaks - Dark Shores [/100, Blue] The Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur 2xLP The Unwinding Hours - Afterlives LP[/1000] The Unwinding Hours - The Unwinding Hours LP[/1100] Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever 3xLP [/1000, Blue or Black] Various - Watchmen OST Why Bother? - Still Not That Great 10" [/3, Lathe Cut] You can always offer me anything regarding Porcupine Tree & Steven Wilson as well!
  12. SS; Rosetta, Isis, Locust, APC, Tool

    Am moving and need funds to get to the best coast. No reasonable offers refused. Bundle and save. Have cardboard shippers in abundance. Added prices 6/1. Shipping add $3. PAYPAL ONLY Here is what is left! Added Isis 6/4 Lowered some prices 6/11 Lowered more prices 6/18 Between the Buried and Me to eBay on 7/01 A Life Once Lost “The Fourth Plague: Flies” 7” Clear 1st Pressing /200 $5 Adrian Belew “Mr. Music Head” 12” Black 1st Pressing $5 Arsis “Starve for the Devil” 12” Red 1st Pressing $10 Arsis “A Celebration of Guilt” 12” + 7” Red/Yellow Split 1st Pressing /300 $15 The Atlas Moth “A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky” 2x12” Clear Blue 1st Pressing $19 Between the Buried and Me “The Silent Circus” 12” Grey Putty 2nd Pressing /1000 $40 EBAY Between the Buried and Me “The Silent Circus” 2x12” Red 3rd Pressing /133 $22 EBAY Between the Buried and Me “The Parallax II: Future Sequence” 2x12” Blue/Grey Marbled 1st Pressing /???? $24 EBAY Between the Buried and Me “The Parallax II: Future Sequence” 2x12” Black 1st Pressing /500 $31 EBAY Between the Buried and Me “Colors” 2x12” Orange 2nd Pressing /300 $45 EBAY Between the Buried and Me “Colors” 2x12” Blue 1st Pressing /620 $50 EBAY Between the Buried and Me “Self Titled” 12” White 1st Pressing /1037 $16 EBAY Between the Buried and Me “Alaska” 2x12” Clear 2nd Pressing /1300 $33 EBAY Between the Buried and Me “The Anatomy Of” 2x12” Orange 1st Pressing /900 SEALED $27 EBAY Cattle Decapitation The Harvest Floor 12'' Picture Disc 1st Pressing $24 Converge “Unloved and Weeded Out” 12” Green 2nd Pressing /2017 $10 Daughters “Self Titled” 7” Black 1st Pressing /???? $8 The Dillinger Escape Plan “Under the Running Board” 7” Black 1st Pressing /1000 $10 Ed Gein “Judasgoats and Dieseleasters” 12” Clear/Red Splatter 1st Pressing /450 $15 Ed Gein “Bad Luck” 12” Purple 1st Pressing /500 $20 Gifts From Enola “A Healthy Fear” 2x12” White 1st Pressing /100 $22 Harkonen “Grizz” 7” Black 1st Pressing /2000 $3 The Hope Conspiracy “File .003” 7” Black/Etched B Side 1st Pressing /1500 $7 Hopesfall “No Wing to Speak Of EP” 10” Light Blue 1st Pressing /500 $35 Isis "Celestial" 2x12" GOLD 3rd Pressing /500 $36 King Crimson “Lizard” 12” Black 1st Pressing $17 King Crimson “Lark's Tongues in Aspic” 12” Black 1st Pressing $17 The Locust “The Peel Sessions” 12” Clear/Neon Splatter 1st Pressing $15 The Locust “Molecular Genetics from Gold Standard Labs” 12” Black 1st Pressing /1000 $15 The Locust “Plague Soundscapes” 12” Clear 1st Pressing $20 The Locust / Arab on Radar “Split EP” 7” Green Shaped 1st Pressing $7 Page 99 / Majority Rule “Split EP” 12” Green/Puke 5th Pressing /??? $5 A Perfect Circle “Imagine” 7” White 1st Pressing $15 A Perfect Circle “Mer De Noms” 2x12” Picture Discs 1st Pressing $45 A Perfect Circle “Judith” 7” Black 1st Pressing 7087 6 14986 7 7 $15 Scale the Summit “The Collective” 12” Black 1st Pressing /250 $18 Shai Hulud “Hearts Once Nourished...” 12” Picture Disc 2nd Pressing /1028 $15 Shai Hulud “That Within Blood Ill-Tempered” Red 2nd Pressing $15 Retox “Ugly Animals” 12” White/Etched B-side 1st Pressing $15 Rosetta “Wake/Lift” 2x12” Navy Blue/Gray Swirl 1st Pressing /500 $35 This Day Forward “The Transient Effects of Light on Water” 3x7” White/Orange/Blue 1st Pressing /800 $25 Tomahawk “Stone Letter” 7” Black/Etched B Side 1st Pressing /??? $7 Tool “Opiate” 12” Black 3rd Pressing $10 Tool “Undertow” 2x12” Black 3rd Pressing $15 Tool “Stinkfist EP” 10” Picture Disc Promo /50000? $50 Trey Anastasio “Traveler” 12” + 7” Gold 1st Pressing $12
  13. I found this while browsing Insound and couldn't find a thread. D'Amour is the full time bassist not just a guest. http://www.insound.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=lesser+key&order=relevance&dir=desc Video on their website. NSFW. http://www.lesserkeyband.com/
  14. Lesser Key's debut (feat Paul D'Amour - ex TOOL) available now on extremely limited WINE colored wax https://killermerch.com/artist/LesserKey/LesserKey-LesserKeyVinyl Born Of Osiris' "Tomorrow We Die Alive" with alternate cover on 2xLP Coke Bottle Clear, color exclusive to Killer Merch https://killermerch.com/artist/BornOfOsiris/BornofOsiris-TomorrowWeDieAliveVinyl Rock and roll.
  15. I have a copy of the "Mer De Noms'" picture disc is very good condition. Purchased when the album was first released and haven't touched it in probably 10 years. It's just been sitting on my shelf. Asking $200 PM with offers. thanks, Tim
  16. Sooooo, I have decided to stop mass collecting, and just collect my major wants. My change of heart, is your gain! Just $4 shipping in the U.S except on the MeWithoutYou box set which is $6.50, the Cake box set will be shipped faster with insurance so its shipping would be $25!!! I am picking up mailers from work maybe by tomorrow, no later than Sunday. Browse my trade list, hard to let go of a lot of that which is not listed. Maybe you can make me an offer I can't refuse? I am also willing to trade for horror movie soundtracks!!! I hold stuff for up to 2 days for anyone with positive feedback, and positive rep points. 9" Nine Inch Nails - Only10" Cursive/Ladyfinger Split12" A Perfect Circle - eMOTIVe (Translucent Orange) - 17 A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms - 23 A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step - 16 Andrew Jackson Jihad - Christmas Island (Blue and Purple Marbled) - 14 Andrew Jackson Jihad - Holiday Inn Gainesville - 8 Beck - Sexx Laws (Clear) - 16 Ben Folds Five - Live'- 13 Benji Hughes - Love Extreme - 13 Cage the Elephant - Cage the Elephant - 13 Cake - Box Set (8xlp Colored Vinyl) - If you want to know what it looks like, they used my picture on their website, and newsletters. - 160 because I waited in line for 3 hours, and this is still less than I paid! Coheed and Cambria - The Afterman: Descension (Turquoise) - 13 Come - Last Mistake, Submerge/ Car - 7 Cursive - Domestica <<<SOLD>>> Cypress Hill - The Phunky Feel/How I could just Kill a Man Glassjaw - Worship and Tribute (Black) - 25 Gravediggerz - 6 Feet Deep - 10 (DJ Copy/ Clean Version LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem - 16 LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening - 16 Local H - Hallelujah! I'm A Bum - 13 Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything to Nothing - 25 MeWithoutYou - It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright ( A/B Green Marbled, C/D Blue Marbled D side etched) - 16 MeWithoutYou - Ten Stories Box Set ( A/B Green Marbled C/D Blue Marbled D Side Etched w/ 7" Julius the Onion) - 25 Neutral Milk Hotel - In an Aeroplane Over the Sea - 14 Nirvana - Bleach - first two tracks skip - 10 Owls - Two (Pale Blue) - 13 Porcupine - The Sensation of Being Somebody (Blue Translucent) ?/100 Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese - 13 Rob Zombie - Mondo Sex Head - 14 Sex Robots - Night Moves - 7 Starting Back - On - 7 Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends (Aqua Blue/Black marbled) 6th press /600 The Halo Benders - Don't Tell Me Now - 12 The Lovely Feathers - Hind Hind Legs The Mathletes - Excalibur The Poison Control Center - Sad Sour Future The Postal Service - Give Up - 17 The Robot Ate Me - Good World - 8 Tool - Lateralus (Picture Disc) - 30 Tool - Opiate - 8 Tool - Undertow - 12 Classic Rock/Oldies: Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - 8 Elton John - Greatest Hits - 8 Elton John - Honky Chateau - 8 Eric Clapton - Timepieces (The Best of Eric Clapton) - 8 Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac - 10 Fleetwood Mac - Rumours - 10 Foghat - Live - 7 Michael Jackson - Thriller - 12 Neil Diamond - Gold - 6 Neil Diamond - Stones - 6 Neil Diamond - You Don't Bring Me Flowers - 6 Phil Collins - No Jacket Required - 7 Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - 15 Pink Floyd - The Wall - 15 Steve Miller Band - Fly Like and Eagle - 6 Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense - 8 Ted Nugent - Double Live - 7 The Cars - The Cars - 7 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Damn the Torpedoes - 8 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - 8 Tommy Roe - Greatest Hits - 6 Willie Nelson - Greatest Hits and Some that will Be - 7 ZZ Top - Tres Hombres - 7 Combined shipping for everything that fits in a mailer, additional 2 dollars for each mailer after that! I ship on Fridays all day and Tuesday mornings.
  17. Tool - Ænima (orange bootleg, sounds great for a bootleg) Tool - undertow - $10 http://www.discogs.com/Tool-Undertow/release/1157598 Murder by death - Like the exorcist - $22 http://www.discogs.com/Murder-By-Death-Like-The-Exorcist-But-More-Breakdancing/release/1257301 Blood brothers - Crimes (grey according to pressing info i could find but does look more light pink purple ish) - $24 http://www.discogs.com/Blood-Brothers-Crimes/release/2469887 Stooges - raw power - $14 http://www.discogs.com/Iggy-And-The-Stooges-Raw-Power/release/2472772 Toadies - Rubberneck (MOV) - $20 http://www.discogs.com/Toadies-Rubberneck/release/3774197 Refused - This just might be.... (green- bent corner from shipping) - $11 http://www.discogs.com/Refused-This-Just-Might-Be-The-Truth/release/5537447 Refused - New noise theology (red- bent corner from shipping) - $10 http://www.discogs.com/Refused-The-New-Noise-Theology-EP/release/5537465 Refused - Rather be dead (clear - bent corner from shipping) - $10 http://www.discogs.com/Refused-Rather-Be-Dead-EP/release/5537480 For more info - http://www.discogs.com/seller/kflo US shipping only
  18. These are for sale/trade! All of them in superb condition (some even still sealed!)! Check my tradelist for wants: http://deadformat.net/tradelist/Sasan/wants Please keep in mind that I'm shipping these records from Germany (this could take around 7-14 days to arrive). Positive feedback here, on eBay & discogs... If you're interested in anything, feel free to make an offer via PM. Alkaline Trio - From Here To Infirmary [/300, banquet blue] Blueneck - Repetitions [/300, clear gold w/ black haze] Caspian - Hymn For The Greatest Generation [/500, White, Euro Press, SEALED!] Constants - The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension 3xLP [/100, Clear Blue / Clear Light Blue / Clear Aqua - Euro Tour Press] Constants - The Murder of Tom Fitzgerril [/300, Transparent Blue] Deadhorse - We Can Create Our Own World [/100, Dark Green Marble] Del Rey - Immemorial [/100, white] Eksi Ekso - Brown Shark, Red Lion 2xLP [/100, brown/red] God is an Astronaut - Origins [black] Gregor Samsa - 27:36+2DOT [black] The Hirsch Effekt / Zinnschauer 12" Split [17/100, White] HUM - You'd Prefer An Astronaut [/500, opaque green] Incubus - Make Yourself 2xLP [0230/3000, 180gr., Black Friday 2012] Incubus - Morning View 2xLP [2086/3000, 180gr., Black Friday 2012] Jeniferever - Silesia 2xLP [/300, white] Jeniferever - The Beat of Our Own Blood 7" [/500, white] Omega Massif - Karpatia 7" [/500, clear green] Omega Massif - Geisterstadt [/350, brown w/ black splatter] Opeth - Ghost Reveries 2xLP [/200, Gold] Our Ceasing Voice - When The Headline Hit Home 2xLP [/150, clear + tote bag] The Prize Fighter Inferno – Half Measures 10" [/500, Glow in the Dark, RSD 2013] Sonic Youth - Simon Werner A Disparu [sealed!] Red Sparowes - At The Soundless Dawn 2xLP [/500, clear w/ silver smoke] Steven Wilson - Insurgentes 2xLP [/1000, black, sealed!] Steven Wilson / Oceansize 7" Split [/1000, white, record store day 2011] The Ocean - Fluxion / Aeolian 3xLP [/120, Black, 3rd Press, LPs only] Tool - Lateralus 2xLP [Purple Marbled, Bootleg] Tool - 10.000 Days 2xLP [/500, Light Blue Marbled, Bootleg] Windmills by the Ocean - II [/200, pagan sun (black w/ red splatter)]
  19. I have been a fan since jr high and they happen to be in Vegas tomorrow and I happen to have a friend that got me tickets. I am so pumped that I just want to talk about it. Can anyone tell me about their experience at a Tool show? Will they have anything cool for sale or will Maynard sneak around the audience before the show or anything like that?
  20. -Last Rights Records- New arrivals - Slayer - Reign in Blood (green vinyl) only 1000 (hand-numbered) Slayer - South of Heaven (green vinyl) only 1000 (hand-numbered) Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss (green vinyl) only 1000 (hand-numbered) Other recent additions to the shop available here - http://lastrightsrecords.storenvy.com Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Black Sheep (vinyl color unknown) *PRE-ORDER* Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Check 'Em Before You Wreck 'Em (colored vinyl) *PRE-ORDER* BEHEMOTH - AND THE FORESTS DREAM ETERNALLY (black vinyl) DISMEMBER - COMPLETE DEMOS (red vinyl) DISMEMBER - DEATH METAL (grey vinyl) IHSAHN - DAS SEELENBRECHEN (clear vinyl) SHINING - WITHIN DEEP DARK CHAMBERS (black vinyl) TESTAMENT - LIVE AT EINDHOVEN 87 (black vinyl) DISSECTION - LIVE IN STOCKHOLM 2004 (black vinyl) ENSLAVED - MARDRAUM (black vinyl) PESTILENCE - OBSIDEO (grey vinyl) Lantlôs - .neon (clear vinyl) *PRE-ORDER* Lifelover - Sjukdom (red/white splatter vinyl) *PRE-ORDER* Coil/Nine Inch Nails - Recoiled (vinyl color unknown/probably black) *PRE-ORDER* Alcest - Souvenirs d'un autre monde (blue vinyl) Alcest - Écailles De Lune (white/blue marbled vinyl) Alcest - BBC Session (white vinyl) Dissection - Reinkaos (picture vinyl) Les Discrets - Ariettes Oubliées... 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  21. Perfect Circle Live: Featuring Stone And Echo. "LIMITED EDITION BOX SET INCLUDES A FULL-LENGTH DVD OF BAND’S 2011 RED ROCKS’ PERFORMANCE AND FOUR AUDIO CDS The highly limited edition offering includes: * Stone And Echo, a full-length DVD (with accompanying audio CD) featuring the band's stirring Aug. 11, 2011 performance at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheater * Trifecta, a multi-disc collection featuring the band's complete discography, Mer de Noms, Thirteenth Step and eMOTIVe, recorded live during A Perfect Circle's handful of three-night, full-album performances. The 2010 performances, the first outings from the band since their self-imposed 2005 hiatus, were limited to Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas and San Francisco. * Bonus tracks include live performances of "By and Down," "Ashes to Ashes" and "Diary of a Love Song" * Five hand selected lithographs featuring the personal signatures of both Maynard James Keenan and Billy Howerdel on one of the selected prints * Custom sculpted resin frame designed by the band * A custom made guitar pick designed by Billy Howerdel and exclusive to this offering * The collection is bound in a custom-made media book containing artwork and credits The collection is available excusively via the band’s own storefront at http://total-box-music.myshopify.com/products/a-perfect-circle-live-deluxe with pre-orders available now. www.facebook.com/aperfectcircle www.aperfectcircle.com " Don't get to excited, it's 150 $. Here's your LINK
  22. Are these floating around in anybody's "meh" pile? Been looking to secure them for a while now, but people are being extortionist with some of their prices. Anybody check on amazon for 10k Days? $150 last I checked. I'm not picky at all with color on 10,000 Days. Red or blue, doesn't matter to me. For Salival though, I would prefer the clear/gray combo. I'm looking to buy rather than trade, I'm fairly certain I have nothing of distinguishable value.
  23. Another try! I'm looking for the following records! I'd rather prefer to trade but would be willing to buy them as well...though I'm not paying eBay-prices! So, if you want to get rid off your records or know a record store in your area that has one of these records, I appreciate if you'd contact me! Thanks! A Perfect Circle - eMotive 2xLP [Clear Orange] A Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms 2xLP A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step 2xLP Alter Bridge - III 2xLP Blackfield - I s/t (preferably 1st press) Blackfield - II Dredg - Leitmotif [/500, Black] EF ‎– A Trilogy Of Dreams, Noise And Silence 7" Faith No More - Album of the Year Faith No More - Angel Dust Faith No More - King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs 2xLP [/500, White] Hans Zimmer - Inception OST Hans Zimmer - Batman Begins 2xLP Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight 2xLP I.E.M - ANY!!! If These Trees Could Talk - Above The Earth, Below The Sky [/100, White w/ Gray Haze, Tour Press] If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk [/100, Orange w/ Black Splatter] If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk [/150, Clear w/ Orange Haze] ISIS - Celestial 2xLP [don't care about pressing] Jakob - Solace 2xLP [/150 Red, /350 Black or /500 Red/Black] Mutemath - Mutemath 2xLP Oceansize - Effloresce 2xLP Oceansize - Everyone into Position 2xLP Porcupine Tree - Deadwing 2xLP [/500 Red, /600 Black or /700 Blue] Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet [/500, Pink, PinkPop Edition or /1000, Black #] Porcupine Tree - Lightbulb Sun 2xLP[don't care what pressing] Porcupine Tree - The Incident 2xLP [don't care what pressing] Porcupine Tree - We Lost The Skyline [don't care what pressing] Shora - Malval [/100 Clear or /500 Black] Steven Wilson - Cover Version I - VI 7" Steven Wilson - Insurgentes [/1000, Limited Vinyl Box] Tool - Salival Toundra - Toundra [/525, White]