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Found 67 results

  1. Beginner’s Guide to Hi–Fi Created to hopefully aid anyone venturing into this stressful, beautiful hobby. I will update this with more information whenever I have time to waste. Anyone is welcome to chime in. Basic Hi-Fi Chain: SOURCE -> AMPLIFICATION -> SPEAKERS (click to jump to section) The source component reads the recorded information and translates it into the signal that will be later perceived as sound. Amplification takes that signal and amplifies it (no, really?) in order to make it strong enough to move the drivers of the speaker. A speaker is a collective of drivers that are moved by the signal, producing air pressure in front of them which to us, mortal beings, means hearing sound. When putting together a hi-fi setup, always keep in mind: The end result will only be as good as the weakest link. Buying an expensive turntable and a good phono preamp is useless if you're using cheap computer speakers. By no means should you decide to just get a shitty turntable then. Instead, think carefully how to ration your budget across all important components. Jump to setting up & use: SOURCE, AMPLIFICATION, SPEAKERS LIST OF RECCOMENDED EQUIPMENT FOR DIFFERENT BUDGETS
  2. Hello, I just received an AT-LP120 turntable today in the mail opened it and much to my displeasure it doesn't fit well in my room so it needs to find a new home. Also, the tiny plastic "lock" for the tone arm snapped off at some point, the piece is included and easily attached back with any sort of adhesive (super glue, etc.). I have no clue what my options are at the moment, and if you are not interested but could give some feedback on how to resolve my predicament that would be greatly appreciated. I am considering contacting Audio Technica since it is brand new but I am not sure how they could help me. After having a solid 24 hours to work it out, I have decided I am going to keep it and work with it, I already contacted AT about a replacement piece and once I get that settled I should be all good. Thank you everyone for the interest, it was overwhelming last night though, glad I had a day to think everything over.
  3. Hey you guys! I'm looking to get my first stereo receiver for my setup. I have a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon along with some Dali Zensor 3s to power. I'd love to stay around or under $300. I really want the Marantz PM6005 but it's out of my budget so I was looking at some Onkyo ones (A-9010 or A-9050). Let me know if you have any suggestions and thank you in advance!
  4. What utter gobshite bandwagon jump on fuckery is this? Another one on kickstarter and I weep that they crow about the fact it's made in good old blighty Spot the tracking issue and the bollocks that goes along with it in the write up, I do hope it comes with a free pipe bender so you can make it track correctly. I'm assuming the arm is far too long so that there is enough arm there to allow you to bend it to get the correct tracking angle. Everything else to be fair looks ok and if it's just a mockup I would hope they'd at least try and make it look right but if they are going to completely balls up one of the fundamentals of vinyl record replay then I don't hold out a lot of hope for the rest of it. Sadly another case of form over function and another turntable for the facial topiary enjoying Bose lover I feel
  6. I am having a pretty serious problem with my debut carbon, and cannot seem to find any Help or information from others with this issue. My table will not play records at normal speed when the platter is in place. I have tested the table with the platter off to make sure the issue is not with the belt or motor, and it is only when the platter is in place that the table has trouble getting to speed. It moves as if it cannot carry the weight of the platter, sluggish and slow or not at all. The pitch is either low or severely inconsistent. I have tried cleaning the table thoroughly numerous times, replacing the belt, and even got an acrylic platter. None of these have fixed the problem. Someone please Help me figure this out!
  7. Selling my Music Hall mmf 5.1 turntable. It's the piano black finish and has the screw-down record clamp and the acrylic platter upgrade. Also includes a Pro-Ject Speed Box S to switch between 45 and 33rpm, and a simple BBE phono preamp. Plays well, sounds fantastic. No original box. $500 for everything and I'll cover the shipping. I think that seems fair, considering the $250ish worth of upgrades an accessories, but I'm open to offers. Not interested in any trades, though. Paypal, please.
  8. I picked up a Pioneer PL 12D II the other day at a thrift store for $15 it needs some work but i think its worth it, it has a Empire 2000 E/III cartridge in it... I dont have a pre amp yet, because the previous record players i had are already equipped with a preamp inside it, so whats a good and stable but cheap preamp? Im 16 so i dont have aton of money to buy something crazy, i saw a pyle one for $13 on amazon but i heard that model isnt very stable and breaks within a month, aswell as a poor warrenty policy. what do you guys think? anyone here upgrading their preamps soon? or have one from a previous upgrade their willing to cut me a deal on? And if anyone has a belt for the player, stylus, or a tracking gauge i would be interested in those. One more thing, i know you need a preamp to make it loud But can i plug it straight into my reciever just to test it? before i go ahead and spend however much on a preamp?
  9. So I'm new to this. Not music or sound but vinyl. Im 19 a college student and have shit for money, that being said heres my set up that I'm damn proud of. -sony ps lx 300 usb turntable (around 100 bucks, a gift from my gf for christmas) -pre amp included in the turntable ​-old zenith receiver circa 1995 ( i found just laying around a family members house he was happy to see go) -two rca tweeters i got for free from a friend (the impedance isn't high enough but they work well) -two rca surrounds and a rca center i got from a thrift store (5 bucks for the lot) -one zenith powered sub i got with the reciever -all connected by the thinest speaker wire radio shack offers and old rca cables and a y split for the sub total is about 115 dollars including 100 for the turntable this is a shit set up that most people would laugh at but at the end of the day I'm quite pleased with myself each piece took time to find (lots of thrift store diving for those speakers) and it delivers music to my ears just fine so this is a thread to brag about a set up that won't turn any heads but that you enjoy and are proud of, now or in the past, id love to see this take off so share with your friends, enjoy the music:)
  10. Hey, first post here! Okay so basically me and my siblings are all chipping in together to get my Dad some new setup for Christmas. He's got hundreds of vinyl and his current setup is pretty poor. We've decided on a Rega RP1 as it seems pretty decent for the price. Anyway - was wondering if someone could give us some advice on whats needed? i.e. preamp or no preamp? also - what speakers would go well with this Rega model? Nothing overly expensive if possible but any suggestions are welcome. From UK so UK stockists would be ideal but no worries if not - just an idea of what is needed is good enough Cheers!
  11. So I was going to sell my Rega RP3 on here, but after half-assing it for a year I figured it was time I actually throw it on the 'Bay. I also threw my Rega Brio-R integrated amp and a Bluesound Pulse all-in-on streamer up there as well, so check out the links below if you're interested in any of them! Cheers!
  12. It looks like they share the same manual and im being offered one for cheap. Just want to make sure i can use the needle from the KD-291R since i cant find one for the RC. Whats the difference anyways? And does it have a preamp built in?
  13. So last year i started a new job and the owner had a turntable and played records daily. After less then a week I was hooked and wanted to start a vinyl collection and have a nice setup. Now I'm far from being able to afford a $1000 setup or even a $500 setup. Im all about being patient and looking for the best deals which is what I did. My boss bought 2 vintage receivers and gave me one for free a Kenwood KR-3600 I was excited I love the vintage look. So I wanted to get a vintage turntable. Craigslist everything was $100+ and I didnt really have it. Well one day I was talking to a guy at an auction and told him i was looking for vinyl he tells me he will sell a collection a guy gave him along with a turntable for $60 I bought it right away. It was a Toshiba SR-255 Love the look. Also at the auction I managed to pick up an Polk Audio Monitor 60 for only $20. The Toshiba had no headshell so had to order it and the stylus off amazon Audio-Technica Universal Headshell (AT-HS1) and Audio-Technica Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge (AT95E). Im just wondering how decent my set up is. and what to improve first and with what. List again Kenwood KR-3600 Toshiba SR-255 Polk Audio Monitor 60 (only have 1 at the moment) Audio-Technica Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge (AT95E) Audio-Technica Universal Headshell (AT-HS1) I do get some humming when i have both left and right plugged into the receiver from the turntable. I do have the ground plugged in. I've tried reading the forums but I get confused pretty easy when I cant ask the questions from the beginning. Here are a couple pics as well
  14. Hey everyone. I'm buying a new turntable very soon and I've realized that I'm lacking some knowledge on tonearms, which can ultimately hinder my decision on a turntable (and can cause me to be unhappy with my decision over time and want to upgrade yet again). I've noticed that on certain models (such as the pro-ject rpm series) that price is directly proportional to tonearm length - increasing in price as length does; particularly the pro-ject rpm1.3 and rpm 3. Fidelity wise, is there a reason for this? What's the effect of tonearm length on audio? I'm also unsure how tonearm shape affects sound quality, if it does at all. I always figured that S shaped tonearms had an effect on the angle of the stylus and made certain cartridges/styli more suitable than others for turntables (elliptical, conical, linear, etc...), and were also a way to affect torque of the arm when the turntable is spinning- and as a result making them superior to straight tonearms. I've since realized S shaped tonearms are in fact longer in general (fairly obvious, but this also relates to my previous question), causing me to wonder if their entire purpose is also to increase the length of tonearms. Could someone provide me with some insight on these things? Everything I've found online looks like marketing jargon to justify substantial price increases. Thanks ahead of time for any help you may provide, and I apologize if this post was at all confusingly worded as I tend to be fairly verbose. I'm sure I'll edit this post around 50 times before I'm finally ok with it.
  15. So I've recently upgraded my amp and speakers, but still have a vintage turntable with an aging Ortofon cartridge (probably 6-7 years old, and an embarrassingly high amount of hours), and I'm pretty sure the lack of clarity I'm hearing stems from the cartridge more than anything. I'm probably still a couple of months away from purchasing a new turntable - partly based on finance, looking for good used deals, and even just still not exactly sure what I want. I'm still not totally understanding everything about cartridges (when I got mine last, someone at the store installed it). So I have a couple of quick questions, if y'all don't mind. 1. Do most cartridges work on any turntable? Are they easy enough to install (I have a JVC QL-F4 Direct Drive)? 2. At what point would a used cartridge not be worth it if I were to buy used? 3. If, in 3-4 months I buy a $500-$600 TT, is it worth buying a cartridge now for around $100-150 that could be used as an eventual replacement for whatever comes with the new turntable? Or will I likely want to go for a higher price than that? 4. Possibly the dumbest question of all: I know what the stylus is, but what is the difference between replacing the whole cartridge and replacing just the stylus? Sorry if these are sort of dumb or possibly a bit redundant (there's definitely a bit of information on this forum or elsewhere, but I'm always happy to have feedback and opinions from you folks).
  16. I have a Technics SL-3300 that has a direct drive automatic arm. So you hit the start knob to the right, and it does it's thing - automatically moves the arm, and lowers it onto the record. Here's where the problem comes in. When the needle hits the record, it maybe stays there for a second or two before lifting back up and going back. Is there any way to either fix this or disable it and using it as a manual arm? I would love to be able to do this myself rather than have to take it to a shop and do parts and labor on it. I can provide a video if needed. Thanks for any help.
  17. Hey all, I purchased a DB Systems DB-8 phono preamp in July. At the time, I was using a modern receiver without a phono input. Since then, I have moved towards vintage gear and no longer need this unit. Here is a link to the specs of the preamp. The preamp has a five year warranty and is seven months old. I can forward my proof of purchase to the buyer, just in case they ever need service. It is in perfect condition. It's the stock configuration with no upgrades but can be sent into DB for modification if you are so inclined. $135 shipped in the Continental US via USPS Priority Mail Please feel free to PM me and thanks!
  18. Can someone please provide some feedback on the following 3 turntables? Which one is the best option as an entry turntable that simply gives good sound quality. if you had a choice which one would you pick? and why? Marantz TT42P Pioneer PL-30 Denon DP-300F Thanks
  19. So I causally browse a site called massdrop where its a wide variety of items but they have a heavy focus on audio equipment. What they do is contact the companies directly and see what the best possible deal they can get for an item is. They then say if 10 people buy the price is X, if 25 people buy the price is this and so on. Right now you have the possibility to get a Debut Carbon for $319(50 people need to purchase), the current price is at $359, but will drop once more people commit to buy it. I think this sites concept is pretty cool and I've been on there a bunch, I don't buy a ton but it's cool to look at and suggest things for them to try and get a massdrop going. Either way, this is my link obviously if you sign up I get stuff not exactly sure what, but I get stuff. So if you're looking for this table and that price is right for you go for it. Also this isn't Spam I swear!
  20. I've seen in previous posts on here that ions are a make that you stay away from unless you want your records to be ruined. I currently have a GPO and find that on one or two of my vinyl it skips and the rest of them the vinyl moves up and down a little bit so all of them warble a little. It's noticeable but not intolerable. But for those two reasons I refuse to keep using it as a I don't want to damage my records. I'm saving up for a new better turntable however that could take some time, but I still want to be able to play my records until such a point I can get a good non-usb turntable. A friend of mine has an ion and says she finds that none of her records warble and it doesn't skip any of her vinyl. Sounds a hell of a lot better that mine give that it's also a USB turntable. However I don't want to spend money getting one if it's going to damage my records just as much as my GPO will. Thoughts? Does anyone have an ion? What's your experience with it?
  21. Hey guys, As the title says, I'm selling a Stanton T.60 Turntable. If you'd like to make me a direct offer before any bids are placed, I can always cancel the auction and sell through here/PayPal. Once someone bids, however, it will have to be through eBay. Thanks for taking a look.
  22. Okay, obviously not really, but some somewhat relevant questions here: What's the most expensive setup you've heard? What were the components? Did you notice the level of difference between your own setup and what you heard?
  23. Hello everyone, I have my own setup in my record studio but recently I bought an old school Technics SL-BD35 for my GF. Next step is the speakers. Now, you know of her first requests is that it should also "look good". I know I know, girls.. My budget is 400 bucks and my idea was the following one: Technics SL-BD35 + Bellari VP29 Solid State Phono Preamp + Marshall Hanwell 50th Anniversary or Marshall Stanmore. Since I have a little discount on a certain internet site it would cost me exactly 405 $. Do you think that this is a good idea? I thought that the result would be a solid sound quality out of this system plus the damn look she's aiming for but plz let me know what do ya'll think. Thank you for your help. Fab PS: I can already tell you that she doesn't like Audioengine, Nocs n Pioneer S-DJ50X.