PO NOW: Morrissey - World Peace is None Of Your Business

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Hot Topic exclusive colored vinyl. A/B is a really cool looking translucent pink, I've actually never seen a record this color before. C/D is a cool looking orange, a little different than a standard translucent orange. Both have a bit of a swirl effect to them.


Morrissey_zpsf3ac8a56.jpg're gonna make me choke up. Haha. Still 8/5?

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Motherfucking cocksucking son of a fucking bitch.

Waiting for this only to miss it. I'm sure my shitty ass store won't get any either. Fuck.


if they do grab me one a ship it to me? I am in Canada with no Hot Topic for 4000 miles, Someone help me out here! I will even call Hot Topics!


Do stores ship?

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