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PO: Listener Discography Represses (GERMANY)

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Sorry if I came over as an ass not my intention just saw people got a response here.


Hope you are doing good now and will check your label/distro in the future for sure you are actually very good at what you do (even more as the process is a little more work than other kinds)!


Respect to you!


What do you mean with the engraving? Is it not just a screen print?


This is taken from listener's website: 


The artwork is by Greg Coulton. The paper is a slightly metallic brown color, and the artwork is laser etched in to the paper. Gregor, from the label, said it took 22 minutes for the laser machine to complete each sleeve. It comes with a lyric insert (silver ink on black card stock), and is all in a heavy duty plastic protective sleeve.

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Just got these in today and they are by far some of the coolest records I own. The sleeves are phenomenal and the records sound and look amazing. I'm also shocked at how quick they got here. Sounds of Subterrania and Gregor really knocked it out of the park with these releases. Way to go!

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Just got Time Is A Machine along with Wooden Heart today but didnt have time to take photos of both. Great quality press and surprisingly showed up with no corner digs. They used heavy duty poly vinyl 8 guage record sleeves to ship them in.











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17 hours ago, TheWindBlower said:

Yeah, been enjoying these. I've ordered all 3 of the 7 inches so far. Will scoop up the 4th too. Then, they're putting out an album too? Are these 7" songs gonna be on the album? That would be annoying.

Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure the album is just gonna be a compilation of the 7 inches. I like the concept of a new 7 inch every month or so with new songs because it gives me something to look forward to every month, but when the album comes out it will be hard to get excited about something we've already heard. Would have been cool if they would have done four 7 inches with one new song and one demo of an old song, then for the actual album we could have the rest of the songs and still have new material. 

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