Self Defense Family-Infinite Releases Thread

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Post all SDF/Drug Church/Loss Leader/Troubled Sleep/No Mystery GOD/ etc. -related releases here.


SDF Webstore:


Self Defense Family

When the Barn Caves In/Alan:


German Industrial Ballads (Best Of) Cassette:



Heaven is Earth:




Self Love (Collaboration with Touche Amore)


Split with Creative Adult


Triple B Records America's Hardcore Vol. 3


Scotland, white, blue or red vinyl:



Duets, pink vinyl:


Clear/black haze:


Pink/black splatter:


Live from Kazyfest Tape:


End of a Year/Segwei:


I Tried to Make Something You Would Enjoy:


Split w/ Meredith Hunter


End Of A Year - You Are Beneath Me, 2nd press, "bone" vinyl


Try Me 2xLP


Split w/ Axis, 2nd press, opaque pink vinyl


Self Immolation Family, transparent blue vinyl


I'm Going Through Some Shit, black vinyl


Two Genuine Oddities from Our Past


Split w/ Goodtime Boys

Black vinyl

Blue vinyl


You Are Beneath Her, translucent yellow


Split w/ Code Orange Kids/Tigers Jaw/TWIABP, gold w/ red smoke vinyl


SDF/Stalwart Sons split



EoaY 7", clear or white/clear vinyl


Drug Church:


Drug Church 7"


Drug Church-Paul Walker, 2nd press, orange or cotton candy haze vinyl


Drug Church-Swell EP


Drug Church-Hit Your Head


Troubled Sleep:


Troubled Sleep-Wacky Past is Now


Troubled Sleep-Demo cassette


Loss Leader:

Flex Your Hair

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