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FS: Circa Survive - Juturna (1st press, pic disc, /1000) AUTOGRAPHED by ANTHONY GREEN

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Hello everyone! I may not have much of a post count but I've been lurking here since 2008 and I figured this would be as good a way to introduce myself as any. Remember when the label VC went under because Virgil put all his money in beer tours? 


You guys all know what this is. The rarest of rare Circa Survive vinyl, and on top of that, signed by the man, Anthony Green himself. You may seen this copy on Discogs where I've had it up for a few months but I'm about to pull it. The price listed there should give you an idea of about what I am looking to get. This record easily fetches $200 on its own and given that is autographed I feel it is a fair ballpark amount. 


history of this record:

- first owner, purchased when the remaining 250 copies were made available on merchnow by EVR

- carefully stored in plastic sleeve on bookshelf, played seldom (3-5 times), smoke/pet free home

- brought with me to an Anthony solo in-store performance and asked him to sign my record


Serious offers only, if I don't get much feedback I may put this to ebay with a reserve in a few days. Here are some high res pictures, the sleeve is NM:




I also have an autographed copy of Blue Sky Noise (1st press, Translucent Blue, Atlantic Records) that I would be willing to sell separately/bundle with this, if you are interested. Pictures upon request. 


Send me your offers!!

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This really doesn't go for that much anymore. I got mine for $100 awhile ago and one went for $90 on this board a couple weeks ago. Even copies on ebay haven't been going for more than $150 as of late. I highly doubt you could get more than $200 for this. Just my honest opinion. 

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I did have a buyer with no feedback on discogs send me an offer for $400 earlier and then back out. So yeah I haven't gotten paid for it yet, it's still available. Honestly I thought the demand for it would be higher, I may end up holding on to it if I can't find a price I can live with. I appreciate all of the insight, you guys are a sassy bunch.

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Guest jonpasqual   
Guest jonpasqual

Anthony Green isn't hard too meet. 

Juturna. Green / white swirl. (first pressing non-picture disc?)


Also! check how shit tastic this autograph is on mine. If I breathe on it the wrong way it might fall off. 



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