SMLXL vinyl thread for Relient k (Now: RSD, 7" series IV)

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Tongue In Cheek on clear vinyl.


Two Lefts on split orange and white vinyl and new cover.



Five Score and Seven Years Ago on Clear with White and Green Smoke with new artwork



FANSD on brown


1st 7" series

The Creepy EP
Vinyl Countdown pt 1 and 2



Let It Snow Baby....Let It Reindeer



2nd 7" Series

2 songs from the Apathetic EP

4 songs from K is for Karaoke



3rd 7" series

Selfie I

Selfie II

Capital Studios



Live 2009 (10" LP)

Recorded live in Nashville TN in 2009


Side A
Forget And Not Slow Down
The One I’m Waiting For
I Don’t Need A Soul

Side B
The Thief
Be My Escape
Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been




Air For Free - Split Color.  Blue/Yellow & Blue/Red. (limit to 300)


7" Series IV


#No Fliter
I Wish It Were Fun Day
Acoustic Score & 10 Years Ago

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Their about me page says they are a "We are a new vinyl record company, but have been around for over twenty years making music." So what label was this? That's the impression I'm getting.

I have to think it's the same people behind Gotee/Mono Vs. Stereo.


Sort of bummed that KJ-52 still has a career, his music should've never even been released on CD.

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I just found this and I'm unbelievably stoked. 


I'd pick these up for cheap, but judging from mmhmm and Reindeer they won't be.


Unless there was somehow a mood ring variant for Two Lefts.

The starting price is the cheapest they'll ever be. All their records rocket in price after they sell out. I'd say it's worth it.

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