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On 19/04/2017 at 0:55 AM, armadillo01 said:

Wow, the DJ Shadow Endtroducing 6LP boxset is <100 bucks (98.64) 


I'd consider it if RSD weren't around the corner.

It went down to $83.69!!! I had to buy a copy at that price. While the "Excessive Ephemera" versions (LPs 3 and 4) are kinda boring outside of that Peshay remix and mostly useful for DJing and mixing, the Live in Oxford as well as commissioned "Re-Emagined" remixes (LPs 5 and 6) are fantastic!


EDIT:  Down to $83.04 77.82.

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Bowie - A Reality Tour 3xLP box set with transparent blue vinyl (Great album; Bowie's last tour) in case Cracked Actor got you excited for $49.92 which is pretty much as cheap as it gets.

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