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1 hour ago, slinch said:

If you have the electronics to back it up, then yes, it is very much a worthy upgrade.

Agreed. I had the HD6XX for about 6 months, and through my Burson Conductor they sounded incredible. I only sold them to help fund an upgrade to Audeze LCD-3, but for that price, they are well worth the money (though they will not be all that impressive direct from an iPhone or laptop). I would say you'd need at least a Schiit Magni or O2 amp to get them going.   If you're looking for something a bit warmer though,  you can easily find Hifiman HE400i used for around $200 or less. I actually preferred the Hifiman - I think I'm more into the planar magnetic sound. But the HD6XX are identical (other than colour and cable length) to the HD650, which are Head-Fi's highest rated over-ears, and sold before this for $300+ even used.

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On 12/28/2017 at 2:21 PM, Kujako said:

Finding first generation Sennheiser Momentums on eBay for under 40$... seems like a steal. Some of them are missing the cable, but you can find those on Amazon for a few bucks.

It's odd that there are 160 sold when it's preowned. Where did this seller get 160+ used headphones? And the condition listed for them kind of scares me. I get it. They're operable, and the damage is cosmetic. But I don't want to roll the dice on a huge gash in the side of something I'm regular going to wear on my head.


Do you have any idea what's up these deals? I appreciate you sharing.



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