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Records for sale! PUNK / HARDCORE / AVANT-GARDE

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prices do not include postage (shipping from UK)


email benisthebastard(at)googlemail(dot)com to order


86 MENTALITY On The Loose 7" (grave mistake) EX/EX £3

CATATONIC YOUTH Piss Scene 7" (perennial) reissue NM/NM £3

CONFRONT The Curtain Of An Intense Attack 7" (not very nice / general speech) NM/NM £1

DIVISIONS S/T 7" (human crush) NM/NM £1

HOAX Caged b/w Sick Punk 7" on green (la vida es un mus) /100 NM/NM £3

MOHINDER O Nation You Bleed From Many Wounds, 1896 7" on clear (unleaded) EX/EX £3

PHEROMOANS, THE Savoury Days EP 7" (savoury days) /255 NM/NM £3

RANDOMS ABCD b/w Let's Get Rid Of New York 7" (boot) NM/NM £3


BELBURY POLY Farmer's Angle (Revised Edition) 10" (ghost box) NM/NM £6

LEGIONAIRE'S DISEASE Catch The Disease 10" on yellow (lunar lab) NM/NM £2

VOICE OF THE SEVEN WOODS The Journey 10" (kning disk) /999 NM/NM £3


BIRDS OF DELAY A Living Room At The Bottom Of A Lake LP (nashazphone) NM/NM £6

DESKONOCIDOS En La Obscuridad LP (todo destruido) NM/NM £2

DROPDEAD S/T 12" (armageddon) NM/NM £4

DRUNKS WITH GUNS S/T LP (demolition derby) reissue /500 NM/NM £7

FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND Satori LP gatefold 180g (phoenix records) NM/NM £8

H100S Dismantle LP (syg records) NM/NM £15

H100S Live Cleveland '95 LP (non-commercial records) NM/NM £15

HOME BLITZ Out Of Phase LP (richie records) NM/NM £5

ISTERISMO Folia Verso L'Interno LP (la vida es un mus) NM/NM £5

MARKED MEN, THE Ghosts LP on clear (dirtnap) EX/EX £8

MAUSER Isolation EP 12" on green (la vida es un mus) NM/NM £5

NERVESKADE S/T LP (black water) EX/EX £4

ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER Betrayed In The Octagon LP (no fun) 1st pressing /300 NM/NM £10

RADIO PEOPLE S/T LP (digitalis) NM/NM £2

SO COW S/T LP (tic tac totally) NM/NM £2

TRONICS Love Backed By Force LP (what's your rupture?) reissue NM/NM £6

USELESS CHILDREN Post Ending // Pre Completion LP (iron lung) NM/NM £4

UV RACE S/T (Singles & Demos) LP on yellow (terminal picnic) /100 NM/NM £10

VARIOUS Fuck Rock: ABC No Rio, NYC 1991 LP w/artcore #27 zine (artcore / boss tuneage / wardance) NM/NM £8

VARIOUS Where Birdmen Flew: Legends Of Marsupial Punk LP (taz devil) NM/NM £6

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