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So if I pre-order NOW, then it's assumed what I order is the "deluxe" edition? Once those 2500-3000 run out then it might be just a standard edition?


Sorry.. first time ordering from SRC.


Once the 2500-3000 run out, that's it for this pressing.


They might decide to repress it down the road (on coloured vinyl or something) like they usually do. But once the 3000 copies sell it won't be readily available until they decide to repress.

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Christ almighty, you're right. I could've sworn I got an email a couple months ago stating they were no longer doing that.

That'd be great. I have plenty of cash. I just fucking hate banks, and after Circa Survive got delayed so much, I've laid off preordering anywhere but Amazon. Oh well, I need this so I'll get on it.

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i'd be willing to look into it, but i really dont wanna print "blink 182" or the logo. 


edit: im down to print delonge-182 on the front instead of blink. lol


Would you do it with heavy cardstock? I'd be interested. Sign me up! Would rather just have nothing on it though, not delonge-182

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