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PO: Tiny Moving Parts - Celebrate

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31 minutes ago, DOMAN127 said:

I'll be at the concert tomorrow night / tonight (it's a little past midnight where I live, so for clarification, the 25th)


Should I grab anything for anybody?

I'd kill for a tour press if you don't mind picking up an extra.  Please and thank you.

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3 minutes ago, JRHews said:

Did they sign it for you after the show in a 'meet and greet' kinda setting?

Naw, it was like 100 cap venue so I just ran into the guys throughout the night. We have a mutual friend, they stay with him anytime they're near Seattle. so I've met them a few times because he usually wants me to send a message, and I get to chat with the dudes. I have signed copies of Pleasant Living and Celebrate from seperate tours due to this haha. 

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6 minutes ago, deer said:

Also the album still slays. Best record they've put out.

Agreed. It was my AOTY for 2016. I listened to the cassette so many times in my car that I'm surprised it hasn't started sounding worn. I actually got really excited when I saw this thread bump haha.

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