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PO 5/13: Chevelle - The North Corridor

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1 hour ago, vinyl addict said:

I had a "preshipment" notice since last week. No change in tracking yet.



You've heard it? Does it sound any different than every other Chevelle album?

It's pretty heavy throughout, minus maybe one song.  10 tracks, so I like that it's pretty cohesive and not a lot of filler.  Listened to the whole thing on my drive home and didn't feel the need to skip anything.  It's solid, I wouldn't say it breaks any new ground as far as their previous sound - but I really dig it.

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26 minutes ago, Reshiram454 said:

Is it just me or do they sound a lot more like Tool on this album than usual? I still really dug it though, I think the vocals could have been louder. I'll probably pick up the FYE vinyl version of this soon.

This is exactly what I thought. 

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